TheButterflyEffect believes in Free content and offering tools for personal growth to the public without a cost.

With that said, we don’t profit from any of our works, and are constantly re-investing our funds towards better content creation, expanding our team of researchers, and offering higher quality resources to better your overall experience.

TheButterflyEffect Planner is now open to donations. We have all the proof in the world that our supporters are more than giving people. Since you have been requesting for more content and expanding our partnerships on a larger scale, we are going to open our platform to receiving community donations. Investing in TheButterflyEffect means investing in the future of personal development and the evolution of Emotional Intelligence. We stand firm with our decision to offer our programs, planners, and articles at the lowest cost we can afford, to ensure that anyone with any budget can afford to grow and better themselves. With that said, there is an honest limit to what we can achieve without capital or profits.

We are grateful for all that we have accomplished so far and are determined to evolve on a far greater scale. With your donations, we will amplify the frequency of publishing our research and free resources. We aim to stretch our reach to a greater audience, by partnering with other organizations and offering our planners to international communities. We will have the room and capacity to share our planners at a much lower cost. And, of course, prioritize the costless development of better articles, partnerships, and tools for your greater wellness.

On a higher note, we are also open to more sponsorships from brands, connecting with wide-scale organizations to volunteer our efforts, and continue to partner with non-profit labels to benefit the communities with our works and efforts. If you would like to donate to TheButterflyEffect, today, please submit the form below and invest in what you will. We are beyond grateful for what you would like to offer, and will keep track and record of each of our supporters. With each investment you submit,

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