6-Month Lifestyle and Mindset Transformation Program

6-Month Lifestyle and Mindset Transformation Program

  • Manage your Household Finances and Save Up for your Dreams

  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendar/Task Manager

  • Define Short & Long-term Goals in ALL Areas of your life

  • From Ideas to Reality: Turn your Ideas into Action

  • Learn 26 Weekly Lessons on How to Re-wire your Mentality

A personal development planner that organizes every area of your life.

For 26 weeks, you can focus on aligning your mentality towards optimal well-thinking, learn the ways of Self-Mastery and Self-Realization, explore your Mind and attune yourself to your Highest Reality.

6-Month Printable Planner 7 Styled Themes 200+ Pages of Personal Development & Self-Mastery

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TheButterflyEffect planner’s 7-Year Research Project is combined and beautifully written in the 2019-2020 Soul Guidance program.

Every week, you'll learn new topics on how to develop your mentality to acquire the Life of your dreams. You have the perfect structure for taking your thoughts and ideas, consciously bringing them to Life, and turning your hopes into actionable results. 

The Soul Series is perfect for individuals who want to commit to Real and Lasting change in their life. Search for more meaning, improve in every area of your existence, and build a healthy and loving relationship to yourself, so you can naturally bring your dreams into existence.

This planner is also focused on Financial Well-being. With extensive Personal Financing, you can build a healthy relationship with your money, and pursue greater success. By consciously rewiring our mentality about Prosperity (shifting from a scarcity mindset to unconditional abundance,) we can attract better opportunities for ourselves and heal our beliefs about money. growth, and wealth.



  • Honestly evaluate your intentions with this planner before you start your journey. Define what your ideal lifestyle looks like, and explore the necessary aspects of developing your best mentality.

  • Breakdown your Dream Board and explore areas of your Life you would like to improve: Mentality, Lifestyle, Career, Relationships, Family, Humanity, Spirituality, Health & Wealth.

  • Commit yourself to Growth, Healing, and developing your mindset over the next 6-Months by signing your own contract to bettering yourself.


  • Track your Monthly Finances. An extensive record of All your home and survival expenses, to saving long-term and growing your bank accounts.

  • Pick your Top Goals each Month, in areas of your life such as Personal goals, Career, Lifestyle, and Mindset objective.

  • Brainstorm your ideas for achieving your goals and executing the big objectives of the month.

  • Fill in your 30-Day preview with commitments, plans, events, and calendars.


  • 26-Week Soul Psychology Program for Exploring Inner Space and Connecting with our Higher Self

  • Learn new insights every week that enlighten your mind and empower you. Every week, we break down a new topic that will transform your mentality towards positivity and confidence.  

  • Set and Attain your weekly prioritized goal. 

  • List the Actionable steps you must complete for achieving the results you're aiming for.

  • Income & Spending goal section, to inspire conscious-budgeting and transform your beliefs about money and success.

  • Track your overall Effort and Progress of the week.


  • Start every day off with your own positive affirmations. Rewire your subconscious mind towards creative and empowering thinking.

  • Determine your top two daily goals, then bring them from your Mind to Reality with plans and ideas that support your objectives. 

  • Set your time-oriented to-do list. 23-Hour Daily Preview.

  • Practice Gratitude. Find One thing every day that you are grateful to have, in Life.

  • Focus on Growth - Always seek improvement.

  • Track your daily income, and if you spent any Money, record your expenses. This allows you to budget wisely, and focus on growing your money consciously.

  • I've personally written Daily Quotes to affirm throughout the day, as a way of aligning the mind with positive expectations.

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