Principles & Benefits of Use


DEVELOP & REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS: At the end of each week and month, look back on moments and events, and take a minute to honestly evaluate your development. We've included questions regarding your greatest challenges, improvements, and moments - so you can rate your overall efforts, track your growth, and even assess your general mood(s). 

KEEP IT ALL IN ONE PLACE: Whether you want to refer to last month's notes, plan tomorrow's day ahead, or just look back at all the progress you've made; TheButterflyEffect planner gives you the ability to look at the big picture, by keeping all your notes in one safe place. 

TAILORED TO YOU: TheButterflyEffect planner has been designed to be fully customizable for all users. Start whenever you want, and develop every moment, and every page, to your unique lifestyle. 

PRIORITIES, FIRST: Write out your monthly, weekly and daily goals; then break each one down into visual steps to achieve your goals. Stay focused on the important tasks at hand, and manage your time more efficiently.

Get it All Done: Work smart, not hard. No matter how big or how small your dreams and goals - achieve every single one, while minimizing your stress and maximizing your results. Each page is structured to be as convenient, effortless and direct as possible, so you can increase your productivity all while reducing the time spent organizing each task. 

BE GRATEFUL: One the most underrated, yet vital, practices for leading a Happy and Fulfilling life, is the importance of focusing on the positive - and showing our appreciation for all the little things we are and have. Practice daily gratitude by identifying three things, every day, that you are grateful for. 

STAY POSITIVE: With weekly insights, and daily inspirational quotes, TheButterflyEffect is built to help keep you motivated and looking at the bright side of things, at each step of the way.

BE HAPPY! TheButterflyEffect planner is targeted towards inspiring and teaching you insightful techniques on how you can become your happiest and most fulfilled self. This entire planner book is dedicated to simplifying your lifestyle, and prioritizing the things that bring you joy - so that you can implement more positive and satisfying practices, and live out your most ideal life.