Campaign Survey

Hey Guys!


So, we're doing a little Survey, asking you what a few of the most important aspects are for a planner. We have a few questions we'd like to ask, in order to tailor the new launch of TheButterflyEffect to best fit your needs. If you could submit your answers below, we'll make sure to take a close look at the answers, and make a few new changes for the re-launch of our campaign. You have the option to answer any and/or all the questions below. 


1. Would you prefer a Hardcover or Softcover planner. (Hardcover comes with Option for Faux Leather vs. Linen)
2.  What Aspects of the Monthly Layout is most important to you? Pick Your Top-Three Most important Layouts.
Task planning, Ideas/Brainstorn Sections, Calendar/Events, Notes/Journal Entries, Unmentioned Suggestions.
3. What Are your Top-Three most Important Weekly Layout Aspects?
Seven-Day Preview, Tasks/Events, Due & Complete Functions, Goal(s) of The Week, Rewards, Habit Building/Breaking, Icome & Savings, Notes, Unmentioned Suggestions.
4. What, in your opinion, are the Most Important Aspects of The Daily Planner? Highlight your Choices.
Goals of the Day, Ideas/Brainstorms, Journal Entries, Tasks/Schedule of the Day, Meal Planner/Tracker, Workout Log, Water Counter, Gratitude Journal, Improvement Notebook, Mood Tracker, Unmentioned Suggestions.
5. If you had the option to include anything in your personal planner, what would it be?