Ending scarcity energy and emerging real abundance

Hey readers,

Thank you so much for tuning in today. I know I usually end my blog posts by telling you how much I appreciate your time and support, but given today's topic, I thought I would begin this post with that gratitude.

I came across a new book today that shed some insight for me. Some of you may have heard of Gabrielle Bernstein, who is an astounding spiritual author and speaker with several publications such as May cause Miracles, The Universe has your back, and now, Super Attractor that I'm currently reading.

Super Attractor seems to have launched recently so I picked up a free sample to test it. Within the first ten pages, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of her content and how she hits the nail on the head with all that I was looking for.

My intention with this book was to learn something unique and effective for understanding the Law of Attraction, and how to bypass some of the fears that have held me back from fully connecting with myself (and of course the universe, too.) One of the chapters provides a practical guide for transcending the "lack" mentality, and how to use positive intention to overcome scarcity and comparison.

The next article I share about which insights caught my eye will be more tailored to how you can connect with your deeper (universal) state. For the intent of sharing something new today, however, I thought I'd start with something like this.

In the prologue of her book, Gabrielle explains the content of each chapter. She states that, by Chapter 3, you can expect her simple method for rising energy of receptivity by wishing more for others.

From the second I read this paragraph, a smile made its way across my face, stretching from ear to ear. I was on the stair-master at the gym, working out and praying for others, and I noticed how quickly my mood shifted to a bright positivity.

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll recognize that I've had some troubles with abundance and success on my journey. I love sharing all the lessons I learn for overcoming my beliefs of lack, and how to unblock the flow of wealth in your life by feeling, thinking, and growing your feel-good energy.

This, by far, changed the game. Needless to say, I just had to share it with you.

I'll start with the quote from her prologue to give you the exact idea she was going for. Then, with my perspective, we can share some common points and times for practices that will help you integrate these prayers into your daily mindset.

Chapter 3: There’s more than enough to go around

The fear of not having enough is a major block to your Super Attractor power. The energy of lack causes us to vibrate at a low frequency, repelling the very things we want and thereby creating more lack. Therefore, in Chapter 3 I’ll teach you my method for transcending lack and comparison through positive intention. This practice guides you to pray for others to have more of what you want for yourself. You’ll quickly see how wanting more for others puts you into an energy of abundance! It feels good to want others to feel good. The simple practice of wishing for others to receive will put you into an energy of receptivity, and this feeling of abundance will rapidly begin to attract more of what you want into your life. When you genuinely want others to be abundant, your good fortune will multiply.

Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein

I realized that the Universe really does listen. From what I've gathered, it says yes to everything, regardless of the nature of your thoughts.

Don't want something, yet that's all you can think about? Yes, says the Universe.

Focused on the absolute wonders and success your life can and will amount to? All yours, declares Spirit.

But, the greatest way to receive what you truly seek is, indeed, through the power of your energy and feelings. The way of living a life of freedom, happiness, love, and excitement is to embody that energy and connect to those feelings every single day.

So, let's finally discuss the matter of this blog post.

The energy of abundance.

How often do you feel wealthy? And, not just dollars-in-your-bank-account wealthy, but truly rich and abundant in life? If you ask me, feeling abundance comes and goes depending on what I'm looking for. If I'm focused on the abundance of love and resources around me, I'm always astounded. If I pay too much attention to how much money the people I look up to are making, that's a different story.

Sometimes, I can physically see abundance resting around while other times it's ten-feet away with the rest of my dreams.

So, when I came across this exercise, I knew it was the way to go. It was time to stop focusing on how much other's had, or how little I made in contrast to what I expected of myself, and it was time to realize that the success of others will not take away from the degree of my success.

Her quote instantly changed my mindset. Within seconds of reading the paragraph, I looked around me and prayed. And, not just out of vanity, but I truly prayed for the people around me (and those that I love) to receive just as much as what I was hoping for.

I felt something beyond. No words will explain the fulfillment, humility, and true abundance that came with praying for everyone to have as much as I was looking for. And, it didn't stop there.

I wasn't just praying they would receive the sum of money that I imagined would one day appear into my bank account. It stretched so much further than that. I was wishing them the same level of success, in their ways and endeavors, as what I deeply hope for. (Remember, I was still climbing the stair-master, at this time, as) I hoped they would find the same inner-confidence to feel great in their skin and reach the highest goals they ever set. I wanted them to experience the same growth and healing that I've encountered and received the same level of love I dream of.

At this point, I was radiating love and abundance to others. I felt more fulfilled than if I simply asked for my dreams to come true. I PRAYED THAT EVERYONE'S DEEPEST DREAMS CAME TRUE. And, the more I got into it, the more space I created for the version of their wildest success.

It wasn't the specifics that I sometimes think of, like "I pray they get to speak at an event" or "I hope they get to write a book and have people love it." I sincerely opened my heart to consider what they truly wanted. What I felt was astonishing and made me feel the best I ever have.

So, here it is. A little exercise for you to practice the next time you want to tune into the energy of abundance. There is more than enough, darling. But, the deepest feeling of wealth comes from, not just thinking or knowing there's enough for you out there. It comes from truly inspiring (and praying for) the wealth and success of others and sharing the energy of abundance to anyone you encounter.

It feels so much higher than simply praying for yourself to succeed, because the energy of collective wealth, abundance, success, and freedom is infinitely more powerful than hoping for the riches of one.

Praying for you and everyone you love.


Sarah Elle