Break your Glass Ceiling | Confronting Limiting Mindsets

Wanna know the easiest way to let go of the limiting mindset you carry in certain areas of your life?

I've got the only guide you'll ever need. Bear in mind, you'll need to take a wild ride down some uncomfortable feelings to let go of what's holding you back from the life and mindset you genuinely want for yourself.

Pick an area of your life you would like to confront.

Money, relationships, health, success, religion, self-worth, anything.

One at a time, you can pick a topic in your life that you want to work with. It can be a topic you believe you've mastered, an area of your life you're having difficulties with, or simply an aspect of your existence you'd like to explore.

So, within yourself, pick one of these words.

When you've picked an area of your life, go on and grab a piece of paper. With that piece of paper, connect to your emotions and write out the words that come to your mind.

Positive or negative, the point is to recognize where you stand. At one point, it was normal for me to feel mixes of empowerment and powerlessness, excitement and fear, abundance and lack. The more honest you are with yourself about how you feel and what comes to mind in each area of your life, the clearer it will become to determine what you want to eliminate and what you would like to focus on improving.

In the areas of money and success, I found that the thoughts and emotions that came to mind were very contradictory. I felt it was spontaneous but limited, it made me feel intuitive while I battled feelings of unworthiness. Words such as exact, grateful, and magic came to mind but were contrasted by confusion, a need for help, and being scared.

So, when you face your current mindset in any area of your life, don't get discouraged by the limiting thoughts you might, right now, be facing. Matter of fact, open yourself to a level of gratitude for recognizing where you are.

This is the easiest way to see where you stand. If you're afraid, vulnerable, angry, or feeling limited, or if you experience thoughts of joy, excitement, abundance, and love, this is showing you exactly what you may want to work on.

Highlight the positive thoughts. When you feel positive emotions, write them down and save them. You can put your present and future efforts towards creating more positive feelings in these areas of your life. Then, you can continue to branch off into writing down the words and emotions you ideally want to feel and do activities that bring you those desired feelings. Your goal can be to find the emotions you would like to feel in each area of your life and then you can bring forth more experiences that will make you feel that way.

When it comes to the unpleasant, less-than-desired thoughts, your best bet is to begin identifying where these emotions come from. If you experience thoughts of sadness, fear, hurt, or anger, find out what has caused each of these emotions. When you can pinpoint the memories, the energy, or triggers that induce your negative thought-patterns, you can begin replacing them with thoughts that make you feel better. Ultimately, you'll work to let go of what's causing you to suffer in each area of your life and create new patterns that support your ideal hopes and outcomes.

Eventually, you'll outgrow the negative limitations and replace them with positive reinforcements for a mindset made up of endless possibilities.

My beautiful souls, there is no need to fear the thoughts that contradict what you want. They are there to remind you of what you need to fight for. The greater your hope, the deeper the fear. As above, so below. As within, so without.

This is the counterbalance. So, you see, I might not be able to stop the negative thoughts and feelings from happening within you.

But, what I can do is remind you of the great possibilities that lay on the other side of your fears and show you just how you can conquer the thoughts that are designed to hold you back. When you notice negative feelings or thoughts arise in any area of your life, hold space for them and draw upon all your positive feelings for the thoughts that match what you hope to bring to life for yourself.

You will learn to notice when those limiting or negative thoughts pop up in any aspect of your life you'd like to work on. Your positive feelings are the gateway to bringing those hopes to Life at greater ease.

So, with that, I'm wishing you the courage and the tools to overcome whatever is in your way from truly being happy. Most of the time, it's us. We hold ourselves back from achieving what we desire. But, this post will help you spot when you're sabotaging yourself, and help you determine the positivity that is your right path.

To finding our path, and everything we ever hoped for!

Happy trails,

Sarah Elle