The Rhythm of Thought: How to Consciously Create your Thoughts

Hey guys!

I figured it's been a while since my last post, and lately, I've been on my own little downhill adventure... so I thought I'd write this up for anyone to share or relate, a post on the topic of Rhythm of Thought.   

Has there ever been a time, where you were struck by a negative thought – and before you could stop its current flux, you’re immediately bombarded by another ten of its similar ideas?

And some way, somehow, these thoughts always seem to come back to you one way, shape, or another; whether within the following second, minute, hour, or day - and, no matter how hard you try, or how far you’ve come since you last felt like you conquered those thoughts, these negative feelings always seem to make their way right back to where they started.

So here’s my deal… Sometimes I get hit with a negative thought, say for example I think that someone doesn’t think my work is good enough… And before I can set off the switch, to think something new and more positive, I have a rush of so many other following thoughts that go much deeper, saying something worse like: ‘my work isn’t good enough’, ‘I’ll never amount to anything’, ‘I am not worthy of success’, and ‘I’m a failure’.

Like Woah! Where did those come from, right? I went from someone’s opinion bothering me, to re-evaluate my entire life worth, in a matter of two seconds flat… What?!

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m gonna let you know that out of 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts we, humans, have per day - as many as 98percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before; and even more significantly, about 80percent of those thoughts are negative or unwanted.

Talk about creatures of habit, huh…

 But if you’re reading this, and you can relate in any way, shape, or form – then please read the following post closely.

I know that it’s hard to deal with these negative emotions and that there are times where your nightmares sound just about as real as it gets. I know that your thoughts can often push you overboard, leaving you feeling helpless and out-of-control - and that worst of all, they may often push you to want to give up.

 But listen to me… You do have options, here.

Despite how powerless and chaotic you may feel in these moments, you do have the power to make your next move.

So, would you rather go down this road again, following your confusion, doubt, and sadness back into the grip of your negative cycle?


Would you rather intentionally reset a new tone for your life, by breaking the current sequence of negativity, and replacing it with something new and more positive; something that inspires you and makes you feel good, instead?

 Which one sounds happier and more ideal, to you?

I’m sure you answered something along the lines of “No sh*t, I’d rather be happy” – and trust me, so do I. But, how?

How do we do it? How do we break the cycle of negativity, when it feels like it’s working overtime to ruin our lives?


I’m still trying to figure that out… Ahahaha.


There are basic pieces of advice I can give you, that despite my sometimes-inability to practice what I’m preaching, you can use and it will help & guide you to overcome your state of negativity when it happens.

But, before I get started… I need to remind everyone, that you can do all the reading, research, and soul-searching you want – but the difference between learning all these things, and actually achieving the mastery you’re looking for, is that you have to take action on what you’re trying to understand. No matter how much reading you do, no matter how much you think you get it… You’ll never fully succeed in mastering your mind, if you don’t master your thoughts and actions, first.


That being said, it’s time you start using your mind. And not just using it when it’s time to think or when it’s convenient for you, but all the time.

You have to start thinking for yourself. Why? Because when you neglect to use your mind, you allow for the unused parts of your psyche to begin ruminating on their own. This means your thoughts will be influenced by your current state of flux (positive or negative), and be ruled by the emotions you are feeling; rather than by your true self or your deliberate/conscious intentions.

If a negative thought comes up, no matter how paralyzing or terrifying it is, or how true it all sounds to you; if it’s not a thought you want – Stop it in its tracks, and break your current cycle.

Stopping it requires you be conscious of the thoughts you're having, and choose whether, or not, it’s a thought you want. If you realize even one of these two things, you’re already halfway there.

So, Become aware of your thoughtschoose which ones are worthy of your time and energy, then stop the ones you don't want, and replace them. 

Simple, yes. Easy, no.

Once you've accomplished this, you can change the course of your negative thought by simply transforming it into an ideal situation (in your head). If you have a negative idea, change it towards something that inspires you. If something is worrying you, revert the negativity by thinking something more desirable for yourself.

Now, this may or may not immediately change your flux – and believe me when I say that this is NOT a one hit and quit. You have to keep intentionally thinking. You can’t let your mind wander on its own, you have to be conscious and deliberate in your choice of thoughts.

But, if you practice the discipline of intentional thinking for long enough, your energy/emotions will begin to transform themselves on their own. Thoughts carry energy, and that energy is like a magnet towards other, similar-energy entities/thoughts.

"Cling to a negative thought, more negative thoughts pop up. Intentionally think positively, and more positivity will follow. Whichever is your dominating style, negative or positive, more of that vibrational rhythm will result. It’s the law of nature." - Sarah Elle 

A huge piece of truth that I can state towards the topic of dominating thoughts is that they are simply the result of a good or bad habit. The longer you think something, the more it will become engraved in your mind. Build the habit of positive thinking, and more will come naturally. Do the opposite and get the same results, but not in your desired manner.

Following these statements, and probably most important of all, is that you must remember never give up on the things you truly want

I know how hard it is to accomplish something worthwhile for yourself when all your mind is telling you is that it won't work. But that reality hasn’t happened. And, no matter if you’re anticipating the worst, or expecting & hoping for the best, please don’t ever give up on shaping and creating the reality you truly desire for your life. 

Cause despite what we think, we actually do have the power to mold our reality into what we want, by thinking the things, believing in receiving what we desire, and finally taking action on those ideas.

So, here's my little recap.


Imagine the best-case scenario vs. the worst. Consciously create the outcome of your life, by focusing on (and putting your attention towards) what you really want to happen.

Believe in empowering and inspiring, love/success-oriented thoughts to be your truth, instead of caving into your fears, and letting your dreams pass you by.

Back up your dreams and desires by action, and life will conspire to make it happen for you.

And remember that you don’t have to be your own victim of habit. Break the habit, break the cycle. It is never too late unless you accept your defeat as your reality.


I would love to know if you were engaged in reading this post; if any readers can relate or have anything to say about what I just wrote. You can leave a comment or some feedback in the comments below, and just let me know what you guys think!

All the best,

Sarah Elle

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