The secret isn’t working now for results later (it’s feeling like you have your desires now)

Good morning everyone!

Boy, do I have a lot of updates, good news, and new ventures to share with you today. 

But, before I get into any of that, I want to share a piece of wisdom that just came over me. 

Over the last few days, I’ve connected with so many like-minded women in the community of business and personal development. We’ve all shared our perspectives and wisdom with each other, worked to rise together with absolutely no competition intended, and even offered to combine our forces to reach a greater goal. And, by connecting with such empowering ladies, there’s one little message that stuck with me, which truly embodied the core of all these women’s success. 

What all these utterly successful women had in common, in spite of their undying work ethic, their confidence and of course their good old hard work, was an insight that strayed far from conventional work beliefs. 

Yes, each one of these powerful women puts the work in, day and night, to build their empires. Of course, they’ve gone through all the struggles and challenges that form an empowered and successful woman. But, there is one energy they all shared, no matter where on the globe they reside, and that was embodying their success before they even had it.

Most of what these ladies have taught me is that success is derived from two things: working and being. 

What this means is, yes, they’ve put in more than their hours due to assemble the pieces of their highest creative works. But, more than anything, they live in the state of mind (and energy) that they truly are (and feel) successful. 

That was a turning point for me. 

“Release the need to make anything happen in this moment, and shift into feeling like you’ve already received what you desire.” 

For them, that burning desire was success and the highest creative and financial peek they can reach. 

What a majority of these women stood sure about their success was that it is an equal part working and being the part of a successful woman. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, what matters is that you do it FEELING like you’ve already succeeded in your specific endeavour. With that energy expanding in your field of awareness, you shift to a higher plane of authentic creativity. 

When you embody the feeling of already having what you desire (whether a small goal, or a life-long aspiration) you put yourself in a direct state to create anything that matches that same vibe. 

So, imagine that. Imagine that your greater goal, whether to book a flight around the world, get promoted to a higher position in your trade, or to succeed in whatever creative venture want to do; imagine that greatest result has already come to you. 

How do you feel? 

Want to Buy a new house? Sell more than your initial quota by the end of the month? Partner with a big company to promote your business?

How are you feeling, knowing and embodying the energy of already having it?

The truth is, no matter what your goals, idea or wish is, if you feel like you already got it, something within you will change. 

But you have to believe it in order to feel it. You have to fully surrender yourself to imagining and allowing the possibility of whatever you want to attain to already feel accomplished to you. 

If you limit yourself, or feel sceptical, you are putting out energy that contradicts what you want. 

Undergo a subtle shift of energy in feeling like you’ve already won, and that momentum will propel you to accomplish what you want. That feeling of already having what you want will be enough to turn the tides of acting and being the part of a successful man or woman.

I only wrote a piece of this insight, and the rest I felt in embodying my achievement. 

I know that regardless of effort, work involved, or even chances - if you believe you already achieved, you are putting yourself far ahead of the game because, in your heart, you know it already exists. 

With that, you can do anything that binds the links together between mind and reality. 

Hope this was a helpful little article for you! I have so many new announcements to make this week. Calling on all my self-publishing authors, empowering all my ladies and gentlemen to kick up their fitness game, and a whole lot of deeper research that I am nearly ready to share with you. 

Feel free to keep reading my blog. I’ve got years of research and case studies published for you FOR FREE! Learn everything from shifting your mindset, to undergoing full life transformations, and everything in between. 

All my love to you butterflies!

Sarah Elle

Sarah ELLE