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I’m following up on the last few blog posts, between sharing my new favorite strategy for feeling like anything can happen (from The Book of Doing and Being) and my first, official Interview regarding ME to WE’s latest trip to Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Today, we are taking it back to basics and I’ll be sharing another insightful tip I gathered from my latest book.


If you didn’t read the last post, The Book of Doing and Being by Barnet Bain is what I feel to be a personal playbook that specializes in helping you develop your Creative and Emotional IQ. Actually, he calls it the CQ (Creative Quotient) and the EQ (Emotional Quotient.)

Bain describes many innovative techniques for stretching beyond your structured imagining, so you can dive into a whole new dimension of feeling and being, which will ultimately boost your creative capacities (no matter what areas of your life) and your overall emotional health.


Today’s blog post is shared straight out of page 29, the first page of Chapter 4: Creativity and the Body. I read a passage, which I will quote below, that instantly and permanently inspired me, from the moment I laid my eyes on each word, to smile more and truly allow myself to feel the healing effects of my smile.


“Your emotions are the well of your creativity. One of the greatest secrets to living a creatively vibrant life is to recognize that your feelings occur in the body and not in the head.


For me (Barnet Bain,) this realization sank in on a trip to Bali. My wife, Sandi, and I were with a group of friends when we visited a temple where there was a healer. Sandy, always the most adventurous, was the first to sit with him.


Wordlessly, he began to touch different sensitive pressure points on her body, then he told her that her mind was very passionate and alive, but her body was not so alive, not so happy. 


He asked her to smile.

I looked over at her from a distance and saw her beaming. Then he asked her to swallow her smile so that her body could be as happy as her head. 


After Sandy had “swallowed her smile,” the healer touched the pressure points on her body again, which had been quite painful at the start of the session. Now the same pressure points didn’t hurt at all. Sandy could feel that a connection had been made between her mind and her body.


Since then, I’ve adopted the smiling practice too.


Not only do our feelings occur in the body and not in the head, but creativity itself is born in the body. In other words, the body is the home of our creativity.”


I thought this was, hands down, one of the easiest, simplest, and most memorable techniques for sharing joy all throughout your body and using your subconscious mind (which knows no difference between what’s real and imagined) as a tool for healing your physical vessel… and, well, it’s just a good excuse to smile.


While this blog post may not have entirely been my writings, I strongly believe in the power of passing on a good message. Sometimes, it’s those quick, lazy practices that make the most impact. Sometimes, the short visualizations and imaginary exercises that you can do literally whenever you want are the practices that become the easiest to follow and integrate into your life.


By sharing this exercise, I hope the next time you find yourself smiling you can simply swallow that smile and distribute that joy to the rest of your body. 

Furthermore, if you find yourself smiling out of gratitude, smiling out of humility, joy, or even smiling out of awe, swallow that smile to share your gratitude, joy, awe, and humility to the rest of your physical vessel.

When I initially read this passage, I immediately put the book down and started exploring various different emotions associated to a smile. I found myself smiling at nature, smiling at the fact that I was alive and present, smiling at the sheer existence and quiet magic that exists in the world, and swallowing every grin in the process.

Eventually, I felt calm. I felt that each smile contributed to lessening my angst and bringing in a new dimension of gratitude to my limbs and body. In time, I was smiling at the fact that I was smiling, and my body followed along with me.


So, here’s my challenge to you.

Pick a smile, any smile.


Whether it be a smile that you’re happy to have a friend or loved one around you, a smile at the sunset or the birds in the sky, a smile at your accomplishments, or a smile full of understanding and enlightenment.

Pick a smile and swallow it.


I smile to say thank you to each one of my readers. I smile to show how easy it can be to be happy. I smile to share a kind, vibrant energy to the world. And, most of all, I smile to see you smile.


What do you think of this simple practice? Is it something you would find yourself doing from moment to moment? What is your favourite type of smile?

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