Trusting the universe means following the signs

I live with a distrust in the universe... sometimes. When I'm feeling good and happy during the day, I have some faith that things will turn out well. And, when I haven't gotten what I wanted in the last ten minutes, I flee back into the cave of all my doubts and worries.

Today, I had a few of those ups and downs. I met good fortune at the clinic, with the kind nurse who made my needle painless (which I prayed and hoped for.) And, battled some shittier luck when my cell-phone screen cracked.

Between those ups and downs, I had deep moments of intuition come and leave my awareness; some which reminded me of my innate connection to the universe, others making me feel helpless and powerless in life.

So, I prayed for some good fortune and realized that it was easier to ask for a quick breeze of good luck than to expect a full-blown miracle. I asked for some good fortune with the repair of my phone.

Within, honestly, a matter of five minutes, the clerk at the repair shop told me my bill was $20 less than expected.

Woah. No word of a lie. Five minutes.

Then, out of blatant disbelief, I fell to the other side of the spectrum. I got my luck of the day, the bank of good fortune was closed… for the year.

Why is that, I asked myself? I needed a nap to forget my disappointment, and when I awoke, something incredible dawned on me.

That was a lie. I panicked for another twenty minutes before proceeding to write an entirely new book. Yes. I'm writing a book.

When I hopelessly came across a post on Instagram that highlighted something along the lines of "look at the big picture, stupid," only then I finally saw it. Through all the ups and downs, I was just following the signs of what I was looking for.

One minute, I'm looking for good luck, the next I get it BIG! The following moments after that, I fall back into my cave of fear, and what do I see? A stroke of bad luck.

I pondered for a few minutes when that gust of intuition hit me again. Trusting the universe is not just asking for something and waiting to get it with the conclusion that it was some manifestation technique. No. Trusting the universe means following the signs.

For a while, I struggled with that. Daily, I will battle between whether I have faith that miracles will happen and doubting I will ever have a place in this existence.

But, here's what I learned. No matter what, you'll see what you expect. Hoping for a casual flow of luck and good fortune? The universe is already on it. It works immediately, like the snap of your finger.

Expecting a downward turn of events?

Check your shoe, there's already shit on it.

So, when it comes to the big things, like expecting a wish or a result to come through, ask yourself what it is you're looking for? Are you noticing all the proof that magic is in action? Or, are you following the signs that nothing will come through?

When you want to feel close to your significant other, what are you noticing? Is your attention shifted towards distance and distaste? Or, will you follow the little hints that the Big Guy is sending and know you already have what you want?

I will admit, it's still difficult for me. Sometimes, I'm convinced and I trust the Universe is working on what I want. Then, 90% of the other time, I'm worried that it's a long shot and I shouldn't see any coincidences for the next 20 years.

So, what are you trusting? You asked for something, now are you following ALL the subconscious hints that it's already making its way closer? Or, are you focused on all the signs that prove (to your doubts) that nothing works in your favor?

Here's my challenge... to all of us... including me.

Ask for some good fortune.

(I think good fortune is easier to play with because it's not as specific as expecting your narrow results. And, generally, it won't contradict any of your limiting beliefs against what you want, so it's easier to believe in.)

Now, follow it. Look for ALL the hints, the signs, and the coincidences that prove that what you asked for is being delivered.

Now. Before you start (… Shh, all my doubts just re-surfaced,) try this. Aim to let things happen on their own, and not tie down the results to anything. Just ask, and let yourself witness what happens without attaching yourself to a particular outcome.

Don't contradict your beliefs. Just ask for a stroke of good fortune. Pray for it. Get specific in your demand for something good to happen, and just let yourself be open enough to notice it when it arises.

I know it sounds difficult, but I'm sure the part of you that is the Universe will know what I mean and let the magic happen.

Good luck!

And, extra, extra, good fortune!

Sarah Elle