Treasure what you have while you have it.

In all honesty, I don’t know why I’m choosing to stay up late to write this blog post when I know well enough I need to be up in five hours.

But, I watched two amazing movies tonight, Timetrap and The Giver, and both in sequence gave me a glimpse of a deep emotional lesson.

The first movie I watched was with my mom, and it was about a group of kids venturing off into a cave, which later proves to speed up time… so much so that within a day of their own time, the rest of the world they knew had fallen quickly behind them.

The Giver, on the other hand, was a very inspiring film about a society that has lost its memory of the past lives… you know, the life we get to live. They lived in a very monotone and grey world, without love, pain, feelings, or color for that matter. All of the ups and downs that we experience, in our world, were gone.

Until the Receiver was gifted (… well, they said “burdened”) with the memory of our past.

The memories of all the love, joy, and beauty in the world; which includes dancing, music, color, and relationships But, he also had to accept the polarities, which held the absolute deepest pains of loss, death, war, and greed.

I felt a lot watching these two movies and learned something by pausing now and then, to reflect on what I was watching.

By the end of the films, a moment of fleeting emotions passed over me. Sadness, love, fear, joy. It all burst within me over ten seconds in silence.

I looked over at my tiny puppy, who just turned 5 years old on the fifth, and thought to myself, what is going to happen when she’s gone? Five years of her life already passed so quickly. What will happen if time speeds up before I can count it? Will I withstand the pain of watching one of my very best friends leave this existence?

And what about my family? The people I’ve come to this Earth with, and the family I’ve gathered along the way? Will I ever be able to accept the pain of losing them?

So, maybe I had to snap myself out of it because the fear and the pain were too much to bear. 

But, I felt it. I felt it hard. I let myself feel all the emotions that came with loving and fearing the loss of the people I care for. Accepting that I may lose them, or that we may be together. Opening myself to the possibilities of potentially having to say goodbye, one day, but reminding myself of that I do have right now.

It passed over me as the moment stopped ticking. I felt the sheer gratitude for even being alive right now, and the humility of knowing my time may come.

Yes, I had to stop myself from overthinking all my questions, because I realized that no matter what may happen in the very near or distant future, I am grateful to be alive and have who (and what) I have right now. 

I might not have everything in order at this very moment, but I have exactly what I’ve always needed.

I hope my little message reminds you humbly. Be happy, be grateful, be present with who you have right now.

There’s no use in counting down the seconds. There’s no need to wonder what might happen. Please don’t lose yourself trying to think of better alternatives. Just treasure everything that exists for you right now.

Who knows… in a snap of a finger, it could all be over.