A word from the Creator: Why I created TheButterflyEffect

I've been asked by a few people, from friends to family, and even total strangers, as to Why I built the Butterfly Effect planner. When I try to think of a definitive answer, I come to realize that there truly are endless reasons why. This post is dedicated to exposing the truth and reasons behind TheButterflyEffect Planner.


Most of us are aware that it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘rushing flow’ of our minds and our everyday life.

I can say for myself that it’s also WAY too easy to fall into the grip of our own habits and patterns, even if it’s for the better or worse of our overall state of being.

I know, that some of us might even feel like life is, basically, just happening to us; rather than feeling like it’s happening because of or with us. A lot of us don’t feel like we are the creator of our life and its events.

Like… wouldn’t it be more fun and practical if we were the author of our own story, rather than having it narrated or written for us?

Well, with that in mind, I created this book (and planner) as a means of taking back charge of my life.

I'm aware that it’s only a notebook in its physical form, but psychologically (and even philosophically) this project is a method of consciously re-creating my life’s story – something like taking back the power in the driver’s seat of my own life.


The Butterfly Effect, to me, is a book of techniques and positive topics that remind us of the processes and components it takes to build a happy life. It allows us to remember the insight we might have put on the back burner (or even forgotten altogether), and it re-teaches us, in simple formats; just how vital these aspects are to our life and our wellbeing.

It integrates all sorts of new and majorly positive habits, that lets us track our life, our progress – and even keep record of its events and how far we’ve actually come along the way.

The BE Planner was created to re-pattern our subconscious mind towards positive and joyful, and goal-oriented thinking, and behaviors, and beliefs – and ultimately it teaches us, step-by-step, just how to build and incorporate those techniques into our lives, so that, over the course of time we can start accessing them in our minds more effortlessly.


I’ve learned over the course of my experience, that even the smallest thoughts or actions, good or bad, can lead to massive changes or alterations in our life.

And personally, I hope that these small actions that I’ve incorporated into a notebook for everyone can alter their state of mind and their state of life in positive ways.

I know we all have hopes, dreams, and aspirations; but what stops most of us from actually achieving them, and living the life we desire - is just fear and a lack of direction and faith in ourselves.

The Butterfly Effect incorporated both of those aspects, Faith, and Direction, and put them into a small book that anyone can take anywhere.


It allows us to break down our goals into step-by-step plans, and execute each one on a set timeline. We can set rewards for ourselves once we’ve accomplished them, and we can even note when they’re due and completed.

I mean, each and every day, we have a full visual plan of what our day will look like, and we can see exactly what we’ve done and accomplished in its timeframe.

And in terms of faith, and finding our own inner positivity – so much research and development has been done in order to find as many wonderful, and vital techniques that we incorporate into our life – ways of letting go of our old and limiting habits and even mindsets, and finding and embracing new and limitless practices. It sheds light on topics that bring about understanding and positivity – and it explains how we can integrate them into our daily life. Just how important they are in the pursuit of absolute fulfillment and happiness.


Really, I created the Butterfly Effect as a means of changing the lives of as many people as possible, changing my life – and helping each person take back the power they have in their own story, and start guiding them towards consciously re-writing it in a way that serves their wildest dreams.


"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world" - Chaos Theory


None of us are condemned to a life that anything short of what we truly want it to be, and its just about time that we learn that, and start applying it.

 The Butterfly Effect planner is just the flutter of its wing, compared to the effect its gonna have, or what it’s going to do for the life of anyone who applies it. It was created to cause a typhoon of positive reinforcement in our life, and ultimately change the course of action of our story, for the best, for our best.

And that’s why I created the butterfly effect, because of the effect its gonna have in our life, and on our very story... the effect it’s going have as of right now.


- Sarah Elle 

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