The Difference between Addiction and A Pleasurable Habit

What is the Difference between an Addictive Behaviour and a Pleasurable Habit?

There are so many different levels to the things we do on a daily basis.

Some of our "habits" are better than others. If you're having trouble distinguishing whether you're doing a lot of a particular activity or if it is a genuine problem, in your life, here are the list of questions you can ask yourself to better understand your behaviors.

  • Is it Positively or Negatively charged? Do I feel positive or negative when I think of doing it?

  • How do you feel when the thought of engaging in this action arises?

  • How often do you do this? Is this area of my life balanced, or are might I doing it too frequently?

  • Is it running you, or are you mastering (consciously choosing) it?

  • What is your relationship to this activity/substance?

  • How is your relationship to your Self (when you are doing it, and in general)?

  • What is the reason you started?

  • What is the reason you continue to do it?

Once you've honestly answered each of these questions (before making the decision to act or refrain,) you'll be in a more conscious and deliberate place to choose to act, or not.

I hope these tips are useful for you! If you like this video and want to understand more about the cycle of Addiction, please hit the link below for my next video!

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