The Unseen Staircase to Success – And breaking down its steps: Part 3.

Part two, of this 4-Piece Insight, was mainly focused on breaking down the smaller details of how we can build the right mindset for happiness and success, and how we can tailor our actions towards the new mindset we have developed for ourselves.

We explained how we turn our mind-work, into meaningful content - in order to build a long-term and stable empire for our life. 

But, in this third part series of 'the Unseen Staircase', we highlight the stages of development for the longest journey of our lives - breaking down the most important demand to living your ideal life – and that is that we are healthy enough, both mentally and physically, to live it.

In the following post, discover how you can create positive habits out of bad experiences in your life; learn about the healing steps of renewing your body - so that you can always find the strength it takes to build the life of your dreams, and you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. 


Focus on your health
Wouldn’t be a shame if you spent your whole life building your perfect situation, and then one day, once you finally have it, it all gets thrown out the window because you aren’t healthy or strong enough (not to mention alive) to live it?

Please, for your own sake, your own life, your own story, take care of your health.

Too many of us underestimate the necessity of taking care of our mind, body and spirit – that we throw away our health, and end up, later, living on with the severe consequences.
Might I remind you that you will only ever have One body, One mind, and One life? It is the absolute fundamental law of life, to be alive, in order to live it… And better yet, in health. And unfortunately, some people don’t realize that until they’re really sick, and they can’t do the things they want because they’re stuck in a bed (or worse, the death kind) because they never really took proper care of themselves.
There are simple and tiny things we can do to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I’m telling you – there are no excuses.


The process of renewal is the making the conscious decision(s) to transmute old energy cycles, and begin only accepting what profoundly aligns itself with our healthiest and happiest self. It’s the undoing of built-up blockages and negative patterns and reinstating the flow of energy - to begin a new, positive cycle of life.

When we begin the process of renewal, we are open to, and aware of our current state (thoughts and habits), and we begin replacing our old tendencies with new routines, through a variety of cleansing and detox.

Methods of renewal include a change in ThoughtsNutritionHydrationEnvironment, and Rest.

We make the priority of removing toxicities from our life and body and begin feeding ourselves the things we need in order to cleanse our body (and mind).

Diet and Exercise are two of the most basic, yet fundamental aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. Simple. Eat healthy and nutritious foods, and limit your junk food consumption to a near minimum. And make time every day, or almost everyday to get in some decent exercise. Whether you’re the type to go to the gym and power lift, or if you like walking around the block. Even if you like playing a nice sport for a couple hours a week, or you make plans to go do some yoga with your friends.

It’s important to stay active, because it releases energy that we have locked up in our system, and it just helps in burning off some steam.

Proper hydration is one of the most crucial, yet underrated, practices we humans have incorporated into our daily routine. It is vital for the overall maintenance of our bodily functions, as it carries the nutrients throughout the systems, and flushes the remaining bacterias from our body. Instead of always making excuses, or ignoring the fact that water is pretty damn important for our overall well-being, just drink some, and then get back to what you were doing.

Another great way of re-patterning our lives towards positivity and renewal, is to make enough time (on a daily basis) to get outside and be around nature. It is a great way of cleansing our mind and body, as we are being exposed to more sun, and breathing fresh, clean air.

But, equally, our social environment has a huge toll on our overall state, and it’s really important that we make it a priority to limit ourselves from being around negative groups/social circles, that we've noticed take a toll on our energy.

We may not notice it at first, but long-term exposure to negativity on other people’s behalf, does take a toll on our mind and body – and it’s just best we limit our time with them if we notice how we feel after being around them.

Get rid of what doesn’t serve you and your highest self, let go of whatever doesn’t make you happy.

Whether that be people, their lives, aspects of your life, or your thoughts – whatever doesn’t make you happy, whether, in yourself or other’s, you don’t have to keep around. It’s not selfish, it’s taking care of yourself.

Rest is just as important as any aspect of renewal, because it’s the time we take you stop and recuperate from life, and we just take time for ourselves.

Relax, sleep, meditate, calm ya-self. It’s okay to do so. Matter of fact, it’s important to do so.

Keep your body in the best state as possible. It’s not a punishment to stay in shape, it’s necessary. Your shit catches up with you sooner or later, so do your best to keep your body in its peak condition, and it will thank you later on in life.

This next aspect, I hold dearly to myself – and it’s one of the most incredible, yet heartbreaking pieces of advice I can give to anyone – especially on the topic of physical and mental health.


Don’t be an addict.

Hahaha, I know I said it in the bluntest tone possible.
But don’t take it to heart, I’ve been an addict, too.

You see, though - that’s why I think it’s important and valid for me to advise you this - because I know what it can do to a life, and I know that we can all sincerely do better.

And, trust me, I’m not here like everyone telling you to sober the f*ck up, and just get over it. But what I really mean is that you need to stop escaping your reality, and turning to substances to make yourself feel better. You just need to start taking back responsibility in your life and doing something about your current situation.

Because, not only are you changing your chemical balances, and building tolerance and dependence on these things – for the worst – but you’re also attracting a butterfly (or domino) effect of more shitty experiences, substance abuse, and addictions into your life.

I know, from experience, that being addicted to something stems from not knowing how to cope or feeling like something is missing. Whatever it is though, I know that if you’re addicted to something, it’s because you’re trying to escape, hide or run away from a part of yourself, or your reality, that you don’t want to carry.

‘I’m not addicted, I just like it.’


‘I can stop whenever I want, I just don’t want to.’

 I know. I’ve said it, too.

But, I hope you know, that this blatantly spells ‘addict’.

You can like it, do it every so often, and not be an addict.

The difference is two things: You. And the Balance in your life.

Can you go a month without it? Can you live your life happily without it? How long can you go without thinking about it?

If you can’t, nor do you want to try – I hate to break it to you, but you’re addicted to it. And that’s okay, but at least admit it to yourself.

Addictions are stemmed from a feeling of lack, dissatisfaction, or un-fulfillment in some area of our life – so we turn to our vice (which is in excessive use of anything; food, drinking, drugs, working out, video games, porn – anything) and we hope that it will fulfill our life in some way, shape or form.

But trust me when I tell you, it won’t – nor will it ever.

You’ll feel good, or okay, for some time, but once it wears off, you’ll be back to square one, and you’ll be back to feeling like shit again.

So let me advise you, based on my personal recovery, that if you’re dealing with something similar, or even the next time you find yourself getting that urge – stop for a second, and just ask yourself:

‘What would I really rather be doing with my life, right now?’

‘When this high is over, what am I gonna do? More?’

‘Why am I doing this right now?

‘Why did I start?’

‘If I could have anything in the world, right now, what would it be?’

‘What will my life look like if I do this for another 5 years? 10 years? 20?’

‘Do I want to live like this forever?’

Whatever you answered to yourself – these answers are the perfect first steps to figuring out what you actually want to do, and whether you can find the strength within yourself to overcome this, and start living your life the way you really want to.

Chances are, you’re only doing what you are because it’s become a habit, a routine and an urge for you.

But what if, this time, you try to go against what your body is telling you? What if you decided that you want to do something different today, something better and more ideal for your life? What if you decide, that you will ignore your urge today, and you’ll try to do something else? How could this positively affect your tomorrow?

It starts there, sweetheart.

Deciding to ignore and break the cycle that keeps us low.

I know that it’s a lot f*cking harder than how I’m describing it right now. Trust me. I know. I’ve been exactly where you are. But that’s why I’m telling you. You don’t have to keep doing it.

You can make new routines in your life, based on things you actually want to see yourself doing – and you will get a million times the fulfillment and dopamine rush, than what you’re doing right now.

The difference is, however, that if you choose to break the cycle, and steer yourself in a better direction, the satisfaction will last, and you’ll be a mile closer to where you genuinely want to be, as opposed to giving into the temptation – and just ending up where you are right now, again, in five hours.


Aside from creating positive and healthy habits for ourselves in life, it’s important to realize that the habits we create for ourselves will always follow us one way or another.

The easiest way to get lost in building our ideal life is that we start to think that everything we have to do is temporary… it’s not.Building your best life is a job that never, ever ends. It’s your duty, now and every single moment, until your very last breath – to do the things that you want to do in this life and make sure those things will bring you to the version of life (and yourself) you want to be and see.

When you stop working on yourself or creating the next scenario in your life, you stop living. So this next piece of advice, you’re gonna have to take with you for the rest of your life – because it’s the only reminder that will ever serve you through any experience that will come your way.


Realize that life is not supposed to be a shitty experience. Whatever you’ve gone through, it happened – but it doesn’t mean that you were ever supposed to keep living it over, and over again. It doesn’t mean that your life should continue to be that way.

You’re supposed to have fun in life. Seriously. Out of everything and nothing that has, will ever, or did ever exist; Life was only ever created to have a good time.

As opposed to what you may have come to believe (and what you’ll probably, immediately deny once you read it), even if you were dealt a crappy set of cards at first, no matter what these experiences were, and how hard they were to overcome; Life isn’t supposed to be hard.

So many of us get caught up in reliving old experiences in our life, that we end up re-creating those same cycles and events into our current experience because we’re just acting on the past. We get lost in life because we don’t know how to think and create better situations for ourselves because we’re stuck believing that this is what it is.


I don’t care what you were taught in life, from the second you were born, until this very moment. I don’t care what excruciating, painful, or traumatizing experience(s) you went through. And even more, I don’t give a shit about what you have come to believe, based on what anyone or life has ever taught you.

You are not condemned to living a life that is anything short of what you really want it to be.

You might have even been dealt the absolutely worst set of cards in life (so far) – but it does not mean that you are destined to live it over again.

Whatever you’ve come to believe about the Universe, God, or even Life – whatever beliefs you have stating that it won’t work for you, I’m here to effing tell you, that none of that shit is true.

The Universe is wayyyyy too big and has WAY too much to do, to control and define how you are meant to live your life.

That is 110% in your hands.

God’s work was bringing you here. It is infinitelyYOUR RESPONSIBILITY to live the life that you want to.

And again, I don’t give a shit who told you that it’s not in your hands, I don’t care what God you think told you it controls your life and your actions – The life that you live is one-hundred-and-ten-f*cking-percent your responsibilityYou are accountable for what you create for yourself.

So that’s about it, in terms of the mental and physical strength it takes to build your ideal life. Be Healthy, in the way you treat your body and your mind. Get rid of the mindset of powerlessness, and take control of yourself and your life.

You can do it.


You will always have the inner strength to overcome what comes your way. If you have a tendency of running away from your problems, stop yourself – and break the cycle that keeps you in misery, then start taking the necessary actions it takes to get your life back on track.

In the next, and final post of this 4-Part Insight; I’m breaking down how we can simplify the mental and physical steps towards creating our happy and fulfilling life.


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