I dedicated 24-Hours to FUN! Here's what happened...

Hello my beauties!


It’s been about two weeks since my last post.

To be honest, I wasn’t prepared to deal with such success regarding the #SouledOut Mastercourse. 4,500 STUDENTS, WORLDWIDE, IN ONE F*CKING MONTH!!!!😍😍😍😍



It’s such an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. But, since I’ve been dealing with hundreds of humans every single day, 🤯 creating the Kickstarter campaign for the #SouledOut guide, and just working-working-working on all things TheButterflyEffect…. Well, it was time for another one of those purely fun blog posts.


Today, I’m sharing my lessons and also some really enjoyable ideas to help us all sit back, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and actually have some f*cking fun. What do you think?


I usually write these blog posts because I came across an important lesson or experience in my life that teaches me the importance of something, and use my new-found insights to share with you guys, and ultimately help you better pave the path to your joy, well-being and success.

But, this week’s challenging (but much needed) lesson was disguised as unique opportunities to create something that had ABSOLUTELY No relation to work, #SouledOut, or spirituality for that matter. It just had to do with some fun.


It all started in my dreams, when I experienced rising sensations (in my dream state) of lifelessness, boredom, workaholism, and the scariest of all, a visual manifestation of a child being abandoned by me, and being forced to act as an adult in spite of this divine baby in front of my eyes. Recurring for several weeks now, I thought I’d dive a little deeper into my subconscious mind and figure out what these painful dreams were all about.

After some diligent meditation, I came to the conclusion that my inner child wasn’t being tended to, and that I was so pre-occupied with making sales, enrolling students, working hand-in-hand with my #SouledOut members… and, basically avoiding my need for balance and basic enjoyment. (A lesson I have struggled with for yeaaaars, now.)


So, here’s where I earned a valuable token of wisdom.

I think there’s a lot more of us, than meets the eye, that struggle with neglecting our needs for play, relaxation, and just pure enjoyment. Especially having read my “Excuse me, your life is waiting book,” and witnessing, first hand, a majority of my students calling me at ALL Hours of the day, and working, working, working, and NEVER STOP WORKING.


I realized that sometimes we don’t produce the results we desire because our energy is so filled with this discontentment, and “work-fix-work-fix-work” mentality, that we’re forgetting to LIVE our lives and just ENJOY the process of unfolding.


So, I put this lesson to the test. I decided I was going to take 24-hours off, and dedicate my day SOLELY to having fun.

I came up with the following:


  • A clothing haul video, that I’ve always wanted to do, but never dedicated the time because I was “too busy” with work and development.

  • Cooking for the sake of cooking. And, not just because I went 20 hours without eating, or just HAD to feed anyone. (I discovered I’m a low-key chef in disguise.)

  • And, just blast some music and FEEEEEL myself letting go of expectations, standards, and ideas that are running through my mind.


My “fun-day” was entirely FREE. It revealed, within me, so much resistance and tense beliefs that I have about my work, my income, and my lifestyle in general.

And, ultimately, I even realized that results were producing themselves at an INCREDIBLE rate, without me even putting effort… Just because I wasn’t micromanaging anything and just being myself for once.


Two days later, I’m still reaping the rewards of my decision.


My mind is clear and ready for some AUTHENTIC creative content. I’ve let go of my self-expectation of being “professional” and “positive” all the time, and just watch myself unravel as each moment arises.


I’m learning that real happiness and satisfaction (from work, or anything else) come when you decide to step back and look at the big picture. That, no matter how hard you work or how dedicated you are to helping people, you can only give as much (to others) as you provide to yourself.


So, maybe my version of fun looks a little different from yours. Maybe your idea of taking care of your inner child requires a different level of play and self-care than mine. And, perhaps the lesson you need to learn is to let go of your impossible expectations – and just let loose for a while. Whether that be “having fun,” “playing around,” or just listening to the kid inside you that knows the real ways of enjoying life.


I find that the more we grow up trying to prove ourselves through some external form (work, success, money, goals, productivity, accomplishments, whatever it is) the more we alienate ourselves from our true essence – that which enjoys life no matter what is happening around him or her. I hope that, with this new lesson I’ve acquired, I can convey the message (of true importance) that is no matter how #SoldOut your business may become… the point is really to be #SouledOut. To create a life that brings you what you truly want… and need. And, the wisdom that spares you from overworking yourself and losing your Self to the process.

 Sure, it’s great to work for (and accomplish your wildest) success. But what’s better is truly enjoying the process of creating something new, in life, and growing to become a truer version of yourself along the way.


So, I’ve just got a few records of my “fun” for you. Over the last few days, I’ve enjoyed creating something totally unique and purpose-less… but fun, authentic, and real.

Hope you guys enjoy it <3


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