A few TED Talks you can watch in the morning for a Boost in Joy and Productivity!

Good morning, my gorgeous readers!


I had a minor creative obstacle when I faced some writer’s block this morning, so I tuned into my favourite procrastination station (aka my #1 Inspiration Go-To) to start the day… and that, my friends, is TED Talks.

In spite of what I thought my day was going to look like, watching these videos made me realize that there is so much left to push for. Within a matter of moments, I had enough videos and speeches to motivate a whole country, so I figured that would my best creative contribution would be to share the message and help you turn your day around (even if it feels hopeless until now.)

My intention for this blog post is merely to help you navigate the list of helpful videos you can watch that will suit your specific goals of the day. With this introduction to the TEDx Channel, you can find the BEST videos to watch that will inspire you to take action Now. Whether you’re overcoming creative blocks, procrastination, or want to access the infinite possibilities you can choose from, with this selection of videos that inspired me to reach my goals, you can fulfill whatever you set your mind to today.


I’ve been watching the TED Talks since early High School. I remember deliberately discarding what my computer science teacher was saying, yet absorbing every last syllable of the TED Talks I was watching.


From minor motivation, to wide-scale evolution, and basically everything in between; I found that the speakers and authors present on the channel always have something useful to say.


So, here’s a short list of inspiring videos you can watch or listen to if you’re ever struggling to decide what to do next. Some of what I am sharing below will pertain to career, personal development, and basic insights I found to be tremendously empowering even when spoken by nervous speakers. I believe the wisdom and experience shared from each guru’s perspective can inspire you to take action no matter what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Ultimately, I’ve curated this list so that if you come across this post in need of some minor or major inspiration, if you’re browsing the internet and have no idea what to do or where to turn to next, these speakers will undoubtedly spark some creative insight and push you to follow the direction that best suits your heart.


To begin, you can listen to CNN International Reporter, Zain Asher, as she speaks her truth in “Trust your Struggle” at TEDxEuston. She will kindly remind you that your obstacles are usually a gateway for a benefit you don’t yet understand. Whether you listen to start the day or end the month, Asher explains quite professionally that helping others success trumps competition any day, and that being prepared is the ultimate key for seizing opportunities when they arise (even if you don’t know when.)



If you are struggling or need a boost in Self-Confidence, watch Professor and Dr. Ivan Joseph teach you “the Skill of Self-Confidence” at TEDxRyersonU. Practice, practice, practice, and it will lead to you believing in yourself enough to accomplish ANYTHING.



Or, if you’re waking up in the morning with shooting pains of confusion like Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky did before his Quarter-life BREAKTHROUGH… If you’re miserable at your job, or can’t stand the comparison of what other people are doing vs. what you’re not doing with your life, the TEDxYouth@MileHigh talk will be everything you need and more. When you find believers, you find accountability. Here’s more on that topic:



And, finally (because anything more than 4 fifteen-minute videos might actually result in less productivity than originally anticipated) I am sharing the best for last. I came across this video spontaneously, after reading the very simple title “How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals” by Stephen Duneier at the TEDxTucson. Obviously, I clicked this video with the persistent question of how I can attain bigger and better objectives. What came to my surprise, however, was how realistic Stephen put this presentation together. He speaks of Marginal Adjustments, and how you can basically achieve your MASSIVE goals by making very small adjustments to your routine in order to achieve them. Realistic and entirely inspiring, I believe this is the video you should watch before starting the day. Keep in mind his enlightening strategy for understanding the way you work and how you can make small decisions daily that will drastically increase your odds of success and your personal improvement rate over time.



Each of these videos have drastically contributed to my motivational-scale of the day.

Sometimes, when your own answers aren’t enough, you can turn to others for their inspiration and guidance. Don’t forget, however, that it is YOU that makes the final decision.


Are you ready to make small, confident decisions that will lead you to seize the opportunities that come your way? Are you going to prepare, practice, and believe in what you desire to achieve?


I hope so… and, I hope this helped!


All my love, butterflies!

Sarah Elle

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