Stepping into the light | Healing lifetimes of trauma and blocked energy in AN INSTANT!

Hello, beauties.

Wild claim, isn't it?

I'm writing this blog post for you, praying that the vast majority of the world will one day see it because I learned something TREMENDOUSLY VALUABLE this week, and I'm hoping to pass on that message.

Over the last few days, I embarked on a course of a lifetime, one which the research and topic have been tailored to break down techniques for accelerated healing.

I can't believe how useful this has all become and how tiny shreds of downloaded information could lead to MASSIVE leaps in my own consciousness and heightening my awareness beyond what I once thought was possible.

This healing technique is nothing new, to be honest. We all play with it at some time or another.

But, when applied at the right time and energy, you can heal your stuck energy within a flash.

When I first came across this exercise, it was a guided meditation. I posted it to my podcast for everyone to listen to and now I want to highlight the benefit of this strategy for healing any part of your life.

I started with my blockages about money and relationships and soon after applied this method to let go of any negative emotion and reinstate the flow of new source energy coursing through my entire being.

So, head on over to my podcast after this blog post and I hope you'll tune in daily to listen to it and apply this short exercise to all areas of your life.

Now, for the point of this blog post, I wanted to share my own testimonial.

I know that most of us have stuck energy somewhere. Limiting beliefs, fears about whatever, areas of our life that always seem to present more obstacles, recurring challenges you thought you healed but apparently keep getting the best of you.

This light work exercise requires you to open yourself to the absolute highest source of light energy that exists. You'll start by opening your crown center and you will let the light seep in throughout your entire body until it reaches the center of the Earth and the end of the universe.

Now, some of you might be compelled to close this article after reading that. But, try it. Try to expand your light, your positive energy, and your very essence as far as you potentially can, and allow the light of Source energy to make its way through your body.

I found that this exercise allows me to recognize when I'm feeling low or heavy, or when I'm in a state of decreasing vibration, and it propels me to re-fill my energy with the highest form of love that exists.

I can see when I'm ruminating about something or focused on the challenges in any area of my life. When you fill yourself up with this light, you are automatically clearing and releasing any energy inside you, that goes against what you want.

So, with all this growth and releasing blockages, I'm recognizing more opportunities to make quantum leaps towards where and what I want to be.

Sometimes I worry that the past is making its way back. But the minute I catch myself in that state of undesirable focus (meaning my attention is on that which I don't want or that which is unpreferable for me,) I fill myself back up with that light and I know that I am refueled with Source light energy.

Try it out for 15 minutes and give it all you got. You'll find that you might even have fears about letting in the good into your life, and when you do you can unblock yourself from the light and open yourself to receiving that divine energy.

Try it out when you feel low, when you're scared or focused on something that makes you feel bad, or whenever you notice heaviness in your mind or body.

If you're open to giving this new exercise a try, tune in to the Brave World Series and give this 15-Minute meditation exercise a shot.

Once you've gotten the hang of it and you know what to expect, you can start doing this exercise on your own terms and filling yourself up with light.

Sending you so much love, healing, hope, and light!

Stay well,

Sarah Elle

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