Why Intentions might be better than Goals

Top 3 Goals of The Day: Write Blog Post – Overcoming overwhelming emotions

Top 3 Goals of The Day: Leg Day at the Gym

Top 3 Goals of The Day: Clean floors, clean bathroom, do dishes


Seems quite specific, am I right?

Oh! And, how many of these goals did I accomplish?

That’s right, nada.


BUT! Before beating myself down for what I didn’t accomplish on my literal list of goals… I did manage to write two blog posts, this one and another included. I managed to get the best booty and abs workout in the last 3 months, and my entire pile of laundry magically cleaned and folded itself.

Not what I planned, but certainly what I intended.

And, isn’t that how most things work anyways? You have an expectation of exactly what you plan on doing, and yet, somehow, things always take on a life of their own. Why is that?

Well, for one, I believe that at the beginning of the day, when our mind is clear (but, ironically, also full) we set an idea for what we intend our day to look like, without having a clue of what is yet to come.


For example, yesterday. My absolute goals of the day were to migrate my store to another platform, fix some issues on my Amazon Kindle e-Book, go to the gym for a lean and mean arm day, and clean out my computer of all its shit and viruses.

Little did I know, me cleaning out my computer would end up being a 6-hour process that disabled me from doing any of the other things I planned on doing. Lucky me, my intentions were backed up by letting off some well-needed steam doing cardio, and in some universal way, my e-Book managed to fix itself. How does this always seem to happen?


In my opinion, intentions are far more realistic than goals. Goals are specific actions we set as a means of backing up an intention. Truthfully, my intentions are to workout, make sure my work is properly executed, and get some good cleaning in before the end of the day.

When you set a goal, you’re deliberately planning to get something specific accomplished, regardless of what happens in the meantime.

Most of the time, our goals aren’t accomplished because circumstances or events have changed. How many times have we set a resolution to lose 25lbs, or make $25,000 dollars, and beat ourselves up when we fall short of our goals.

Too many times… 

What if we started setting intentions to get healthier, or boost our income in meaningful ways?

When you set a goal, you’re implying that all will work out in an exact order you will need to attain that goal. You have to manage the circumstances, the events, and the chronological sequence to which things will unfold for that goal to be accomplished. Sounds tiring, if you ask me.

But, if you set an intention to boost your health, your income, or lose a few inches/pounds on your body, then the ideas start rolling in and you can begin to tackle each one through the help of specific goals.

One needs to be ahead of the other.


Truthfully, though. A goal demands certain tasks to be fulfilled and completed by a certain time. You either succeed or fail in achieving it, it’s a tangible objective. An intention, however, is a mentality and a process. It is a mindset you carry with you to help you get through the action of completing your goals. When you set and live with intention, you will rise to each challenge and focus on what needs to be accomplished. Sure, goals give you the same boost, but what if you don’t accomplish them?

When you live with intention, you vow to grow with the occasion. You can’t fail, only try again and try differently. Everything you do with intention is a success. You carry the purpose of achieving your objectives. You adapt to each obstacle or phase, and ultimately you lose sight of any limitations because your real goal is just to do and be better.

Ultimately, there are no rules for setting intentions. Working with intent will push you to expand your horizons versus goals, that make you narrow in on only one potential outcome. You’ll open your eyes to possibilities you may have otherwise missed because with the intention of getting healthy, boosting your income, or whatever your intent may be, the transformation is way deeper than a goal on the surface.


If you need help defining which intentions you want to set, I have the absolute perfect tool for you. My Power of Intention planner is an all-in-one Goal/Intention setting guide, that combines the best insights for inspiring you on defining what intentions you want to set. If your focus is bettering your health, we’ve got something for that. If your intention is to better your mentality, I’ve got something for that. Whether you want to heal your energy, improve your productivity, or learn to set achievable and mind-opening intentions, I’ve got you!

My primary intention is to deliver a structured guide that will support you through setting and attaining your objectives in ways that you can contribute on a larger scale. This program is designed to inspire you while strengthening yourself to be resilient and self-sufficient.


This is to you and your core intentions!

All my love,

Sarah ELLE


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