6-Month Business Workbook & Finance Planner

6-Month Business Workbook & Finance Planner

  • 6-Month (26 Week) Printable Business Planner

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Goal Setting and Schedule Planner

  • Track your Business' and Personal Finances

  • Organize your Income/Expenses for Business AND Home

  • Idea and Creativity Development

  • 26 Weekly Lessons on How to Start a Business, How to Grow your Brand, and Tips on Managing your Money.

A Business and Finance planner that organizes every area of your new business.

Manage your Income & Expenses, Define Short & Long-term Goals for your Business, and Learn 26 Weekly Entrepreneurial Lessons on how you can grow your brand to $100,000 per year.

Over 40,000 Printable Planners Sold WORLDWIDE!

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We all have dreams we’d like to bring to life. What stops most of us from actually achieving the life we desire is a lack of organization, when it comes to fulfilling our goals. Whether it’s an inefficiency in direction, organization, structure or motivation, these simple actions define a large proportion of the outcome of our life. With TheButterflyEffect planners Business Guidance planner, you have every tool you’ll need in order to turn your dreams into plans, your plans into actionable steps, and your actions into real results.  

The are tens of thousands of self-help books and business planners that assist you in aligning your dreams with action; however, there a very few personal development programs that integrate Business and Mindset so you can create the career you love and maintain the life that you dream of, even after each goal you set is complete. There are 26 weekly insight within this guide that will serve you unconditionally. You will adopt lifelong wisdom that will continue to support you in achieving the Life and Business you desire and learn the ways of continuous Creative evolution. 

This duo-financial planner strives to share the secrets and structures of building your finances so you can develop a healthy relationship with your money. We’ve gathered experts and mentors in Business and Financial wellness to help you develop a healthy awareness for the money you earn and spend.

Get weekly business tips for launching and sustaining a business every week, so you can let go of limiting beliefs about success and money and build a positive and relaxed relationship to your finances. With this workbook, you’re on the right track towards creating financial freedom for yourself and succeeding in the career/business that you dream of.



  • Honestly evaluate your intentions with this planner before you start your journey. Define what your ideal life and career look like, and explore the necessary aspects of creating your dreams.

  • Breakdown your Dream Board and explore areas of your Life you would like to improve: Mentality, Lifestyle, Career, Relationships, Family, Humanity, Spirituality, Health & Wealth.

  • Commit yourself to Growth, Healing, and developing your mindset over the next 6-Months by signing your own contract to bettering yourself.


  • Track your Monthly Finances. A Duo-record of All your Personal and business expenses, so you can grow your bank accounts and expand your business(es.)

  • Pick your Top Goals each Month, in areas of your life such as Personal goals, Career, Lifestyle, and Mindset objective.

  • Brainstorm your ideas for achieving your goals and executing the big objectives of the month.

  • Fill in your 30-Day preview with commitments, plans, events, and calendars.


  • 26-Week Creative Enlightenment Program for Business Owners or Self-Employed Individuals.

  • Learn new insights every week on how to grow and manage your business, tips on how to shift your mentality towards Abundance, and positive reminders to enjoy the process of creativity.

  • Set and Attain your weekly prioritized goal. 

  • List the Actionable steps you must complete for achieving the results you're aiming for.

  • Income & Spending goal section, to inspire conscious-budgeting and transform your beliefs about money and success.

  • Track your overall Effort and Progress of the week.


  • Start every day off with your own positive affirmations. Rewire your subconscious mind towards creative and empowering thinking.

  • I've personally written Daily Segments and Quotes to learn every day, so you can develop your creativity and expand your horizons in your career.

  • Determine your top two daily goals, then bring them from your Mind to Reality with plans and ideas that support your objectives. 

  • Set your time-oriented to-do list. 23-Hour Daily Preview.

  • Practice Gratitude. Find One thing every day that you are grateful to have, in Life.

  • Focus on Growth - Always seek improvement.

  • Track your daily income, and if you spent any Money, record your expenses. This allows you to budget wisely, and focus on growing your money consciously.

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