Your posture affects your flow. Let's harmonize your energy!

I'm sure you've heard the concept of "sacred geometry" floating around at some point. Yogis love to work with it, hippies get it tattooed on their arm, but I dove deeper into the topic this weekend and found that this sacred geometry is more than just a pretty picture.

I believe that the original intention of sacred geometry was to explain that all of creation was designed and woven down to the perfect template. The geometry, itself, combines patterns and mathematics that govern the tangible and intangible universe.

From art to science and everything in between, these patterns that make up the language of the universe follow very basic rules that harmonize all events and proportions into the perfect ratio for all nature and the cosmos.

Whether you're left-brain or right-brain dominant, it is said that this sacred architecture applies to us all the same. The properties of these assembled frequencies and vibrations resonate deeply on every scale of the fabric of our reality.

Let's dig deeper into the nature of this "map" that allows us to be in harmony or out of alignment with the energetic flow of the universe.

What does this have to do with posture?

Take into account that when you experience various states of consciousness, your body moves along with it. When you're angry, you stand one way, while at peace, your body takes on a different posture.

The intent to inform you of the importance of finding a posture that aligns with a greater flow of your energy is to help you understand that the positions you normally sit in will affect your state of consciousness.

Everything has a form and a balance. When the positioning of your furniture in any room is aligned in good harmony, the room feels peaceful and balanced. On the other hand, if you've got a mess in your living room, chaos will follow shortly. You'll look around and nothing will fit or harmonize, therefore neither will your state of mind.

Same goes for your posture. If you can find a comfortable position, that embodies an overall state of balance, your body, and state of mind will follow. If you are sitting at your desk with a curved back and neck, then your consciousness will feel the effects of such misalignment.

I wanted to bring some attention to this topic to help you realize that your stance is either keeping you in or out of alignment with the rest of the flow of positive energy. If you're sitting or standing in such positions that cut off the natural flow of energy in your body, your mind and consciousness will feel the effects.

If you can alter your posture, practice exercises with more awareness of how your body is positioned, you will surely do better for your body than if you were to live sedentary and with poor body-geometry.

Surely, there are claims that some types of yoga focus solely on aligning the body with the sacred forms that will harmonize with the flow of universal energy and information that make their way through your vessel. The more you bring focus, breath, and attention to the way your body is positioned, the easier it will be to understand your state of consciousness.

When you're bored, you'll notice your body shift from one position to another. Aligning yourself to better angles and straightening your posture can do wonders for the way you feel. You can go as far as to stand up in a completely different stance to re-instate the flow of energy through your body, which can alter your emotions altogether.

To find postures and positions that naturally harmonize you to peace, think in terms of angles and forms, and listen to the postures that feel the best to you.

In my opinion, while the geometry, itself, is universal, we each have a unique form that connects us to our individual flow.

Practice drawing awareness to your posture daily, and focus on aligning yourself to what feels like it brings you the most ease. For me, it is standing and some positions of sitting. For you, it may feel best in a crossed position, or upright with straight legs.

Whichever position brings you peace and ease, and aligns you to your flow of universal energy should become your primary focus. Usually, straight lines or specific angles will dictate what feels the most natural for you, but remember the intent is to keep the flow of your blood and energy at greatest ease and to stop cutting off your connection to harmony by sitting in lazy posture.

Eventually, once you understand what resonates with you, you can bring forth a change in your environment to keep the natural alignment of energy in your personal space.

I hope this article was helpful and supports you in finding your own sacred geometry, learning how to position yourself to maximize your flow of energy and to harmonize your inner and outer environments to connect you to deeper peace on a daily basis.

You can listen to Sadhguru's podcast on our Brave World Series, by hitting the link here and opening yourself to a different perspective.

Wishing you good form and harmony,

Sarah Elle