How will you Seize 2019?

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Family time, enjoyable moments and a lot of booze. Christmas was spent with friends and family, while my NewYear was amazing in the Caribean. But, now that I'm back and faced with the work week ahead, I might need some extra motivation and guidance to get me through the initial hump.

You see, transitioning from walks on the beach, fancy cocktails, no responsibilities and walking around nearly naked all week, I'm worried about what it will be like to get back into the groove of reality. So here's a little walk down memory lane.

Given the absolute wonders of the beach life and the cold, mucky weather back home, I was worried that starting the New Year transitioning back into reality would put a strain on my work, my motivation, and my discipline.

I thought long and hard about my last post on how to keep the "Vacation" mentality going even after getting back home. I'm focused on keeping the warmth of the sun in my heart and the joy of the discotheque in my body even though we're long gone. My New Year's resolution was to keep enjoying each moment as they come and continue to grow the way I did prior to this vacation.

BUT... Now I feel like a hypocrite. Truth is, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to enter 2019 considering how homesick I felt about the beach. Running on the treadmill at the gym was NOT the same as running down the shore with the cool ocean water between my toes. Waking up early for work was DEFINITELY not as enjoyable as waking up to the silhouette of palm trees peeking through the windows. And, shit. Morning coffee was NOT the same as having a cinnamon cappuccino next to my hubby on the third floor of a tropical balcony.

What did I do, than? I knew there was no way I would give up trying for my next vacation. I know I have a ton of people to inspire and support in creating their own version of my vacation. And, complaining about how much there is to do is NOT going to get me anywhere any faster. So, I sat down and I meditated. I visualized us sitting on our next beach, and I created as much detail in my mental image as I possibly could.

Then, I asked myself... or, I guess I prayed, really. "What do I need to do? What are the necessary steps I need to take to create a life where vacationing is not a rare or special event? How do I become the person that naturally attracts and brings Life to these moments that take my breath away? How do I create the life of my dreams, and what are the goals needed to achieve them?" 

I believe this engraved desire of mine to travel the world with the people I love, my longing to meet new souls and connect in a special way, and my deep yearning to wander the corners of the Earth... are each deeply felt moments that are part of my purpose.

Why else would my heart feel so strongly for this? Why else would I wish for these things day and night? Why do I feel the need to inspire other humans to question what sets their soul on fire, so they can become the person that creates more of those experiences in their own life?

2019-01-05 12_00_03.704.JPG

2019 is a year entirely defined by you. What do you hope to do, see, and create in 2019? What resolutions can you set to become the person that will attract and support the desires you dream of? 

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Whatever your Goals, dreams, or resolutions, I assure you I've got something to help you achieve it.

With all these lessons learned, moments lived, and beaches found, I want you to learn from the experts on how you can achieve each of the resolutions you dream of.

Cheers, butterflies!

All my love,

Sarah Elle

Creative Innovator in Transpersonal Psychology & Emotional Intelligence

Author of TheButterflyEffect planner

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