Insight of the Week for July 21st to 27th | Conscious Breathing is the Key to Seizing the Moment

Good afternoon, everyone!


I want to use this blog post as a short, and quick reminder (on my way out for an early weekend getaway with my hubby) that I hope you will look within yourself to cultivate gratitude, presence and appreciation for all things this weekend, and that you may practice breathing consciously for the remaining couple days of this week.

I honestly don’t know why I’m so compelled to write this right now, but I was faced with a little bit of inner turbulence last night and woke up with the clear and straight-forward lesson that all negative emotions and feelings can simply be replaced by rooting ourselves in the present moment and just observing everything that is… as it is… and, without attaching any “meaning” to it, whatsoever.


Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we lose ourselves to the inner chatter and whatever our mind might be saying. The reason we often lose the battle with our inner chatter is because we are comparing past experiences to what might be happening now, and worrying about what might come up next based on what we have determined has already happened (to us.)

So, say you have a history of “getting hurt.” You might be anticipating something bad to happen in the coming moments, and the way your brain will perceive that is to bring up a past experience that brought you similar pain, and it might believe that is what is about to happen.


You know what I mean?


So, I realized that the only way of truly overcoming the hurt of the past and the fear of the future is to start breathing in the present moment and replacing our angst with conscious breath. It’s the only way.


Breathe in. Breathe out, my dear.

And, keep doing so until you notice that your breath is bringing you peace that your negative thoughts are keeping from you. Keep breathing deeply until you realize that there is nothing to even think about.

What consciously breathing will push us to understand is that no thinking, analyzing, or trying to foretell what is about to happen will ever lead to the satisfaction of simply observing the unfolding present moment and breathing with the natural flow of life.

When you observe without giving power to any thoughts or beliefs in your mind, you give space for the present moment to reveal itself. When you let the moment show itself to you, without tainting it with compulsive thinking or anticipation, you’ll eventually realize that the present moment is always neutral.

Upon the understanding that life is never working against you and that your breath is the gateway for the present moment to arise, you will gain the awareness that the choice is yours all along.




Would you rather lose yourself to a limited list of potential experiences (by believing what exists in your anxiously-programmed mind?) Or, would you rather give yourself the breath, space, and awareness to reckon that life is presenting an infinite scroll of possibilities, and when you’re in the right flow of breath and alignment, anything can f*ckin happen – oh! And, YOU can make anything you want happen.


BUT! You have to be detached from what your logical mind is thinking. You have to be present within yourself and within the unfolding moment. And, the only way to align yourself to the flow of infinite possibilities is to stay centered in your conscious breath; breathing deeply in, and fully exhaling out.


Again, I have no idea why I wrote this. Maybe someone out there needs to see this. Maybe I just needed to see it.

But, I hope…. I truly hope that by writing it, reading it, and living with this token of wisdom this weekend, we can breathe deeply enough to unhook ourselves from the limits of the logical mind, and simply open ourselves to the flow of conscious breath so that we can be, without fear, worry, or anticipation, One with the absolute unfathomable-ness that is the present moment.


Breathe in, and out, my lovelies!

Sarah ELLEComment