What is it

The Butterfly Effect planner was made to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

It’s fully composed of basic layouts to follow and fill-in each month, week and day. Anyone, with any lifestyle can incorporate this routine into his or her daily life.

We previously determined the details of each layout – now, we follow a brief guide on how-to use this planner, each and every day – to make the most of each moment, and ultimately, our life. 

At the beginning of each month, set three major goals, and following so; you can break them down into as many ideas and objectives as you can come up with. Following so, you may note the specific dates and tasks you have, and mark, both, when they are due and completed.

Each week, as a part of the reason we created this planner, you have the opportunity to read up on an insightful topic that we have chosen and researched, to help you learn and integrate new positive patterns in your life.

Every week includes a seven-day preview that you can fill-in, according to your goals and plans. Choose and set a reward for when you accomplish them. Focus on new positive habits, and track the days in which we have acted on them successfully. Based on your financial goals, determine your income and savings target, and aim to achieve each one. Take time each week to write out some notes to refer to whenever you need a boost, or remember specific moments.

Start off your day with a positive and inspiring quote. Then, set the date, and breakdown your top three goals of the day. Break down each objective with ideas and a plan that will support your goals – and mark off what time you have accomplished each task. Note your meals, from Breakfast-to-Dinner and all your snacks. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. If/when you have exercised, you can write out your workouts and for how long you did so. At the end of each day, you can rate your overall mood, from 1-5 – and reflect on the day by writing a brief (or in-depth) journal entry. Determine what you feel you can improve tomorrow, but also take time to note what you are grateful for in your life.

Integration of each of these aspects, as well as the learning processes in between, will set the tone for big and positive changes in your life. Create productive and beneficial habits for yourself and transform yourself entirely, simply by making small adjustments to your daily life.