10 Reasons it's important to feel sexy in life.

Hey sexy boys and girls, 😏

I woke up today feeling like work needed a new dynamic. I caught myself getting lost in the loop of overly informative articles. Too much formal research that I forgot to represent (and live out) who I really am through this platform…

I don’t know what it is. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that I’m kind of lost in the process of building my brand identity. It’s so weird to start from a place where you have to define who you are, not only for yourself but for who you are to others. I felt that, because this platform reflects my intellectual work, I’m at a limit to how I can present myself. Since I designed psychological recovery programs and launched a few spiritual ventures, there’s this preconceived idea of how I should act on this platform. But to be honest it hides whole dimensions of who I am from you, parts of me that lives lightly and strives on the importance of feeling sexy. Hahaha!💄💋

So, I thought it would be a good idea to change things up a little… ok, a lot. Instead of focusing on the hardcore psychology of life, I’d rather share to you the, even better, joys of taking things lightly and finding cool, enjoyable ways to heal your soul and mind without the extensive education.

From what I’ve learned today, letting yourself actually feel sensual is a mental and emotional challenge in itself. [Shittt, I wish you knew the actual work and vulnerability involved in learning how to feel sexy… 😫] So, I wanted to challenge myself to learn this… very complex topic😏 and really understand the deep importance of feeling empowered, in Life.

The way I gathered my knowledge was by putting my research into practice. My lab-coat and workbook of the day looked more along the lines of the sexiest outfit in my closet and my hottest dance moves.

I put on the high heels, took my sweatpants off and cranked the music. For inspiration (and what turned out to be the biggest creative revelation for this blog post,) I tuned in to @pumpfidence for some choreography. Technically, because I have experience in dancing, I just used it in the background to my improv, but okayyyy. Listen, I’m not sure if you’re aware of Brinn Nicole and her (divine) Pumpfidence movement, she is the Queen of embodying Sexy. She teaches you not only through her moves but her message the vitality of breaking down the walls that keep you from owning what you got.

Dancing is the biggest challenge (but also the biggest stepping stone) to learning to embody your sensuality. Allowing yourself to surrender in your body and harness power of sexiness requires pushing yourself beyond every possible comfort zone you might have.

At first, it was easy to laugh off the imperfections, but as I kept trying to follow along with the choreography and intentionally feel sexy, the harsher my thoughts became. Sooner or later, I became aware of the judgments I was carrying about myself and worked through the comparisons I was making of others. That’s when my first token of wisdom came to me.

Most of what challenging yourself to feel sexy looks like is the practice of letting go of what you think of yourself and just being 100% authentic. Stop comparing yourself to others. I don’t care what you think of them, how beautiful they are, or if they’re better than you at whatever; nothing should ever impact your ability to feel sexy and good in your own skin.

Feeling sexy is an intentional decision you’re making to allow yourself to feel completely free in your body. When you carry a burden that limits you from owning your sensuality, you’re rigid in your body and you stop living life to the fullest. To dance, and to feel sexy doing it, requires surrendering and moving with your body entirely. The vulnerability of letting your body and creativity take over is absolutely terrifying to humans, but it stops us from living freely.

When you embody your power you embrace your Self completely; no matter how you act, how you move, or what you think. To dance means you let the music take charge and your body lead the way.

From the moment I finally surrendered and stopped being so afraid of what moves (lol💃🏽🕺🏼) or thoughts I would produce, it became a meditation on releasing the feelings that didn’t make me feel sexy or empowered.

You see, that’s what I learned about embodying your sensuality. It brings you a whole new level of joy and empowerment because you have to transcend the parts of your mind that don’t align with these energies. Sexy is on a highhh-asss frequency, btw.💅🏻 And, you can’t attune to it if you’re carrying anything less than self-love and personal power.

Side Note:

“[I can’t believe the lesson this brought me. I never fully understood the real essence of what this form of confidence meant. I had to challenge every thought that denied me the feeling of beauty and real self-connection. Only when I released the expectations and standards I was holding against myself and released them did I arrive to the state of mind where I really believed the importance of feeling freely sexy, in Life. — And, holy shit, I still can’t believe I am even writing this post with so much enthusiasm!]”

As the songs kept playing, and @BrinnNicoleGooch still going strong, then came the time to reach a new level. Despite the discomfort of facing, yet another aspect of myself I was not ready to see, I was somehow moving with less tension and more finesse. [Yes, to my finesse, btw🥰] What this next part of my “experiment” required me to do was to choose inspiration over intimidation of other people.

You should see some of the sexy bitches on @Pumpfidence. Damnnn, these girls got it, and I envyyyy that power.🙌🏼🙌🏼 You can tell that, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes, these dancers are living the part of that goddess-mentality. I never knew the degree of sensuality that came from smiling and real facial expressions.

So, I was brought to my next lesson in Sexy 101. My biggest vulnerability in allowing myself to feel sexy was to finally accept that I could look and be the part. Not just in the clothes I was wearing, (though seeing these babes in fishnets, shorts and stilettos deeply inspired me to put on a better outfit) but owning it in the face and attitude as well🙋🏼👠

How many of you sexy motherf*ckas out there don’t know you’re purely gorgeous? How many of you are denying your innate sexiness and why do you keep allowing yourself to forget that you are truly beautiful? Are you holding back your smile?

There is a deep lesson to be learned on allowing yourself to feel what the real essence of sexy is, and letting it flow through you, even in your reflection.

When I finally let myself to get inspired by the power in other people, instead of getting intimidated by them, I unleashed that same inner glow within myself. I realized that the biggest joy in their energy was driven by the fun they were having and the confidence they were practicing. It taught me to have fun, take things lightly and forget what I look like so that I can actually enjoy myself, even if only for two minutes.

The truth is, I think today’s blog post was also written for myself, as a lesson I deeply needed to learn. As I asked and answered these questions for my own knowledge, I gathered special wisdom to share with you.

At first, I would have chuckled at the idea that being sexy was an important attitude to have in life. But, honestly, to think that you can miss the entire essence of this energy by simply underestimating its value. Sure, a few hours ago, I could have joked that it was just an excuse that girls use to act provocatively. But, boyyyy, was I wrong. 💅🏻🙌🏼

This was one of the most challenging and unexpected growth experiences I have ever endured. Without discovering the need to breathe, relax and just feeeeeeel myself; I could have completely denied this part of my being and never understood the deeper significance of allowing yourself to feel sexy.

It was so interesting to commit to learning about this topic. I know it deviates from the usual by a landdddslide, but I think the insight I’ve gathered was worth it. If you’re doubting the true importance of feeling sexy, I dare you to close this now and try. Come back and let me know how it went when you’re done.

To all you sexy motherf*ckas,

All my love,

Sarah Elle, xo