Timeline of Creation: TheButterflyEffect Prototype

OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2016: Research and Development

We spent months in-house and in-office researching topics and working alongside experts in Positive Psychology, in order to write the best and most useful monthly/weekly content. We developed several different planner layouts, through trial and error, from monthly to daily organizers, testing several different styles and formats, and choosing which ones worked best. This stage required finding out what should be included in the monthly, weekly and daily planners so that we could create a notebook that worked well for everyone. We included aspects of positive habit building, gratitude logging, journaling, mood/exercise/meal tracking, as well as the crucial goal setting and accomplishing concepts. This stage was also the writing process, where I spent months sitting at the dinner table and long days at Starbucks writing, re-writing, typing and correcting all the insights I would include in this book.

DECEMBER 2016- MARCH 2017: Design and Sample

This was probably one of the most tedious and time-consuming stages of the entire creation process. During this time, I was lucky enough to work with a team of professionals in design and user-interface, to find inspiration in creating the most convenient and effortless layout for this planner. We tried different fonts, colors, sizes and layouts – before creating and choosing the final design. Once I saved the final file for this entire book, I paired up with a manufacturer and publisher to create my first official sample.

MARCH-MAY 2017: Campaign Creation

This was probably one of the most exciting and amusing experiences of my entire life; and even more so, the most thrilling and action-packed process of this entire project, to date. This was the stage in which I took the creative process to a whole new level; taking the book I had just created from scratch, and assembling a seamless and beautiful campaign out of it. It required making fun-loving videos explaining my adventure along the way, and photographing and editing pictures of the book and the stages in which we were currently at. This process of creation really set the tone and emphasized the intention behind the book. I set to do everything I could to accurately portrait the meaning and the story behind TheButterflyEffect Planner.

JUNE- MID-JULY 2017: Crowdfunding

We are currently at the stage where we have taken our concept, our design, our work and our story; and we are putting it out there for other’s to embrace. For 45 days, during the month of June and July, we are offering all backers a chance to pledge and support our mission, our idea. We are offering TheButterflyEffect Planner at an unbelievable price to all who are willing to back our vision in its stage of infancy.

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2017: Manufacturing and Import

Assuming (well… hoping, actually) that this campaign meets its funding goal, we are paired with a 12-year Gold-Standard publishing and printing company who has mutually agreed to work with us and manufacture our books on a larger scale. Manufacturing times for this bulk order vary between 30-60 business days (entirely depending on the success of this campaign) between payment and final import.

OCTOBER 2017: Final Shipments

We have already spoken to, and partnered with Canada Post Shipping Services – and they are happily waiting for us to meet them with our outgoing shipments to each and every backer. We expect shipping times to vary between 7-12 business days, from dispatch to arrival at your door. If anyone would like to upgrade their order to Priority Delivery (which includes tracking and signature), please kindly contact us at: hello@thebutterflyeffectplanner.com