An Introduction to Emotional Awareness: A One-Way ticket to Self-Exploration

Hey beautifuls,

Yesterday’s blog post touched, very slightly, on the topic of emotional pain (emotional intelligence, as well as emotional awareness.) Based on the feedback I’ve received from you guys, I’ve come to learn that a vast majority of people don’t know what either of these topics means. In a sense, I’m not surprised nor am I overly disappointed either. I’m actually even more compelled to write this post, now that I’m aware of how many of you (readers, and even strangers) are inspired to learn more about this (form of) exploration of Self.

Just to begin, I’d like to let you know a few things. One, be prepared for a fairly extensive blog post. There are several definitions, energy centers, positions, and body parts that will be revealed in this article. But, two, this is a one-way ticket to truly understanding yourself.

My journey towards mind-body-soul connection and meditation has been a very long, difficult and fearful one. It has taken me years to release my fear against letting my body speak to me. And, though my story in body-energy intelligence started when I was a very little girl, my dedication to understanding the way the body and energy speak together started only a few years ago.

This is something that drastically supported me in my quest to releasing old trauma, negative energy patterns, and letting go of blockages within my mind and body. And, now when I look back at it, this venture really began when I thought pain and fear were “just the way life worked” and were not something to be thought about, healed, or questioned as a way of life.

My approach to this subject is not only spiritual but also subjective, where I connect the dots between spirit and science. In my opinion, in Life, they both work together. You can’t fully understand one, without taking into consideration the other. And, you can’t see the way these invisible feelings trickle into existence without understanding the fundamental laws (physics, chemicals, etc.) that support each statement.

Let’s get to it.

On a basic level, you’ve heard it before. Thoughts carry an emotional charge, much like emotions do. When you think certain variations of thoughts, some feel great (releasing endorphins,) some don’t (release of cortisol/stress.) I specialize in the psychological (and spiritual) aspect of it, currently, but am branching off into the chemical basis for this ascension or decay. But on the more technical side, it’s a neurochemical connection, that stems from our brain sending the nervous system signals, leading from everything to healing our minds and bodies, or shutting down vital systems or organs. When vital energy forces are slowed down, imbalanced, blocked or distressed, physical conditions come into play. Depletion (or overdose) of an energy type, a negative physical impact which, depending on the extent of your energy (positive or negative) can lead into the manifestation of health or disease.

So, yes, there is a proven correlation between the science and psychology of it – but I also found that it’s vastly simplified when we take into account the different energetic centers (or what is widely known as chakras).

Now, before I lose my atheists, my science-geeks or my spiritual non-believers, bear with me, as I share some insight you might have not otherwise had. From there, you can incorporate or ignore what I’ve researched, just don’t leave too quickly. Try to read this with an open mind.

I’ll give you a very brief idea of the research I’ve accumulated and I’ll share some of the personal experiences I’ve had, that inspired my venture in understanding each center. The overall goal for the following is that you may develop a new awareness for your body and emotions, and tune in whenever you experience pain, stress, physical symptoms, or ailments.

Disclaimer: At any point in this post, you can change the words “chakra” for energy point, center, etc. Do with what you will, and change whatever you need to fit the ideology you have.

Root Chakra

You’ve obviously got the Root energy point, which is generally associated with a sense of safety, security, and stability in one’s life. It’s known to be the center of manifestation or creation from the internal world to the exterior/physical plane. It carries and disburses the vital energy force throughout the entire body, and subconsciously tends to represent your ability to create and feel supported (or grounded) in the material world. In a state of imbalance, one will undergo heightened energies of anxiety, insecurity, frustration, scarcity, and fear. After a while or even during the initial symptoms of this imbalance, the physical pain or distress will be expressed in the hips, the legs, back and lower back. (From my own experience, I had sciatic pain for i-don't-know-how-long, and it shot all the way down my legs. I realized after some time, I was dealing with a severe habit of not feeling supported by my family, my loved ones, but most importantly, myself. From there, I started dissecting my beliefs and the way I would express anxiety about these areas in my life and, within a matter of weeks, my sciatic pain subsided. Now, I no longer experience prolonged sciatic pain, but when I do, I know immediately to begin reevaluating my mental state.)

Energy Point: Sacral Plexus

This is the center of creation. I define it as the field of energy for creativity, intuition, self-worth, sexuality (and sometimes emotional expression). It controls people’s sense of worth, confidence, their ability to express their emotions in an open and friendly way. It governs the sexual health and freedom of self-expression. Whether one overly-indulges, neutrally expresses or represses their emotions or creative (even reproductive) needs, this will generally impact the balance of their sacral center. Physical imbalances in this energy point usually take the form of libido issues, sexual organ problems, reproductive system failures, muscle spasms, emotional explosions, obsessions with sexuality or lack thereof, kidney/bladder problems – and some of that sort.

(My first encounter with an imbalance in my sacral center began sometime in my past. Psychologically, I was too focused on proving my worth to others through sexuality, and – up until recently – my physical manifestation of this imbalance expressed itself as me becoming overly emotional, experiencing many bladder issues, inflammation in my reproductive organs – as well as many menstrual issues, and a total imbalance in my libido).

Solar plexus

The third energy point: place of ego and confidence, use of personal power/control/or discipline. It tends to represent the state of your personal development, your state of self-worth, your use (or expression) of anger, and the strength you exercise mentally, physically, or spiritually. It’s the center for personal power, taking charge of our lives, controlling ourselves, our impulses, and receiving guidance from our spiritual guides (or otherwise known as intuition, or what I sometimes call the “Higher Self.” In any state of imbalance, one would begin to lack confidence in their abilities and place, or purpose, in life. They may have the habit of giving up the control of their own lives to others, worrying too much about what they think, and may think of giving up on personal pursuits. Psychologically, one might give up exercising discipline and become overly attached to their ego. Negative emotions in this sector are normally expressed as helplessness, rejection, fear, powerlessness. And, generally, physical symptoms may show up in the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and smaller intestine. In the case of a more severe imbalance, some people experience digestive difficulties, liver problems, diabetes, nervous exhaustion, and allergies. Much of the imbalances are caused by unexpressed resentment, undisciplined lifestyle/routine, giving up your place of power, in life, as well as holding onto anger without releasing it.

Heart chakra

And, boy do I have something to say about this one…

So, we all know the heart chakra. For better or worse, it’s the energy center for releasing the past, transcending old pain, freeing the heart, healing, and growth. It governs our relationships, to others and ourselves, self-love, the capacity to be open and vulnerable, and it also touches basis on self-discipline, flexibility, and carrying around our past (and other people's experiences.)

Oh my God, I can’t believe how it feels to see this on screen.

Now, having had my share of personal, relationship and growth traumas, there is no doubt I experience imbalances with this center. Emotions and feelings associated to the imbalance of the heart chakra are as following: paranoia (generally of people and their intentions with you), indecisiveness, afraid of letting go (of the past, beliefs, habits, people or circumstances), fear of getting hurt, feeling sorry for yourself or others, carrying people’s burdens on your own shoulders, and the all-too-well-known unworthiness of love.

From my own experience, as well as the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the course of my studies, a balanced heart chakra allows you to live compassionately, empathetically and allows you to see the better in everyone. From a place of unconditional self-love and worthiness, you inspire a desire to nurture and heal, both yourself and others and know how to support and love people without any attachment.

Physical illnesses associated with this center, however, are amongst the circulatory, cardiac, and respiratory systems. One may experience anything from high blood pressure, insomnia, difficulty in breathing, shoulder/chest/back or heart pain, to lung problems, heart attacks, and worse.

[Side note: When I first encountered my severe heart, chest and shoulder pains, it never crossed my mind that the sides of my body would come into play. Only after deliberate research and meditation, did I become aware that a vast majority of my pain was coming from the left side of my body.

From that point, I started my first integration of the left and right sides of my body. I became aware of which sides would carry what pains and, from there, I learned to differentiate the various needs of each energy. I know that the left side of my body is the feminine (Yin) energy, which is tied to intuition, creativity, expression and nurturing – and the right side is the masculine (Yang energy), known to be analytical, supporting, logical, and providing.]

Throat chakra

The fifth point is usually perceived as our center for communication and creative expression. It is the energy flow through which we convey our thoughts and ideas through speech, thought, writing, or any other creative expression. When flowing freely, we are able to let go of withheld emotions, we are able to inhale transformation and exhale healing. When we are balanced, we are feeling inspired, creative through any form, we can communicate our feelings effectively and express ourselves freely through compassionately. But when we are imbalanced, we hold back from what we need to say, we begin to exclude ourselves from connection and conversation and develop a nasty habit of repressing our thoughts and emotions. Staying quiet and feeling weak, not knowing what to say or how to say it. Generally, it turns into holding onto toxic emotions, such as anger, hurt, judgment, envy and/or resentment. And, from there, the physical ailments are quick to settle in. One may experience infections and inflammation in the ears, mouth, thyroid, throat, and neck. Chronic coughing and breathing issues are also symptoms to be aware of or anything near those organs.

Third eye Chakra

The mind’s eye; or, what I like to call “The Awareness watching the Self,” or “The Soul watching the Self.” The third eye chakra is normally identified within the pineal gland in the brain. It’s located above the physical eyes and in the center of your forehead. This center governs our ability to recognize our true State (that which is pure awareness) and our capacity to perceive our mind, our higher intuition and how we can tune into Higher Self. In the balance of this chakra, you are open to recognizing your own state of mind; for one. In a state of development, you can open your mind to receiving guidance from your own intuition or heightened flow (and, for those who believe in spiritual development, you can tune yourself into guidance from your masters, guides, or however you choose to call it.) Either or, you are open to the experience of knowing. When this chakra is openly flowing, you are not attached to anything from the material realm, whether person, circumstance or object. You see life as is and not what you perceive it to be. You are free from inner chatter and unconscious programming. You experience higher (psychic) frequencies and may experience anything from telepathy, heightened intuition, or absolute creative flow (as well as a series of other spiritual encounters, depending on what you believe.) In a state of imbalance, however, you may feel lost on your path or purpose in life. You may block or develop a distrust towards your inner voice. Life may become unrecognizable. Mindsets revolve around resistance of letting go (whether of the past, certain beliefs, or fear of future). And imbalanced third eye generally leads towards a lack of wisdom and intuition, as well as blocking (or closing your mind to) the perception of anything beyond physical life (otherwise described as avoiding your inner Self.) On the anatomical scale, you will experience disorders or illnesses in your eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system. Emotionally, you will either become extremely victimized or overly-identified with the ego.

[Now, similarly to the feminine and masculine energy, I would also classify there to be types of low and high-frequency energies. Either one in a state of imbalance can be extreme.]

On one end, you may be very low (frequency or) energy. This is usually associated with feelings of lack, victimization, submissiveness or unworthiness. You experience low ego and low self-esteem and thus become consumed by pleasing others, detaching from yourself and others, and always looking for an escape.

And on the other end, you may be experiencing high-frequency egoism. This means you will experience more anger, judgment of others, over-attachment to things and circumstances, and will typically become consumed by the physical self or the material realm; ignoring what lies beyond the vision of your physical eyes.

Those who experience the third eye blockages, which are on a whole other side of the spectrum (not so much imbalance as is a full-fledged blockage) life becomes stagnant, neither being able to find the joy in things nor the sorrow. You become completely (for lack of better word) “blind,” or flat-lined, and all emotions, meaning, and awareness becomes blurry if not invisible.

(So, I just wanna share this story pertaining to my experience with a third-eye imbalance, for the sake of better understanding, as well as a real-life example of what an imbalance may look like. A few years ago, I was experiencing what I believe to be a very low-energy third-eye blockage. I was going through a period in my life where my parents still made my choices for me, and I was so out of my own control. Every night, I would dream of being drugged, lost and blind – and be having to run away for my life. I interpreted it as my current life on autopilot, and how I wasn’t willing to see things the way they were. I always closed myself to the possibility of better, had a habit of running away from and avoiding my issues altogether. So, learning how to balance my self-awareness and the third eye was definitely something I’ve had to study and explore. Though I never formally experienced physical ailments, the subconscious symptoms were directly expressing the state of my Mind’s eye. )

Lastly, the Crown chakra

I feel like this is the most important energy channel because, in my opinion, the Crown chakra has the largest collective imbalance. Now, it could be mildly pessimistic of me for believing that the majority of humans are currently experiencing some sort of crown blockage, or maybe it’s just my own state of imbalance making me feel this way.

Located at the top of our skull in the center of spirituality, when one is connected, balanced and flowing at the crown, they are living in a state when enlightenment, flow, and energy is a standard, not a rare glimpse. This is the door between the Self and the Divine, the gateway to spiritual (or, for our factual-ists, heightened) wisdom. In connection with this energy center, you develop total mastery of the unconscious and subconscious mind (no longer identified with either, but rather living from the Soul-consciousness.) But, in a state of imbalance, you live in isolation and/or loneliness. You would experience the inability to connect with yourself, with others, and the complete inability to connect with “God” or your Highest self. You lack complete direction, purpose or motivation, in Life. And, worst of all, you become so disconnected from reality, from your Self and/or your spirituality.

Physical symptoms of a Crown blockage, on a far deeper note, will create neurological and emotional disorders. Nerve pain, thyroid, and pineal gland disorders manifest themselves in your body. Psychological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, psycho-delusional disorders also develop themselves. I know, one of the leading emotional causes for insomnia, depression, and migraines are due to this very imbalance in energy.

So, despite being able to sense, identify, understand and label these different mental-emotional imbalances, I am still working on the part where I find fool-proof ways to heal them. This is the hard part.

I think that was really long. It says 7 pages where I’m at, in this document. Holy shit. I don’t even think I can SPEAK seven pages.

So, I hope this inspires more thought within you, and awareness to begin sensing where you may feel imbalanced.

I feel very able to communicate these facts and experiences with you guys, and this was something extremely hard for me to express. So, I hope you learned something, a way to recognize the connection between your mind, your soul and your body – and listen (tune in with it) when your body needs your help.

I don’t believe that all physical ailments are caused by psychological or emotional triggers, but I do understand that feeding your brain with stress and its corresponding chemicals does create a chain of events that will naturally make you sicker and less immune to certain reactions. Psychologically, if you’re worried about certain areas of your life, regardless of what they are, you’re telling your brain and mind that there is a dangerous situation (even if there isn’t) and, from there, it signals other parts of your brain to send fight or flight chemicals to your body, to “deal” with them effectively.

Any prolonged imbalance will result in detrimental results. Whether you believe that each of the mind, body, and soul connections are inter-correlated, or not… It shouldn’t matter. I’ve found that a lot of my pain is triggered when I am feeding my focus and energy to something negative (mentally), and by exploring the pain that I’ve experienced during these psycho-emotional challenges, I’ve gained a lot of insight and the ability to heal my pain using the same mechanism that caused it: my mind.

I thought I’d add the high/low-frequency research, as well as the left side/right side knowledge I’ve gained, but let’s wait for the next blog post to do that so you can digest all of this, first.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, some people will believe while others won’t. It’s not my place to tell you what to think or how to treat your mind and body. I’ve learned through my own experience and from the wisdom gathered by other people’s experience. I’ve revealed parts of my mind and information from my body I would have never gathered if I didn’t look or try… I try to keep a neutral perspective, in the sense that I will use, both, science and spirituality to project my insight. But, altogether, it’s up to you to try and discover how you can develop your mind and body to be as healthy, joyful, and enlightened; I’m just here to share what I’ve learned during my experience.

I would absolutely love to hear your feedback. I hope it’s of great use and insight to each of you! I’m happy to answer any questions regarding this controversial topic, and until then!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay well,