Two Instagram Posts that Got me Thinking!

Social Media can be bittersweet. On some days, it's the perfect gateway for procrastination and avoiding all your responsibilities. While, other days, it can be a platform for connecting like-minded individuals and boost your creativity, productivity, and of course your social network.

I've connected with so many entrepreneurs and special individuals over Instagram in the last few months. Some people have shared their insight from miles across the globe and others have passed on wisdom from the same province.

I'm not advocating the use of long-term scrolling or spending endless hours of your day looking for advice on Instagram, but I am going to share four posts with you that crossed my timeline in absolute perfect timing today.

A few hours ago, I checked my phone feeling anxious. I was worried about some upcoming bills that urgently needed care, and wondering if all the work I put in this weekend meant anything at all.

I was surprised by the first post that popped up on my timeline because it seemed to be exactly what I needed. It soothed my anxious mind.

Suh Yoon Lee, Master of Mindset and Paradigm Shift, whom I also wrote about recently in my review of her book with Jooyun Hong "The Having," shared a quote that she wrote, saying: "Put aside your Desperate Expectations and Try to Feel at Ease and Comfortable about your Goals."

This meant so many different things for me. Initially, it was the reminder that my external circumstances aren't always the updated result of recent efforts grown. It also made me work with my feelings of angst and worry regarding several different areas of my Life. When you're incessantly worrying about everything in your life, what signal do you think you're putting out? Are you embodying someone who's goals just came true? Or, are you giving off the vibe that nothing's working your way?

It took some time of effort to re-calibrate my emotions and center myself in the feelings of ease and comfort with my goals. Essentially, I needed to go from trying to control everything and getting overwhelmed when minor setbacks crossed my path - to embodying the feelings that come with knowing that all your goals are already at arm's reach. Would you be feeling worried and freaked out if your goals have already been accomplished? Surely, not. So, why feel energy that contradicts your achievements?

When you work with your feelings, you're practicing the most direct way to signal to your brain that everything is either right or wrong. Next time you feel anxious about what may or may not be presenting itself in your reality, think twice about the energy you're giving off and come back to your place of ease and knowing that your circumstances are comfortable (even if, mentally, they’re not.)

In direct response to every doubt that arose within me, I want you to know I was in your place as well. "How am I supposed to practice feeling good when nothing feels right?"

I practiced, I tried, and I did a whole lot of breathing exercises to find my place of ease. For some areas of my life, it worked. I've done a lot of re-programming, so this practice of ease and returning to a comfortable state of mind reinforced what I had already been working on. But, in the places of my life where fear of vulnerability still take place, this following quote was all I needed to get over that hump of fear and confusion.

"You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances.

You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility, you have the power, you have the ability to focus."


Need a piece of wisdom to put your worries at bay? You were never meant to wait for everything to be perfect before finally being happy. That isn't the goal. The goal is to develop an unshakable positivity, an indestructible belief in yourself, and an undying faith that all is well - no matter what things look like right now.

This second post caught me off-guard. I was (less than consciously) looking for all the doubts to reinforce that nothing would work, no matter how hard I tried. I was listing the unending ways I would try to fix everything to finally work my way.

But, during my moment of sheer vulnerability, I was lucky that this post came up.

Relax, darling. You're not meant to figure out how it all works. You're not meant to put anything on the line to achieve or accomplish your goals. Most of all, you're not meant to give up happiness and love right now for any (near or distant) goal!

The real goal is to be unconditionally happy and at ease, no matter how far your material dreams may seem.

Even if you were to work for what you'd like to bring to life, there's no constructive use out of giving up a clear and well state of mind to get anything.

The true purpose is to keep finding ways to bring yourself back to the center, even when life shakes you as much as it can. To find ease, joy, love, and happiness at every conscious moment of your life, even when circumstances aren't ideal yet.

There's no use in giving up your happiness for any dream or goal. If you're not happy while you get there, you won't be satisfied when you arrive. If you're not at peace while making way for your dreams to come life, you will not experience peace or joy when they're sitting right in front of you.

And, even at the least... because I know some people say "The goal isn't to be happy. The goal is to be rich." How do you expect to stay rich if your brain was never taught to feel rich? You'll never recognize it if you don't know how it feels before arriving?

Sometimes I fear that I'll never fully know how to love. I get scared that there is this "perfect relationship" state that I may never be able to attain. And, before even trying, I sometimes crumble to the idea that I may never meet that standard. But, you know what keeps me pushing, and seeking to love, and loving myself and my partner even more? It's knowing that I was never meant to control how this relationship came to be and continues to evolve. I'm not meant to worry about how it all ends up, or how we can reach the pinnacle of "happiest relationship." I just remind myself that the goal is to love myself and come to love my partner unconditionally. The purpose is to heal and release anything that keeps you from loving, feeling at ease, or feeling comfortable right now.

If you have a goal you want to achieve, by the Law of Attraction, or the pursuit of your happiness, you have to feel good first. Anything you want, in life, requires you to become the part before you see the part.

Stressed, anxious, afraid, and worried is not the way to feel and become rich, abundant, in love, or successful. You must feel at peace with life, flow with ease during the entire journey of becoming who you want to be, and ultimately feel the comfort of already having everything you hope for before it even arrives.