I started a "Podcast" for Guided Meditations! Will you join my Brave World Series?

Hi, my beauties!

I hope you come across this page at the perfect time. Whether you’re on your way to or from work, sitting in your office during the work day, ready to rest after a long day, or eager to face the week day ahead - I want to help you cultivate lasting peace and creativity in fifteen minutes or less.

I launched this podcast a couple days ago with the purpose of offering a quiet space for you to unwind whenever you need it. Most of what stops us from feeling completely free and creative, in life, is that our minds are often filled with useless (and sometimes scary) thoughts. Mindfulness meditations are vital for emptying your cup, so you can take on the day with ease and focus.

I started this Mindfulness Podcast as a means of offering calming and insightful meditations for you to benefit. You can simply tune into our creative meditations and release any stress or tension you might be feeling. If you just want to clear your mind, or do some deeper healing than usual; whatever your intent, this will be of use to the process.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, take a few moments to align with your Highest Self. Cultivate more joy and inspiration in your life by grounding yourself in the moment. Learn to breathe consciously and target your awareness using the power of mindfulness.

Take fifteen minutes a few times a week to relax, tune in, and re-center. You can even receive my updates for new meditations in all areas of life. This podcast focuses on enlightening you of the benefits of mindfulness and how to use the power of affirmations to inspire you into a calm and creative state.

The choice of music I use for my podcasts are based in sound healing, calming melodies, solfeggio frequencies and bell-work. This is an auditory method of working with the subconscious to balance your energy.


Tune in weekly!

Cultivate joy and inspiration through mindful awareness with Sarah Elle. With these guides, you will discover new levels of creativity in your Life, Love and Work, and release the vibrations that don’t match your dreams. Learn to detach yourself from your mind, so you can improve your focus. Bring consciousness to your breath and root yourself in the present. Access the state of mind you desire for accomplishing your goals and tasks. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you can begin to feel peaceful and well no matter the circumstances.

I love to find new ways of renewing the mind, and meditation has become such an important part of my journey for that. I hope you’ll join me in consciously breathing, bringing your attention to the present moment, and heightening your state of mind for better productivity, happiness, and energy. We’re learning and doing this together.

On a personal scale, I don’t know what you may be going through. Life comes with so many beautiful challenges and opportunities for creation on a heightened state of mind. What often gets in the way of feeling fully relaxed and alert enough to handle what comes is the stress and tension we store in our mind and body. A few minutes a day, and only a couple times a week, you can develop a routine or a lifestyle that will bring you increased vitality no matter what area of life you’re focusing. Carry this podcast around, or listen to it at your desk. If you’re traveling or want to enjoy any moment in life, create the space and mindset that will let you manifest.


Below, you’ll find the link to my direct podcast. I hope you enjoy the practice and find peace in each moment. I would love to hear your stories and learn where our podcast was heard from.

Feel free to send me some suggestions for what you would like to hear, what types of meditations or topics you’d like to cover, and I’ll be sure to deliberate on the ideas!

All my love,


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