A Visualization Technique for Cleansing your Mind and Body

Hey guys,

I’m writing up a quick blog post at around 3:30 am, as I was recently inspired by a new meditation-visualization technique that I learned which proved to be beneficial for anyone who wants clear their mind and simply re-center.

I first came across this idea in the book “In Tune with the Infinite” by Ralph Waldo Trine which I recently found on Amazon Kindle for $1.00 USD. You’d be surprised by the quality of these hidden (and cheap) gems. I’ll write up another blog post, sharing links and what I’ve learned from this book, soon.

For the moment, this passage will do.


There is a trough through which a stream of muddy water has been flowing for many days. The dirt has gradually collected on its sides and bottom, and it continues to collect as long as the muddy water flows through it.

Change this.

Open the trough to a swift-flowing stream of clear, crystal water, and in a very little while even the very dirt that has collected on its sides and bottom will be carried away.

The trough will be entirely cleansed. It will present an aspect of beauty and no longer an aspect of ugliness. And more, the water that now courses through it will be of value; it will be an agent of refreshment, of health and of strength to those who use it.

Yes, in just the degree that you realize your oneness with this Infinite flow of Life, and thus actualize your latent possibilities and powers, you will exchange dis-ease for ease, inharmony for harmony, suffering and pain for abounding health and strength.

And in the degree that you realize this wholeness, this abounding health and strength in yourself, will you carry it to all with whom you come in contact; for we must remember that health is contagious as well as disease.


So, the beginning of this meditation or visualization technique kind of serves as recognizing ourselves as we are. Sometimes we feel mucky, tainted with dirty water (or thoughts, less metaphorically), blocked from the great flow, stagnant, and collecting muddy waters in different corners of our being.

This meditation serves to re-envision something cleaner, more at peace within ourselves, and to offer our mind a tool for imagining that we are flowing freely with the natural, divine flow.


Upon closing your eyes, let your mind naturally envision the sight of mucky waters. Whatever your mind will conjure will likely represent the way it currently sees itself. Your vision of the mucky trough will appear differently than that of another’s.

When you’ve got an image in mind, slowly allow yourself to feel a new flow of crystal, clean water - streaming through the bath of mucky waters, and cleansing the trough with a new divine flow.


Similar to the appearance of your mucky waters, your mind will also fill-in the blanks of what it desires to see in your cleansed stream of water. You can imagine the flow of sparkling water cleansing every corner of your body (or stream), re-establishing the divine flow in your mind, and when you get really good at it, you can start envisioning your own personal oasis, one which flows abundantly and peacefully through your being.


Let your mind see the dirty waters being flushed and replaced with a new flow of serene waters. Feeeeel the stream flowing through your body and cleaning out your old as it fills it in with a new flow of pristine fountain waters.

Eventually, I started imagining the surroundings I was in. Imagining my entire body as, not only, the stream but as the nature around me. Imagine the trees growing and colorful flowers receiving the new flow of water streaming through your body. I saw myself sitting in those waters, drifting with the flow throughout the entire stream; watching animals and plants pass by me as I lay still in my stream.


I realized that the more you dedicate yourself to the process of envisioning, not only, your stream but your own space in paradise, the easier it becomes to feeeel yourself in this time and space.

Immerse yourself into the experience, flowing abundant waters in each corner of your being that has been tainted by mucky waters. Developing your oasis into what you desire your personal haven to be. Whenever you find yourself stressed or stagnant, come back to your oasis and re-instate your flow no matter what. The more you build your oasis, the more you’ll find peace and safety in your personal retreat.


Ultimately, I thought this was a perfect metaphor for us. I think we often cut ourselves off from the flow of the Divine and even the flow within ourselves . With a simple exercise we can practice throughout the day, we can build our own inner-paradise and also tend to the how we stay open to our divine flow. When we learn to open ourselves to the divine and pristine waters, we will eventually see beyond the metaphor and begin feeeeeling ourselves at peace and clarity.

I hope this blog post serves you well… What does your personal oasis look like?

Sarah ELLE