6-Month Health and Diet Planner

6-Month Health and Diet Planner


6 Different Page Layouts for Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Health Goals. Diet, Exercise, Water Intake, Goals, and Personal Evaluations.

+ Includes Weekly Reminders and Creative Workouts (sent via email)

Tired of failing to meet your Body Goals? When you have a healthy Body, your mind, energy, and spirit are healthy as well. Start Fresh. Rejuvenate your physical Self with this 6-Month Planner. 

Track your workouts, your meals, and focus on staying hydrated and meeting your objectives. Then, align your healing with your everyday lifestyle. 

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  • Define your Intention of The Month and break them down with a brief Monthly Calendar. 

  • Mark your monthly Tasks & Priorities

  • Incorporate lifestyle goals, such as: Workouts, Diet, Mentality/Emotions, Self-Care & Sobriety.  

  • Notes


  • 26 Week Planner that breaks down each week into a fully customizable seven-day preview.

  • Choose a weekly intention that focuses on the following areas: Health, Self-Love, Productivity, and Life Purpose

  • Weekly Personal and Career Priorities 

  • Track/evaluate your efforts and progress at the end of each week. 

  • Set and Attain weekly prioritized Self-Care Goals, and Reward yourself when you accomplish them. 

  • Build new habits, and track the days in which you have incorporated them successfully. 

  • Notes


  • Start every day off with your own positive affirmation(s).

  • Determine your daily goals & intention, break them down with ideas that support your objectives, then Set your time-oriented to-do list. 

  • Make healthy Lifestyle choices. Keep a record of your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks daily. 

  • Stay Hydrated. Flush your body of toxins. 

  • As you keep growing, get creative in your means for physical activity. Track your Workouts and your workout times.

  • Practice Gratitude. Find Three every day that you are grateful to have, in Life.

  • Focus on Growth - Always seek improvement (3 things daily to work on).

  • Daily Journal Entry