Making it through the low points of your day

Hola amigos!

I’m hoping you’re all having a wonderful day and that if you’re not, this blog post will contribute to getting you on the right track back to your fullest smiles.

It’s a measure of balance that we experience highs and lows during the day. Some moments, we’ll feel on top of the world and full of gratitude for Life, while other minutes in the day, we may feel overwhelmed and not so full of hope. These are the times we need to push through the discomfort of the polarities to find ourselves and create our joy once again.

It took me a long time to learn how to navigate my inner turmoils. Five years ago, if I experienced an emotional downfall, my entire day would collapse into my fear and sadness. I needed to work on that. Today, I can honestly say that my little reminders of life’s ups and downs only last as long as I let them.

To say I learned how to find hope in darkness is an understatement. It’s more like I’ve found out how to stay on my track even in the moments where there is no light to prove whether I’m walking the right way or not. 

Take, for example, a time where everything in your life is flowing seamlessly and flawlessly. Everything feels like it’s working your way, and you can sense that all is well. Then, in the next hour, your mood drops and you no longer feel so supported by the world.

This is when you gotta use that inner voice of yours to keep creating new excitement and positive patterns in your mind.

When I was 16, if I lost hope for even one minute that nothing new was going to happen, I would cave and wither away for the rest of my day. I didn’t know how to encourage myself to keep doing and finding new things to be excited about. I didn’t have the awareness to stay still and feel my lows as I would consciously put my pieces back together.

Today, well near my 22nd birthday, I know that you can’t be full of joy at every second of the day. Those moments of low energy and sadness are your humble reminders that you have to insist on living the life of your dreams and be happy even when it seems like nothing is in action.

In the times of low-ness, I reflect on how much has already happened and how powerful I am to make more enjoyable moments happen. It’s a little bit of a battle, but it trains you and makes you stronger. 

You have to train yourself to be happy and see what is invisible. I watched Star Wars, The Last Jedi yesterday and Princess Leia’s quote came up.

"Hope is like the sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it, you'll never make it through the night."

Leia Organa

Isn’t that the truth? Part of being happy is finding things to be happy about even when there’s nothing in sight. When your hope is low, or when Life has withheld certain things from you for reasons you may never understand, it is always up to you to talk yourself through it and keep creating new ideas to focus on. 

Like the hours in the day, where I’m all worked out, I’ve done my duties for the day, and it just seems like time and the Universe have taken a break as well… Now is the time you need to go within and find all the things you’d like to bring to Life. Ponder all the amazing things that you’re ready to bring in, sit still and release all the doubts that may stop them from arriving. Just relax. Know that, no matter what has happened or what is yet to come, everything you want is well on its way to being yours, you just have to keep that faith and feel it arriving.

It’s a lot easier to keep your faith when you realize that you bring your desires to reality. You are 99.9% of the effort, and the Universe will do the rest. 

I wrote a post yesterday about the quantum field of infinite possibilities, and it helped me realize how much of what we focus on will collapse the endless potential into a few distinct outcomes. 

When it seems like nothing is happening around you, and you can’t see results for shit, remind yourself to look within and reach for what you want in your universal quantum field. Therein lies absolutely anything all of our minds (combined) could conjure.

You have specific wants and needs, go in there and find them. With hope, inspiration, determination, and of course some action, what once felt like an endless walk in darkness was just a glimpse at your infinite potential. Go in and bring back what you want.

Usually, I don’t write posts like this. My articles are typically step-by-step guides or how-to’s for feeling good, but today just felt like a little monologue I needed to see to remind myself that I am the spark in what feels like my own darkest times. It was also a little note to you, from my infinite spectrum of dreams and imagination that you, too, have the opportunity to seek within yourself to find everything you’re looking for, especially in the times the Universe is off doing its job with the big things.

Journeying off into the Unknown,

Finding myself and finding you,

To Infinity and far beyond,

Always there,

Sarah Elle