The Unseen Staircase to Success – And breaking down its steps: Part 2

Recently, we discovered that a huge part of becoming our happiest and most successful self, demands a lot of brain-work. It’s usually the beliefs and mindsets we hold, that will define the line between our happiest life, and a life that makes us miserable. What we perceive to be our worth and truth about life, will ultimately determine what we ‘attract’ in our experience.

So how do we take the necessary steps towards building a solid mind-foundation, and what do we need to do, in order to manifest the best possible life for ourselves.

In Part One of this post, we determined that the two biggest components of success were: Finding Out What we Want to do – and - Getting our Mind right.

So today, we break down the smaller details of these two major keys – how we can build the right mindset for happiness and success, and just how we tailor our life and actions around that.

Step one in tying these two knots together is to:


Start acting like you have it.

In the simplest way I could possibly put it, this literally means to Be successful in your own head. Even if your current life points in all directions but that, meaning you could be broke as f*ck, all your projects and endeavors are failing miserably, your thoughts and your beliefs all lean towards lack and un-fulfillment; You have to act in your own mind, that you already have the life (and things) you, so desperately, want.

Even if your current life points in all directions but that, meaning you could be broke as f*ck, all your projects and endeavors are failing miserably, your thoughts and your beliefs all lean towards lack and un-fulfillment; You have to act in your own mind, that you already have it all.

If you have to put on a front, and pretend for a while, until you build a habit in your mind and it starts believing that you are already living the life/lifestyle you want; you have to do it. 

Fake it, til you make it.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real experiences, and visualizations that you create in your mind. Don’t ask me how to prove it, I only read it in a book – but if you believe that the placebo will take effect, you’ll start noticing and seeing, in your reality, the things you’ve been putting in your mind.

One of the most important things you have to realize in life is that what you think, and what you believe – these things will mould your perception of reality.
And even if you don’t believe it yet, and you don’t really care to think that your thoughts could potentially influence your perception reality – why not take this piece of advice in the loosest term possible, and just not make yourself miserable by feeding your mind shitty visions.
Put fun and cool scenarios in your mind, you know? Picture what could go insanely right, rather than be visualizing what could go awfully wrong.

And once you get the hang of ‘faking it, til you make it’ – you’ll notice that your behaviors will start adapting to the mindset and lifestyle you’re trying to attract. So this next piece of advice – is so effing crucial – because I’ve seen too many people (including myself) fly too close to their invisible sun, and just become a total dick head, in the pursuit of acting successfully in their own mind.


Don’t you dare get too caught up in your own head, and start putting yourself above everyone you encounter. Because trust me, it works the opposite way you want it to. Real successful and happy people are kind to everyone.

Please, don’t be an ass hole, don’t let your ego get too big, or your pride get too strong - just do your absolute best to be humble; to anyone, and everyone.

Ego, or Pride, is to delight in being higher than others. And while it’s been commonly mistaken to think that being humble is to have low self-esteem or low self-worth – this could not be further from the truth.

Humility really means to be self-regarding, but also regarding of others. It is to remember that we all come from the same place, that we are all equal in terms of our human structure. And while we all have different experiences, strengths, values, worth and vulnerabilities – in the grand scheme of Life, we are all the same, we are all small and insignificant.
Humility is the self-realization and ongoing lifestyle of equal kindness and respect to all. It requires us to practice the self-control and management of our pride and ego, to help and reach out to anyone, regardless of their life situation, appearance or our perception of their worth.

While being humble does not demand us to diminish our worth or value, or demean our life accomplishments – it does ask that we extend our love, time and understanding to everyone, irrespective of their current life situation, or our first judgments of them.

So in the process of building your mindset to being successful, don’t let your ego steer you in the wrong direction, and just be kind to everyone you meet.
I promise, this will not only drive you to become a better person, it will drastically improve your response for happiness.

Take this key component of mind-work, and now add it to the new actions and behaviours it takes to bring this mindset to reality. A fun little thing called: physical-work. 


Do meaningful work and create valuable things/content

It’s all nice and dandy to have the perfect mindset for success, and it’s even nicer to start believing that we’ve attained, in our minds, that sense of worthiness for personal success. But, what I’ve seen happen to too many of us (again, including myself) is that we get so caught up in acting like we got it, that we forget what we actually have to do to get it.

The biggest determining factor between being successful in our heads, and actually being successful in real life – all lies in our ability to actually do the work. What are we going to do in order to bring our thoughts and ideas into reality? 

What am I currently doing to become successful?
What can I offer to the world, that will drive me to get the funds and means it takes to get where I want to be?
What kind of work am I doing that is scaling my current job, into the successful and wealthy, long-term career I'm looking for.

Is the work you’re doing true to you? (Or are you just doing it for the paycheque?) Is it valuable to the people you are working (or providing) for? Is there a meaningful demand for what you are doing? (Or are you just throwing blind shots, in the dark, hoping someone will just pay for it?) Is your labor, service or product going to help people? (Or will it get lost in the crowd of trends and wannabes, eventually to die out?)

You see, when you are creating your ultimate/ideal life, you’re doing it for the long-term; you’re aiming to create your empire, something that will last for the generations to come.
And that’s why I think it’s so important that you choose something meaningful and valuable to yourself, and those you’re targeting – because you want to get the fulfillment and long-term success out of it.

On top of that, (and I’ll have another post about this soon) – you’re gonna have to do the work, anyways. You’re gonna have to put in the man hours, learn everything you know about the topic, and master the trade you’re in. So why would you choose something that drains you, or something solely based on a paycheque? You don’t want a paycheque, you want a life worth living. And too many f*cking people are losing themselves, selling their souls and slaving away - to the dollar. They live miserable lives and get stuck in a shitty routine, all this because they’re not doing what is true to them, and they just want a guaranteed couple hundred bucks a month.


The essential building blocks of creating your ideal life, and achieving the success and fulfillment you’re seeking – demand that you believe that you’re successful before it happens (meaning, having an undeniable faith and optimism in yourself), and then actually going out and doing the meaningful work it takes to get there. Stay true to what you’re doing, do it for good and fulfilling reasons – and in the process of it all, always be kind to yourself and other, and most importantly – always stay humble.

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