Honey, you gotta KNOW Your Value!

Need a little reminder that you are a boss ass babe, or a boss ass ninja Well... Here it is. But, before I can give it to you, you need to give it to yourself.

Not what you wanted to hear, is it?

Neither did I. But, sometimes, we need to scrape the bottom of our self-esteem before we can rise and know our worth.

Here's a little story, to start this blog post. Imagine 10-year-old Sarah Elle. Beauty? Confident? Ready to take on the world? Not quite. The opposite. I think I lost most of my childhood self-esteem by the time I was about 10. Between losing friends and getting rejected by crushes, to being annoying in the eyes of most of my teachers, and not looking pretty enough to get who and what I wanted. No matter what that story was, that I told myself throughout my pre-teens and adolescence, let me tell you... it slipped into my adulthood.

This blog post isn't about how you can raise your children to know their worth and understand their value. But, it is about claiming back that seemingly irreversible spell. From zero to hero, I'm going to help you remember your value and step into your power so you can own the world... your world.

So, here's where most of it starts. Generally, you'll have a list of doubts about yourself and things you honestly can't stand about your image or your life. You'll nit-pick at all your imperfections, and worry more about what you take from the world than what you're allowed to gain. You might question if you're good enough (daily.) And, if it's bad enough, you'll never know what you've already contributed.

Sound familiar?

Here's how you can break out of that.

At first, I thought I could replace my shitty self-esteem with positive affirmations throughout the day. "I am good enough" here. And, "I do big things" there. That's not enough. (Especially, if it's coming from an empty place.)

Do you think madly successful people are worried about how "abundant" I am, or how much "Good I do for the world." No! They have an unshakable belief in themselves, that makes them OWN what they are… and, that includes all their qualities and shortcomings. Even if they haven't amounted to much in the eyes of their judgmental beholders, they don't care about that! They're rich! They know what they got! What they provide! AND WHO THEY ARE!

Do you think the owners of successful businesses got there by doubting themselves and focusing on all the things they didn't do or amount to in life? No way! They know what they effing provide, and they spend their time believing in what they do, instead of fearing the tiny insecurities about themselves.

So, maybe you don't want to be a millionaire or the CEO of a gigantic company. Not everyone does. But, knowing your value stretches so far beyond that. It means not letting others step all over you because of your inferiority syndrome. It means being confident enough to ask for what you want and GET IT because you know you DESERVE IT.

If you're the type of person who lets others speak for you (or speak over you) STOP THAT. Believe in your message, and know that you have a place to say whatever the f*ck you want. If you want a role in your life, you gotta know that THAT ROLE IS YOURS. You don't have to fight for it, YOU ARE IT. It is yours. And, when there's something big in your life, don't let yourself feel small by it. Whether it's a fear you need to conquer, a wish you want to come true, something you want to bring to life; you need to know you already ARE everything you need to make it happen.

And, no. That doesn't come from phony affirmations that you tell yourself (to distract yourself) from feeling small and worthless.

It comes from counting everything you've done, and knowing well-and-through that what you are is MORE than good enough. It was made by God, itself.

I feel like the biggest illusion humans have come to believe is that we are less than nothing. A coincidence? A mistake? A mere consequence of events. NO, BITCH. You have been designed over trillions of years, perfected by the very Life force that created EVERYTHING! You're not small. YOU'RE LIFE, ITSELF.

So, know your value in this world. Okay.

I can't deliberate the endless steps that it takes for you to know what you're worth. But what I can do is remind you. Remind you that what you are, what you think, what you do, and everything about you - is more than needed in this world, and it's contributing to something far beyond our understanding.

So, let me tell you one more thing. You were made to want what you want. Out of the vastness that is life, you have your set of wants, needs, experiences, and beliefs. You are made of endless strengths and qualities, as well as weaknesses that compliment another. Everything that you want in your life, be that falling in love, being rich, contributing to evolution, making brick houses, being healthy, or literally whatever toots your horn; that horn was made to BLAST - FOR YOU, baby.

And the minute you know that what you want was already made for you before this was all created, the only step left is for you to own what you have, and go out and CLAIM IT.

Honestly, the little doubts in me are wondering if this blog post was said right. If I typed up the right things for the right people, and if my message will ever get across.

Do you know what I have to say? FUCK. THOSE. DOUBTS.

I got this shit, and it's all already set up for the absolute best.

I know you're reading this.

So, Own it, baby. That's all I can say. What you made, what you're doing, and WHAT THE EFF YOU ARE, is needed, successful, worthy, and valued.

Now, go and see it for yourself, darling.