The Hidden Reality of Success and How you can build your ideal life.

It’s very common for us to find ourselves scrolling up and down our timelines, looking at highlight pictures of people’s lives, and feeling sorry for ourselves. This is where we build our trap of victimizing and feeling upset, just because we aren’t where these people are. It's funny though, because a majority of the time, we do this instead of actually getting the work, it takes to get there, done.

A huge part of the reason why people can’t make the significant or consistent, positive changes they're looking for in life - is simply because they don’t know how. And more importantly, (it's) because they’re living off the false expectations they're being fed - of what success and happy living actually are.
They watch or attend some seminar where a guy or girl comes in, talking about some bogus life-changing program, energy regenerating speech for $500, clearing their life and attracting abundance… or something along those lines, anyways.


And there it goes... Our vicious cycle of doubt, fear, and envy starts anew… We get mad or upset because we aren’t where we want to be (or where they are) yet. We underestimate our life worth and our jealousy sets in all over again. We begin wondering if and when it’s finally gonna happen for us, but then we start to doubt that it ever will…

So we tell ourselves that we’re going to make the commitment of getting our shit together, and start our journey to success.
We read up on some insightful blog posts, listen to some frequency/hypnosis podcasts, go to the gym a couple times, and start another 21-Day Habit Breaking challenge…

But the real reason this never works out, in the long run, is simply because we’re hoping to create something (and get results), to build a life of success - which in most cases is based on unseen realities - and without actually knowing where to start and how to get there.
Not to mention, we don’t even take into account all the hidden truths and highlight cover ups of what success actually demands.

Well… I’m here to explain why we can’t expect to make significant changes in life if we don’t know the 'how' to do so. And, on top of that, I'm gonna explain to you exactly why the how it all happens can’t be determined by somebody’s latest Instagram post.


The problem is – when we see someone share their version of life progress (or in other word’s their picture of success), we typically assume it will work for us.

E V E R Y O N E is different.

Everyone’s story is different, what your set of beliefs are, and your set of life experiences - each one of those will be different from the person sitting next to you. Each lesson you were taught, the perspectives you’ve developed over the course of your experience – your hobbies, likes and dislikes, fears and passions, your beliefs and your behaviors – they're all unique to your story.

What one’s challenges are, will generally not be the same as yours. What someone might believe to be their ultimate truth, you may not even begin to understand why. Their personal limits may be funny to you, or super easy to attain. And, what they could define as their success and their dream come true,  could not even appeal or resonate with you.
You see, what it is with these motivational speeches, where someone comes in and gives you a nice story of what it was like in order to achieve their success and their ultimate lifestyle, is that they are only limited to that person’s life.


You'll find that it's rare that other people's success story will give you real insight, or even a mild step-by-step, of what it’s gonna be like for YOU to find your personal success.
Because all you're left with is a remote idea, based on a couple aspects of their life that were similar to yours – only a mere idea of the necessary processes it took them to create of their ideal life.
You will never know their struggle, they will never know yours. You will never fully understand their rise, nor will they yours. And most sincerely, you will never achieve your level of happiness and success, based on their definition of it.

So for someone to come in and basically ‘tease’ you with the seductive voice of success, you'll always be left wondering why (you don’t have it, yet), but you'll also never come to see the real, hard, ugly truth of how they achieved it.


The truth of success is that it's not just an overnight result. The real and naked truth about achieving success is that it’s an ongoing process (and journey) of life.
Success isn’t just the pictures you see – it’s the actions and thoughts that you don’t. It’s not just a happy life, full of luxuries, and desirable outcomes – it’s is the hardest and most relentless journey on which one could potentially embark.

It is the undoing, the below the ground, hit rock-bottom, and rise, then, building of your most ideal life.
It's the learning and overcoming of every single hardship and the broken lesson of your life. The Finding and Taking of all the limiting beliefs and mindsets you’ve ever developed about yourself and life, and tearing them down to a nothing – to then re-build and re-define your life, the way you want it to be.
In success, you take every single negative perspective you've ever built about life and what happens in it, and then you mold the shit out of it until you have created for yourself, an empowering and limitless belief system, that serves you – rather than controls you.

Like they promote in the Law of Attraction and all those Motivational TED Talks, it is the ongoing and persistent positive self-affirmation that you have to build in your subconscious, to have a confident and self-assuring belief system. It’s the connecting with your Higher-Self (or your God, if that’s what you call it) – and learning about everything you want to know and create for yourself in this life.
It is the meeting and getting to know yourself, as well as creating and building yourself to the person you actually want to be.

But you see… That’s why so many people get lost in the process of doing it all.

Because they go to some group talk, and they take a nice piece of advice that someone else is giving them, and they look for a way to resonate and relate to this person’s story – and then they begin applying that person’s laws and truths, to their own life.

Well… What a better way of building your ideal life, with footnotes of someone else’s blueprint… Not.

These are shared processes of someone’s else’s building story. But they are so different in contrast to yours.

So you’re never getting a real clue as to what it is you really need to do in order to ‘manifest’ (or achieve) your own ideal life.


I guess it's good to agree that the core principles remain the same in everyone;
To live a joyful, healthy, loving, fulfilling, and peaceful, harmonious life.

But rather than falling into thinking that it’s all just going to happen to you, which may set you back even further... why don’t we prioritize how we can build ourselves according to what we want.

To begin, we should emphasize one thing so that we can avoid becoming dependent on a belief, that is solely built on a lie:

Success as the answer is never the answer. Success is part of the equation, Life will always be the answer.

The arrival of our destination is great, but not merely as fulfilling as the journey itself. Add this to your mindset, and you will overcome any adversity that comes your way.

Because the truth about our success is that it’s really about the constant trial & error, the overcoming and bouncing back from all our failures, and ultimately about the growth, we achieve within the experience. Each time, learning and teaching a new lesson in the undertaking of it all, and embracing the whole building (and living) process of our ideal life.

It’s not the final picture, because there is no, or ever will be the final picture. The final picture is death.
From every single moment, now until your very last breath, you will always need to adapt, evolve and keep going. No matter what things start to look like, beautiful or ugly.
The point of success and living our most fulfilling life is to learn and to create - to live a life of great experiences, of unconditional love, to help others and remain in a state of happiness and positive flow. To be awake and in control of our lives, and we must consciously nurture and grow ourselves and our experience with the time we have, here on this Earth.

So, the next time you feel a bit down at the fact that you aren’t where you want to be, or when you see someone living a life that appears to be the lifestyle you want –
Immediately stop yourself from feeling upset, and start thinking about the actions you're going to (and have to) take; the thoughts and beliefs you are going to create, that will take you to your ideal world – then go, and work for it.

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