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My dearest Sunshine,

Well, I’m home. Back to a lovely September breeze, ready to reflect on the last week, what I’ve done, experienced, and learned over the last 7 days in a tropical oasis. 

There’s actually a lot of things I learned along the lines of expectations vs the reality of life, as well as a deep insight on the extent to which you have to go in order to create the most beautiful experience for yourself. 

At the beginning of the year, prior to my first tropical getaway of 2019, I wrote a blog post about making Life your dream getaway. I learned a series of lessons about not waiting for one week in a different country to live out your dreams, but how to integrate the life of a vacation into your daily routine

Since January, I’ve embodied that message. I’ve spent the last eight months developing the life I didn’t need a vacation from, so that when I would get back from this trip, this week, I could tell you that I was happy to be home, and that nothing had really changed (other than the view, the destination, and maybe some new memories.)

And, well, I succeeded in that regard. 

Last week, I took a trip with my family to the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the lovely Grand Bahia Principe chain in Punta Cana, and due to the several different resorts on one premises (and the children we took on board), we stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Fantasia (an all-inclusive resort for families with children and babies.) 

Just to start this blog post, I want to thank everybody involved in making this the most beautiful vacation possible. My mom, first and foremost, for making this happen and giving more than she took at all stages of this adventure. My loved ones for all the laughs, drinks, and smiles we shared (along with Stefanie, who booked us the front seats of the plane, which came more than handy and exciting than I ever anticipated). 

The employees (who became my new friends) for extending the depths of their service (and smiles) to turn this stay into memories of a lifetime. And, of course, life itself, for forming the most beautiful beaches, series of events, and people who shared this entire experience. 

While I’m not sure how much of this vacation I’ll be able to share with you, I know my message is simple. 

This trip taught me that everyone is in charge of their own experience, and more than likely, everyone’s definition of an exciting life or vacation is different than yours. 

For me, the best of the best comes from exploring uncharted territories, meeting new people, walking the beaches alone, taking LOTS of videos and pictures, and witnessing all forms of life that walk (grow and fly) the face of the Earth. 

In spite of the pristine bedrooms we booked at the resort, which included daily room service, kind and professional cleaning ladies, the most beautiful balcony views I ever did see, and of course the HIGH END bathrooms (I would eventually spend hours in, on this trip💩) my favorite part was roaming the resorts. 

Like I said, this Grand Bahia Principe property included about 5 or 6 other resorts that were linked to one premises. I made it a daily priority to explore all the other hotels, as I found the diversity between each resort to be creatively designed, beautifully decorated, and of course, full of sincere and smiling employees. Each resort had its own set of unique floor plans, pools, and YES, bars; but nevertheless, the prestige service stretched the same across the entire property. I couldn’t believe how loving, humble, and excited each of the staff members held themselves. 

Other than the resort, itself, my favorite place was by far the beach. 

It was my main priority to walk the clear, white sands, and dip my toes in the deep blue waters at least once a day, or more. Matter of fact, it was also my goal to sit under the stars, and listen to the sound of the inevitable waves crashing. So that, I did. 

I remember my first night on the beach alone. I was about ten shots of Mamajuana deep (by the way, this was another MASSIVE highlight of my stay; and I believe I will be known as the Mamajuana Queen across that resort for all time) and, despite the wave I was on, the sound of waves crashing on the beach outdid me. It was honestly heaven on Earth. It took the drunkenness away from me, as it replaced my oozing state of mind with a natural high. The stars, the moon, the waves, and my own little self. Heaven. On. Earth. 

And, yes. Heaven on Earth was a recurring topic on this vacation. I experienced a deep sense of Oneness, Creation, and Paradise several times throughout this trip. 

On day four, for example, I ventured off alone to take some pictures of the village. After the best (and funniest) bargains of my entire life at the local markets, I took the trollie back to my resort. Before making it back onto my end of the property, I abruptly stopped the driver in front of a stone paved path. 

I called it, my stairway to heaven. 

After a long afternoon of taking picture after picture, there was something so quietly unique about that path, that drew me silently to a small garden of hammocks. 

This, my friends, is where I found paradise. 

I don’t know what it was that instantly brought me to the timeless present moment. Whether it was the fact that I was completely alone, on a quiet hammock, in the middle of nowhere surrounded my palm trees, singing birds, and the quiet sound of my own breath; or, if it was the deep state of trance that brought me to a total sense of oneness, one that I couldn’t replicate again until the last nights of my trip. 

From that deep meditation, my good fortune began. I went from searching for the present moment, to being the present moment and bending time at my own will. My steps walked slower, my awareness grew stronger and, at once, I became one with everything. 

Everything the world wanted me to see, feel, and experience, I did. I would turn my head at the exact right moment to see birds and butterflies passing by, I would hear the sounds of life so vividly and somehow understand exactly what people meant in spite of the lack of translation. 

It was a divine turning point. 

From that moment on, I knew I had everything, and that all I that I wanted or needed would come to me. 

Eventually, there came a moment of cold truth; I would go back to my regular state, walking, thinking, and experiencing life pass quickly around me. But, from the wisdom revealed to me in those very moments, I knew that at anytime I desired, I could return to that state - all I had to do was slow down, breathe, look around and listen. 

Now, of course, there are so many other experiences we had. My beautiful mom bought us an excursion to the Dolphin Island, where we swam with telepathic dolphins (lol, not kidding,) swam with sharks (in spite of my bloody time of the month - P.S: I will definitely be part of the new cast of Jaws,) and boating, snorkeling, and hanging out with the locals and tourists during our afternoon adventure. 

I’d love to mention the quality of the food at our resort; because I strongly believe that food and drinks are an essential part of a good experience. 

We did a few à la carte restaurants, some of which included Sushi, Italian, fine Wines, and Gourmet menus. I enjoyed lamb, steaks, duck, and other luxurious dining’s, along with my favorite lunch spot where Smoked Salmon was almost a daily ordeal. 

Altogether, I can’t even rate this entire experience. Some things just go beyond the scale of one-to-ten, this trip is most certainly one of them. 

Before I end this blog post, and share with you my videos and more pictures, I want to include a special shout out to everyone I encountered on this trip. From the long list of local residents, who wake up every day with a mission to make people smile, and my mommy who has gone far beyond to make this an experience to remember. I even met up with an elementary school friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in nearly a decade. It was a beautiful coincidence to run into her at the resort next to mine, and learn that all is well in her life. 

I realized a lot of things of this trip, but one of the most valuable insights I gained was as following. 

Everybody has a unique idea of what their dream life (or vacation, in this case) will look like. It’s nobody’s place to impose their dreams on anyone else’s life. Instead, I encourage you to find the will and bravery to execute your hopes, go beyond your known territories to make your dreams happen, and finally, to share that courage with those around you. 

I realized that my definition of vacation is different than those I traveled with, but nevertheless, we met up when it was important. The point is to remember that life is a vacation, and what you want to do while you’re here is entirely up to you. Let those you’re traveling with enjoy their own experience, but don’t forget to make an effort to meet with them and enjoy your time together in between. 

My dear friends, I’m home now, grateful and enjoying the upcoming September winds, treating my backyard like the very oasis in which I found paradise. 

I took my ButterflyEffect planner with me, and was able to break down the goals in which I wanted to accomplish with the time I had in seven days. I learned (and reminded myself of) some very important insights that my book read to me, and I recorded the MANY, MANY, MANY things that I was grateful for in my Few Things Daily that I appreciate. I met many new people who have bought the planner during my seven day trip to Punta Cana, and networked with countless entrepreneurs who were excited to learn my perspective from The 8 Simple Steps to Crowdfunding Success. I made my vacation no different than my reality, and came back with so many insights to share on my blog. 

This was my dream, my hope, and my goal. Accomplished. 

But with all said and done, the most memorable experiences I encountered were those where life, itself, was leading the way, and when I was secluded and quiet enough to listen to its insights. 

I hope this blog post inspired you to create a life you don’t need a vacation from, and to step into uncharted waters to live your best life. 
All my pictures are linked to this blog post, my YouTube channel, and for more creative insights you can check my Instagram for the close-up story of my vacation. 

If you’re interested in sponsoring me for a recap, review, and partnership of your business, resort, or experience; I go above and beyond for each of my inquiries. 

I hope to continue traveling, writing, and LIVING for a living, and help other people pave the path to their vacation life. 

Greetings from my own little paradise,

Sarah Elle



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