A word from the Creator: What makes the Butterfly Effect planner different?

Hey everyone!

So I've recently been getting quite a few emails from supporters asking me how The Butterfly Effact Planner is any different from other (or regular) planners... After answering about twelve different people who've asked me the same or similar question, I decided it would be a good idea to address them all at once!

That being said, when I ask myself about how and why the Butterfly Effect is different in comparison to other planners… I think about... For starters,

That, not only do we focus on the breakdown and the actions it takes, every day, to build our most fulfilling and desirable life; we also put a huge emphasis and priority on the psychological and philosophical steps it takes to become our happiest and most positive self.


We’ve taken masses of complex and life-changing topics and information, and we’ve simplified them into easy-to-read, and even-easier-to-integrate insights. The Butterfly Effect breaks down major themes that make up happiness and divides them into sub-categories that make up the positive changes we’re looking for.

            Like discipline, mindset, empathy, worthiness, communication, experience, love, patience.

Each month comes with a specific theme-of-interest or theme-of-transformation, and each week that makes up those months, builds the links that binds them all together.

We bring in-depth explanations of what these aspects are and why they’re so important in the creation of our most ideal life, but also we also provide you with exactly what it takes in order to apply them.

You don’t get this in regular planners.

You don’t usually find sections of these notebooks that are solely dedicated to giving you insight on what positive changes you can incorporate into your life, and just how to do so.


Every single day of this planner, we have positive and inspiring quotes to keep you motivated in pursuing your dreams, at each step of the way; and although this is common in most planners, these quotes are individually chosen based on the highest standard of positivity and what we truly feel underlies the core essence of our insights.

Each day also comes with the full guide and the most effortless layout that you’ll need in order to turn that motivation into action – and ultimately play out your goals and dreams.


But, really, why is the Butterfly Effect planner so different from others?



Because it’s a conscious adventure, it’s the day-by-day writing and re-writing of our own story.

Guys, it’s the conscious choice of taking back control of our power and embracing the full experience of our life the way we want it to. The Butterfly Effect is the ultimate tool for building and executing our most ideal dreams. It helps us find and hold on to our passions, our dreams, our goals; and it reminds us daily, never to accept anything less for ourselves again.


It’s different because it’s not just a notebook; it’s a practice – a practice that each one of us can integrate into our life. And it’s the guide that leads us to better connecting with ourselves, and ultimately better connecting the dots to our happiest and most fulfilled, and loving life.


Unlike other planners, the Butterfly Effect makes us put all our habits and current mindsets into perspective. It makes us re-evaluate what we’ve accepted for so long, begin choosing our actions and reactions, from here on out.

It’s different because it relates to and with everyone. It understands and has empathy towards all the struggles you’ve been through. It knows the challenges and the hardships you’ve overcome. It understands your deepest desires for a beautiful and happy life.

It knows that each one of us is worthy of the successful and loving life we dream of. It connects with you because it’s made from your struggles. Its very creation was birthed from what YOU are currently going through.


The Butterfly Effect planner is different because it seeks to help everyone, EVERYONE find and free their limitless potential.

It’s different because it’s made for everyone, and everyone is different.


It understands what you’re going through, even when people don’t. It sees all your efforts, recognizes all the faith, all the positivity that you are pushing yourself to believe in– even when no one else sees it (or cares, for that matter). Even if it’s invisible to the rest of the world, The Butterfly Effect recognizes it all.



And that’s why it’s different. Because you are different. And you are creating the butterfly effect with every step, every page of the way.

Because you are different. And you are creating the butterfly effect with every step, every page of the way.

And you are creating the butterfly effect with every step, every page of the way.




That’s why it’s different...


Because you are.



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