The Quantum Field & Infinite Possibilities of YOUR life

Hey souls!

Happy Sunday, isn't it? I'm writing up an early blog post to publish for the week, to help you ease your way through the infinite spectrum of possibilities that lay within your arms reach on this Monday morning.
I decided to write this article after watching a Human Design video targeting Money and Abundance, spoken by Karen Curry Parker at the QuantumAlignmentSystem(.com)

What I learned, in the first few minutes of her video, resonated with me very much. She introduced the Quantum Field and, basically, the infinite possibilities that lay in the unmanifest. It was interesting to understand the various factors that come into play when bringing ideas to life. For one, my concept of the Law of Manifestation was overly-complicated for nothing. Rather than believing that you have to attract or stay in alignment with your desires, through the power of thought and feelings, consider this simplified method.
There exists pure physics that is unseen to the eye. The particle theory suggests that there is a field of endless possibilities that, upon drawing a certain conclusion, you will collapse of this infinite spectrum down to a few concrete outcomes.

When it comes to integrating this complex ideology, think of it simply like this.
When you imagine the things you desire, say money, love, health, or particular hopes, you're drawing your power and energy from that which is in the unseen; your quantum field of absolute infinity. Herein lies all of the abundance in this world, all the little magic acts that make up your everyday life, and the entire behind-the-scenes action of your existence. When you want something and you think about having it, this infinite field of possibilities collapses down to the limited spectrum of what you are focusing on. Therein, you see what you have focused on or expected.

Say you draw upon energy of racking in a million dollars, pay close attention to the thoughts, energy, and emotions you're feeling because this is what narrows down all the possibilities to a distinct outcome. Want a million dollars? Look at all the ideas you have for bringing that very hope to life. Are you doubting yourself from the get-go? Are you imagining certain gateways for that money to bring itself forth? Or, are you forgetting about the endless scroll of potentials, and just focusing on feeling and believing that the money is already yours?

Each of these attitudes will determine how much of what you are aiming to bring in... will manifest.
Things like our beliefs about the way life works, and the experiences we've endured will come into play when collapsing the free-flowing particles to one SEEN outcome. You can draw infinite resources, infinite health, and infinite love to yourself, but notice what is filtering (or, in fact, limiting) what you notice.
When I initially tested out my theory, I was immediately bombarded by my doubts of "I can't do that," or "this doesn't happen to me," so obviously I collapsed whatever possibilities existed in the un-manifest down to three or four different outcomes; "this just won't happen." What do you think was made of this?

Whatever I was focused on. Nada.

Then, a few days later, I was out spending a couple of dollars on ice cream, when I tried my little experiment again. This time, I told myself I would bring in the money I needed for my expenses. I drew upon the quantum field, believing that this time, I would just let anything happen. I simply focused on feeling and knowing I already won (without limiting myself to what I thought or believed would happen.) If I recall correctly, I told myself that I would not worry about how it would come to be, I just anticipated it would in ways I couldn't imagine or count.

Would you believe me if I told you, I checked my bank account and something CRAZY happened? I logged into my checking account to find that an extra $86 was deposited into my account. No word of a lie. I had enough to cover my business expenses and take my cousin out for pumpkins and Halloween decorations, WITH MONEY LEFTOVER!

And, I get it. In all honesty, it took me years to make any weird stuff like that happen. That very same day, I told myself I wanted to make new friends. I've been a little anti-social these days and felt like it was time to meet good people, new friends that would match the energy I was looking for: compassionate, kind, ambitious, and worldly. Sure enough, I didn't work out the smaller details. I simply drew upon the endless possibilities, reaching for amazing people and simply trusting the next chain of events. Two people crossed my path that day, in ways that I couldn't rationalize if I tried. Two amazing souls walked their way into a part of my reality, meeting the energy I was reaching for and stumbling into my life in the most wondrous of ways.

Those stories are only a few. I'm challenging you to find out for yourself, practice, and play around if you'd like. You can watch Karen's video to learn more about how you can imagine, reach, and see freely. Money is only one of the things your quantum potential can bring to life.

By realizing the unseen, endless possibilities that sit inside your imagination, you can access your deepest potential.

By moving through and discarding the doubts and beliefs that limit your outcomes, you can open yourself to an entire quantum field of opportunities in your life.

And, finally, by undeniably believing that you are more powerful than you ever gave yourself credit for, you will create the life you always dreamed of. All you need is your imagination and the belief that you can see whatever your heart wants, you will bring the unseen to your reality.

I'm hoping the more information you get, the more you'll be able to understand that there are no limits but the ones you impose on yourself. Keep learning and connecting the dots to higher things, and soon enough you'll believe in the unseen and work with it directly to bring your absolute wonders to life.