What a 5-Week Spiritual Break Taught Me about Life.

Hey butterflies,


It’s been a month since we took a break from TheButterflyEffect planner and focused solely on accumulating more knowledge, wisdom, and a well-needed month of (personal and spiritual) Research&Development.

I’m back with you guys today, on this first week of June, as a means of finally putting some of what’s been acquired over the last several weeks together, in a simplified format, with the goal of hopefully offering you a sliver of the vital lessons that we’ve learned over the time-being.


I haven’t written a single blog post in over a month. But, with that said, I’ve worked with so many spiritual gurus and experts in Self-inquiry, as well as learned from psychologists, professors, certified coaches, and…HA, my own spiritual guides. (Lol.)

So, if I had to start somewhere, I’d probably begin by explaining what happened over the last month.


And, the truth is…

A lot of self-evaluation, crying, healing; fighting with my ego, and tearing down walls I had built up for so long, trying to let go of outdated mindsets, and quite possibly shedding every last part of my childhood traumas or limiting beliefs, so that I could come back with some sort of understanding - and maybe a few new lessons I could pass on to my readers.

And, while I did – in the most beautiful way possible, I’m back here with all this information in my mind, all this priceless wisdom and within my heart… and I have absolutely no way of putting all together.


Over the last 5 weeks, I’ve been sitting with myself and watching the sum of past programming. I spent a month working through all the fears that held me back, connected with nature in a way I would have never deemed possible (seriously, if you saw the sh*t I witnessed,🌳🐦✨)… and, at some point, even reached this state of meditation that allowed me to release every psychological limitation I’ve ever imposed on myself.

…all that, with the final result of having almost nothing to say.

Here I am trying to write it all down, put it into a logical (totally, not insane) format, and for some reason, nothing is coming to mind. 🤯


So, after writing, erasing, and re-writing this blog post (quite possibly twenty different times), maybe all I really have to say is that your inner-journey matters more than what you could ever project or create on the outside of what’s within you.


How many of us are measuring our progress (or even worth) by how much we can produce, inspire, teach, or prove to others?

I spent a whole month experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough – witnessing the absolute core of my personal universe, witnessing results on the outside through my mind on the inside. And yet, I get back to work on this Monday morning with absolutely nothing coming to mind?

So, I guess… here is the point.

  • There might never be enough proof on the outside to explain everything you’ve been able to conquer on the inside. Your internal life dictates how you perceive the outer world. It is the way you see your world and should promote the life you want to see yourself live. When you learn to feel, without a doubt, the depths of your being - only then will you stop craving tangible proof to measure your growth.

  • People need to stop thinking their personal evolution has anything to do with their level of work, productivity, results, or advice they can produce– because the vital truth is… it is enough to simply experience the deeper levels of your personal growth, you don’t need to prove it all.

  • You could experience the whole universe at your fingertips, undergo mind-blowing growth and shatter every illusion you’ve ever imposed on yourself, and still have nothing to show for it. It’s okay. But, don’t lose sight of your accomplishments by trying to prove you’ve got something to the outer world. It is more valuable to experience and understand it, than to lose sight of the lesson trying to explain it or prove it.

  • You can shift your entire life in a whole new direction, witness magic like you’ve never thought possible, and still have no place to put it all. All that matters is that you try, and you explore those unknown parts of yourself.

As a matter of fact, you can follow every sign, serendipity, and synchronicity that will reveal that the whole universe really is within you, and never have another soul believe in what you have encapsulated. The point is to reach new levels in yourself, and reveal what areas in your life that you want to explore.


So, if after five entire weeks, and every last lesson that I have learned, all I have to give to you is this […] – I promise you that it is a lesson worthwhile.


To my dearest butterflies, I hope that you remember.

You will never be able to fully share the wisdom you’ve experienced in your mind and life, but try your best to share what truly matters anyways.

You might never be able to offer the exact piece of advice that will inspire your fellow souls to find their answers, but know that by you experiencing it for yourself, the entire world will benefit from it too.

Don’t expect to heal everyone in the world, but know that you will attract (through your own trial and healing) the right people who are ready and willing to hear your message already have and will. And the fruits of your labor will last through generations.

And, you might never be able to share all the magic you’ve experienced with others – but, if you can find it within yourself, experience the vastness of your own universe, and find it within yourself to tap into your infinite nature – every other soul in the unknown universe will have a way to experience it within themselves, too.

I hope you’ll share with me your magic! But, until then, I hope you find it for yourself!

Stay well, everyone!

All my love,

Sarah Elle

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