Working with Energy & The Law of Attraction | Book Review of the Month

Hello gorgeous souls,

It’s been about a week and I’m happy to come back, share some new advice and offer you moreeee insights for finding your right direction.

Well, not to mention I’m really enjoying this whole YouTuber thing. It’s a lot easier to convey my message, without sitting down for hours and curating the absolute best possible version of my insights and/or weekly lessons. Making these videos are so much more interactive, they’re a lot more enjoyable to make because I’m not so worried about how it all comes out/off. But most of all — you guys have been sending me endless emails and DMs sharing your ideas, the funny feedback, and all together enjoying the raw honesty from my channel. So, I guess this is another outlet for sharing my ideas.

Now, today’s blog post (well, more like video) is sharing my honest review about this book I picked up a few weeks ago. I did, indeed, write a blog post about it a few days back. If you haven’t seen it, click here. And, if you have, you’ll know that I am absolutely FLABBBBERGASTED by how much I’ve learned and the absolute DEEEEP Impact this book has had on my life.

Fast-forward to Monday, when I finished finished the book. I made a YouTube video of my honest review, and sharing the wisdom I’ve accumulated from dedicating myself to understanding the concept.

Here it is.

So, obviously there are so many things this book has taught me; not only about how to raise your vibe, switch and tend to your emotions on a whim, but also how our energy affects the quality of our circumstances.

I, personally, have studied the “Law of Attraction” for some years now, but in all honesty - whether you’re someone who is spiritual, or not - my honest review is tailored to both believers And non-believers.

Truth is, regardless of believing (or not believing) that your energy attracts or repels certain circumstances in your life, your energy and emotions will dictate the quality of your day. Spiritual, or not. It’s science.

So, here’s what I got from it. It’s a semi-long video, and somewhat of a personal inquiry (helping me figure out and truly process all the information I’ve been receiving in the past few weeks.) But, you can watch the whole thing, or you can skip a few minutes, I believe that no matter what time of the video you watch, you will gather something valuable from it.

Side note: I hope you guys don’t mind my mild profanity. I think my YouTube channel has reached a far more genuine audience since I stepped back and just let myself be Me. It’s chill, it’s somewhat crazy, it swears a lot, but that’s how I like to live my life. Nevertheless, my advice, my wisdom, and my authenticity remain at par with the highest quality of insight that I can provide. Whether you like my choice of words or the“attitude” that I portray (or, not) I promise you I take the lessons I share very seriously.

So, I hope you guys like it. Subscribe to the channel for more weekly videos (working on another one right now.) And, just dive in with me. Let’s get to know each other. Share your ideas with me, I’ll share my insight with you.

Click here for the finalized video!

With love,

Sarah Elle

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