Sarah Elle's Ultimate Self-Care Routine for Spring 2019

Hello, my friends!


It’s been quite the transition into spring. As a results of just that, I’m feeling an ever-increased need to let go, release, and allow the new to come in.


Of course, with spring cleaning of both, your mind and your life, we may be left feeling overwhelmed.


Lucky for you, I’m a few steps ahead of my own game.


Every day, I’m dedicated to learning what I need to grow to then share with you all the insights and tools I’ve discovered to help you increase your sense of wellness and enjoy each of life’s transitions with ease. 

With that said, today’s blog post is a short list of self-care ideas that will help you decompress, spend some time renewing yourself, and caring for your mind, body, and essence should you ever need to.


Of course, this list has been shared a zillion-and-one times. Either way, the kind reminder might come handy when you release whatever tensions you’re experience and tend to your own needs.

Maybe, in spite of this overly used set of tactics, you’ll find your own way to practice self-care and personalize this “routine” according to what refreshes and calms you.


Taking a walk or a hike.

I, personally, could walk a marathon in a parking lot, or along the sidewalk of a neighborhood. While others find optimal reflection in walking through nature, finding a park or a path to trek, or plain old taking a forest hike; I found that my most effective means of relaxing is just using this time to get out in the air and let my mind flow without attachment.


Breathe, right now.

Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether at home, in the office, or in the midst of a random moment, you might enjoy the instant benefits of taking a fuckin breath.

I mean, why would “breathing” even be in a list of self-care tips? Well….


5 Minutes of Deep Breathing

If taking a simple breath might not seem as effective as dedicating a whole five minutes to consciously breathing, I highly recommend stepping aside and focusing on the only thing keeping you alive.

Most of the time, when get stressed or overwhelmed by anything, it’s because we’re too caught up in something that we’re forgetting the simple necessity of inhaling and exhaling.

Do it. Give your blood the oxygen it needs to keep you right.


Drink Water

Duh. If there’s anything equally as important has hydrating your body with oxygen, it’ll surely be hydrating your body with H20. Whether you’re aware of it, or not, staying hydrated will drastically improve your cognitive capacity, your focus, and well, just about anything. 

If you need to self-care right away and don’t have the time to disappear for a twenty-minute walk before you lose your mind, take 30 seconds to drink some water. Then, if you’re really serious about your shit, you’ll let that glass of water be all you need to bring yourself back to the moment.


Listening to good music

I am prescribing you a daily dose of some good tunes to help ease your symptoms of any negativity or overwhelm, in life. Find you a kick-ass playlist that will, no matter what, put you back into a state of positivity and, well hopefully, relaxation.

LoFi is my Go-to genre for literally anything. Between chill beats with a gangster tune, and slow-paced melodies (minus any lyrics whatsoever) my playlist is basically all I need to get my vibe right.



Now, obviously, it takes effort to get up and stretch your body. But, that’s where you carry all your tension… in your body. So, why not, for the sake of letting go, feeling loose, and re-centering yourself, just sit up, roll your neck a little, stretch your arms and legs, and then move on with your day?



For our lucky bastards, out there, who can casually hire or ask for a massage, I definitely think self-care includes getting a deep rolling in your shoulders, back, and neck. To our, not so lucky people out there, a self-massage and caress can equally (totally not equally) do the trick.



For this next part, only you are required, no masseuse or life partner could do this for you. A solid meditation session could be literally be all you need to master the art of self-care. Most of our tensions, our stresses, and overwhelms in life are caused by too much thinking.

Take five minutes, at absolute minimum, to declutter your mind and just sit quietly not worrying about your thoughts. Even if they continue to pass, sit there and focus solely on what it feels like to breathe, and let your thoughts pass without clinging to anything (even if you think “this thought is important”)



When all else fails, take a shower. You know it. A hot one, or a cold one. A long one, or a longer one. Just take time to wash ya mind, body, and spirit. The point is to disconnect and just focus on feeeeling the water, the soap, and the scrubbing. 

Immerse yourself in the experience. The point of each of these tactics is to pull yourself out of the hustle and bustle, and do something kind for yourself.


No matter what it looks like. Matter of fact, I came up with so many personalized ways I could practice my own self-care. Things like doing some art, shaving my legs, (lol, yes) reading my books, doing my nails or eyebrows, trying something completely new.


Regardless of what you choose to do, you’ll find that these moments are just about spending quality time with yourself and putting your time and energy towards filling up your cup. The more you feed yourself with love, patience, self-care, and compassion, the more positive energy you’ll have to share with others.


I’ve got a few more ideas to share with you, and you’ll find them below. But, you can also feel free to submit some of your ideas (because I’m always looking for ways to chill out.) Lol


Love you all, and Happy Healing!

Wash your Face

Sit Outside

Walk Outside

Read the Book

Walk your Pet

Paint your Nails

Read a Book or Magazine

Go to the Gym

Coffee/Rea Break

Take a Nap


Text or Call Someone

Do something creative

Cook or Bake

Do nothing

Create a Vision Board


Do something unusual (most recommended)

Change your room or office

Do a glam routine (aka get ready for nothing)

Listen to a podcast


Go through Old Photos/Videos

Shop for something


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