The Rising epidemic in Negative Thinking and What you can do about it.

Hey everyone,


In contrast to my last post about the Importance of feeling sexy, today’s blog post brings some awareness to a darker side of life, one which I believe is secretly making its way into our minds and lives, but a topic which can be relieved by simply talking about it.

Now, clickbait the shit out of this title, won’t you, Sarah! Hahaha!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been connecting with so many new people, some of my really good old friends, I’ve been getting closer to my family, and picking the minds of my closest “tribe” members.

I noticed a common point in a majority of our conversations. To one extent, it’s fun to talk about the highlights in life, the love and passion we have for the things we do… but, once the conversations die out, the negative topics come up.

Here’s what I mean. In the latest few discussions I had with some of my closest loved ones, each of these rising subjects have shown up: the fear of the world in a state of decay (both, naturally and society-based), conspiracies on how media or technology are “taking over the better world” hahaha (my favourite), the countless bits of drama, and shit… I mean, should the list go on?


Now, I don’t know why I’m feeling so compelled to write this today. Maybe it’s the fact that for the last week, I’ve been waking up with a sense of suspicion towards those I love, I’m becoming more and more afraid to step outside and look at the world around me, and most of all, I’m hopelessly contemplating the true essence of those I love.

It’s mental. And, to be honest, the worst part about this whole thing is that I’m aware of it.  

[Well, why would it be the “worst” part if you are aware of it, wouldn’t it be a good thing that you notice? What I would normally classify as “worst” would be if no one was recognizing the problem…]

That’s exactly it. I’m not sure anyone else around me is realizing that this is an issue, I feel like I’m the only one worried that this is a really bad mentality to grow in life. And, here’s what I’m referring to…

These conspiracies we feed our minds with, whether about the latest iPhone glitch (supporting the idea that “they’re listening to us,”) or the news we follow everyday (that makes us believe there’s no good left in the world) - these contribute, even on a subconscious level, to the way we perceive our lives. 

Now, I, for one, do believe the world is still a good place. But I see how quickly I can get my mind wrapped around worrying that I’m not safe, or I’m not in a good place. Shit, if you really base your mentality on this stuff, you can miss out on so much good and beauty in the world.


So, I don’t know. I just felt like writing this post because I’m noticing a huge shift in the way media is building itself. I’m not blaming the mainstream as a whole, nor am I holding a “secret society” accountable for the way we’re living our lives.

Simply, I just hope we realize the degree of which the information and media we feed our minds with can have a huge impact on the way we come to live our lives.

An example I saw last night, from watching Shane Dawson’s latest conspiracy video (hahaha, we’ve waited months for this) was that our childhood cartoons were subliminally advocating for depression and suicide. It honestly got me thinking. How many of us, as kids, were watching these shows so innocently and unaware?

Fuckin loonie toons was the best! But! Dawson showed us 10 episodes where SHIT WAS GOING DOWN! What on Earth?!

And Mickey Mouse, some of the great music of our generation, it’s unconsciously programming this fearful mentality into us, and we don’t even recognize it.

So, I put it to another experiment. Instead of feeling sexy today, I chose 5 songs, one show, and three music videos, and I put these conspiracies to the test. What I realized was astonishing. Dark ideas in front of our very eyes, songs suggesting we give up our morals for mindless acts of sex, the underaged use of drugs, and all these criminal endeavors.

And, here I am sounding like a conspiracy freak. I sit writing down the thoughts that are coming to mind, and each of them are completely unaligned with the true love I have for each song, each artist and this life.

I’m not gonna keep you much longer. For real, it’s up to us to consciously choose what we feed our minds to. I’m not saying you should stop listening to the music you like just cause there’s a few controversial ideas. I’ve tried avoiding these things to protect my mind from building up a negative and hopeless perspective, it feels even more consuming than just listening to the song or video.


But, what I am proposing is that we spend more time watching, listening and believing the things that inspire joy within our lives.

I woke up this morning, after watching the Bandersnatch, the Black mirror movie, and felt like I was a victim of a government program. Shiet. Girl? Really?…

As I walked myself upstairs and glimpsed such a beautiful day outside, I really questioned how many of us are forgetting the sheer good in the world because of how much shitty content we’re consuming.


So, I’m gonna cut this post short. Moral of the story is: If you find yourself overly watching negative news, or content that promotes ideas that don’t empower you; if any of these things bring up feelings and emotions of depression, hopelessness, suspicion, or whatever… I really hope you take it upon yourself to remember to look for the beautiful things in life.


It’s not the point to avoid or discard the dark points, but instead, let’s just add more positivity to our lives. Whatever it is that brings a smile to your face, a good laugh to your heart, hope for whatever you’re aiming to do in life, or just a sunset to put everything back into perspective. I hope you understand the true importance of what you put in your mind, what you consume (in any area of life) and how every idea you let into that sacred space of yours can drastically change the way you perceive life.


Let’s just choose what makes us feel good, more often.

I think a big part of wanting to heal the world starts by inspiring more feel-good content, instead of reminding you to avoid the bad. Rather than putting your mind in a state of fear or alert, I’d rather make you laugh, make you smile, let you feel close to another person, or make you realize the infinite possibilities that lie within your disposal.


People, let’s just focus a little more on what makes us feel good… that’s all.

I love you all, including you and you.

Take care of your beautiful minds and enjoy every second of this beautiful life.


Yours always,

Sarah Elle

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