The Butterfly Effect Full-Year Hardcover Planner Set

The Butterfly Effect Full-Year Hardcover Planner Set

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Break down the components of living a Happy & Fulfilling life, then find out How you can incorporate them into your life with the help of our Weekly Lessons in the workbook(s).

TheButterflyEffect planner is a 13 Phase (52 week) extensive transformation program, divided into two 6-month workbooks. Each program incorporates new themes every month, and sheds light on new insight every week.

Each program is fully customizable to your unique lifestyle, it is also inspired by philosophies that empower you to take action towards your dreams. Start your journey today, and work with TheButterflyEffect planner to develop your mind and your lifestyle to support creating the life you desire.

[1] Transformation

[2] Health

[3] Balance

[4] Love

[5] Self

[6] Progress

[7] Positivity

[8] Mindfulness

[9] Leadership

[10] Unity

[11] Success

[12] Growth

[13] Happiness

Start Today.

Use the daily planner for morning inspiration, tracking your mental and physical health, laying out the foundation for your goals and creating a productive (but also positive) lifestyle and routine. Then, learn vital lessons for developing a fulfilling life, and incorporate enlightening ideas for your new mentality. Become aware of your current state and strive to create the life and mindset you need for the life that you desire.


  • Define three major goals and break them down with a brief Brainstorm/Plan-of-Action. 

  • Plan your monthly tasks, and track when they are Due and Completed. 

  • 13 Phases (52 weeks) that incorporate new practices and shed light on new topics of interest, that are insightful helpful in the pursuit of personal happiness. 


  • 52 Week Planner that breaks down each week into a fully customizable seven-day preview.

  • Track/evaluate your efforts and progress at the end of each week. 

  • Learn about new subjects every week, that can influence positivity into your daily life. 

  • Set and Attain weekly prioritized goals, and Reward yourself when you accomplish them. 

  • Build new habits, and track the days in which you have incorporated them successfully. 

  • Income & Savings goal section, for those who like to stay on top of their financial game.


  • Start every day off with an inspiring and motivating quote.

  • Determine your daily goals, break them down with ideas that support your objectives, then Set your time-oriented to-do list. 

  • Write out what you ate for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner and count the amount of water you drank each day. 

  • Keep a brief workout log, and track the time you exercise.

  • Keep record of your Mood daily. 

  • Practice Gratitude. Find Three things every day that you are grateful to have, in Life.

  • Focus on Growth - Always seek improvement.

TheButterflyEffect's main mission is to break down the skepticism and doubt that imposes limits on your beliefs and desires for a better life. Use this personal guidance system to help you determine your goals and ideas that bind the links between you and the life that you dream of. We fondly believe that TheButterflyEffect is the guidance system you need to find your purpose and direction, in life. We spent months developing the structure and insights for this program. Partnering with mental health associations, experts in the field of positive psychology, personal recovery and productivity management; working side-by-side with certified professionals to learn the vital principles of living a purposeful and joyful life.