Making "Vacation" your way of Living.

Hey everyone!

Just writing up a quick post about another little piece of advice I’ve learned throughout the Holidays. Actually, I’ve learned this lesson over the last month, as I (along with my family, loved ones, and friends) am organizing a large group vacation to the Caribbean. 

My insight of the day should serve as a reminder to enjoy the small moments of life and to stop ourselves every once and a while so we can truly enjoy the coming-moments of bigger events in our lives.

So, here’s what I mean. A few months ago, my boyfriend’s family planned a group getaway for the Holidays. The excitement I felt about planning for a trip was so overwhelming because I hadn’t taken a vacation in 3 years (which for me, felt like an eternity.) Due to the fact that I haven’t traveled in so long, I made it my goal to become the best version of myself for this vacation, so I could enjoy it to the max. 


At first, I would work out a little harder, I would practice dancing (bachata, salsa, meringue, all that) so that by the time I got to our resort, I could bust out the best moves and enjoy the music as much as I could.

Then, as the weeks kept rolling in, I would shift my mentality about certain people and circumstances, with the goal of truly learning to let go and enjoy the experiences that unfold before me - while still being authentic, independent, and happy within myself, first.

Then! By December, and only a few more weeks away, I had developed an amazing self-care routine, I treated myself and my lifestyle as who I wanted to be, come the time of this vacation, and at one point – I stopped myself and realized that I had actually grown into the person I wanted to be on this trip… before even leaving.

So, a few days ago, I got myself thinking… How many people out here are waiting for the minute they get on their flight to become the person they want to be on their vacation?

“It’s a fuckin metaphor!!!”

Why do so many of us wait to arrive at our destination before we become that happy, free version of ourselves like we are on vacation? How many of us wait until we’ve achieved all we’re working for to finally realize the progress we’ve made or allow ourselves to be satisfied with the results?

For me, it was a vacation, but for you, it could be a specific goal or phase of your life.

Have you ever waited for something to be complete, successful, or over in order to finally enjoy the moment?

A couple of months ago, I would have dreaded the wait and held my happiness back until the moment I checked in. I would have let myself stress, be unhappy, or let myself go until the very moment I arrived at the airport, and I probably would have missed the essence of the entire experience.

“I won’t be happy or excited until I actually arrive,” said my boyfriend.

“But, why not? Why not enjoy the process of waiting for the day we leave, be happy building your suitcase or the outfits you’ll wear, and enjoy every moment of driving to the airport?”

In my opinion, too many of us are waiting for the moment we reach our final destination to relax, smile, and enjoy what’s around us. We let ourselves dread the waiting process, we forget to better ourselves and become the person we want to be, and then we reject the true excitement of making that vacation our lifestyle. Then, when the vacation (or goal, in other words) is over, we’re sad to go back to our “ordinary” life.

But, this time, I think I got the lesson, here.

I think I found a way to make “Vacation” my lifestyle. Now, I enjoy building my beach body (before, during and after the beach), I’ve become the person I want to be on that resort, and I’ve learned to appreciate every moment as if I only had one week to enjoy it. I spend my evenings with good people, good food, and good music. I dance in my own nightclub every night, and I also know that I am responsible for the way I experience my “vacation.”

So, maybe you’re waiting for your goal to be accomplished to finally enjoy life. Maybe you’re waiting for a million dollars to land in your bank account before finally realize your progress. Maybe you’re waiting for the moment you get to the resort to finally become YOU. Or, maybe you’re worried about how “shitty” life might be once you get back home.

But I say, make your life a vacation. Make your beach body a way of living. Shift your mentality towards enjoying your own version of building a suitcase or planning your trip. Don’t tie the sum of your happiness down to one week in a foreign country (or when you get that job, pass that course, or get those dollars).

Life is the process of planning and experiencing your vacation. And then rinsing and repeating.

So, I’m leaving tomorrow on vacation. I am so overly excited, yet grounded in this experience. And, what would have only been one week of joy, love, cigars, and dancing – has quickly become my way of living.


What does your Vacation-You look like?

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