How to Start a Business and Get people to Fund your Ideas

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I’m wishing you all a fantastic weekend and an even better upcoming month of August. May the following months of summer bring you the inspiration and dedication you need to turn your goals into results.

If you’ve come across this post with a voice in the back of your mind that is inspired to do something big and creative, I’ve got the perfect follow-up message for you.

 Most people nowadays are looking for unique and innovative ways to turn their passions or fleeting ideas into a profitable business. While some succeed in taking that leap of faith, most people are letting their ideas pass them by while never fully seizing the opportunities that come their way – regardless of the reasons why.

If you’re amongst the crowd of idealists, creatives, or simply business-savy individuals; my message to you, today, is simple:


“Entrepreneurs, investors, and even regular individuals, worldwide, are notoriously raising thousands-to-millions of dollars to fund the research, production, and development of their business ventures.”

All of this without a single penny coming out of their pocket.


So, what does this mean?


I’m trying to hint at the fact that your ideas, passions, and goals are trying to push you in one direction, and your fears are leading you in another. Why not push yourself to select one of your famous ideas, and simply get started on a new creative project, even if you don’t know where it’s going?


“Well… I don’t know. I have a job, no real time, and no prior experience to building a business, so why even take the risk if I don’t fully know how?” I get this excuse all the time… Meanwhile, this was the same person who, ten-minutes prior to that response, was asking me how I managed to raise $16,000 in 30-days and turn my simple idea into a 3-year developing business that I sincerely love.

I didn’t know how to build my business. To be honest, I didn’t even know where to start. I left my formal education, zero prior working experience especially in building businesses, and not a single dime to invest in myself or my idea for a book. But, step-by-step, I seized the process, learned everything I could from all my gurus and idols, and eventually came up with the foolproof process for funding your creative ventures.

Eventually, I learned the process like the back of my hand. I studied the process of design, sampling and manufacturing, how to import and export goods, the most expensive secrets to branding and advertising. I even came to fully understand the stages of fulfillment for any time or type of business. I put the data I analyzed to work, and ended up proving each detail right by helping others build their businesses this way, and have proven with over 20+ different companies to explain the process of funding campaigns/ventures from scratch.

So, here’s what I’m proposing. You have ideas. You may have an aching passion that you want to nurture, or maybe you just want to build a business that will pull you away from unfulfilling work or away from your 9-to-5. No matter what your story, or what your goals and ideas may be, you have the potential of making it happen.


I don’t care whether you have an education or formal experience, or NOTHING AT ALL.

I don’t care whether you have ten hours a day, or ten-minutes per day to dedicate to your dreams and goals.

I wrote a very simple guide, that will lead you step-by-step towards taking any idea and turning it into a product, service, or even a digital product. I broke down the various stages, in excruciatingly simple format, so that anyone with any level of knowledge or experience can seize the process and turn their ideas into something concrete and profitable.

From designing your prototypes, to building your brand, and finding the right community of investors (yes, anyone can be an investor in your new business) – and literally everything in between; you have the eligibility to start a brand, a business, or a simple project FROM SCRATCH, and I will guide you with my long-list of experiences, hard-earned lessons, and secrets from the wealthiest entrepreneurs derived from working with the experts directly.

 So, here’s how you can seize your next idea.

I’ve got a list of innumerable resources you can access by following any of the links below.


If you want to start a business, but have no idea where to start (or, any budget for that matter,) you can get my Kindle eBook “The Crowdfunding Guide: Eight Simple Steps to Crowdfunding Success.” This is my extensive, 55-page written guide, that will ease you through the process of starting a project from scratch. It’s $4.99 USD on Amazon Kindle, and is available to you immediately on any digital or Kindle device.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 11.24.17 AM.png


If you want the paperback Magazine that is NOW OFFICIALLY LIVE ON AMAZON, you can access the very same insights but in a cute little magazine booklet online, here.

It’s $14.99 USD on most Amazon Marketplaces and will serve you unconditionally throughout the process of building ANY business. Use these techniques over and over, with as many different projects or ventures as you can create. You can claim yours, here, or click the link below.


If you’re interested in the book, but want to skip out on the Amazon fulfillment, the very same edition is available to you via our Online Store, and is available in digital file (eternally yours) after a single payment of $14.99 on


NOW! My darlings. If you want my EXTENSIVE, step-by-step, fully interactive MASTER Guide – If a book and a few lessons is not enough for you, and you want the FULL lifestyle and business change – guided to you by over 45+ different entrepreneurs and business experts, my Career and Business Bundle might be just what you need.

For $399.00, you can follow along in the 9-Chapter Playbook, that guides you cautiously through each stage of developing your ideas into a business. Undergo the fully-interactive course, as I guide you to find your niche, develop your products, build your brand identity, advertise your ventures, and find the right audience to invest in your business(es). All while keeping each file, so you can repeat the process indefinitely.


The course includes the Business eBook above, a 6-Month Business & Funding Planner with 26 Weekly Business Lessons, a Budget, Income, and Expense Tracker, Goal and Schedule Development, and a Long-term plan to shift your Money (and Creative) Mentality. It also includes direct, 24-hour support via my exclusive WhatsApp community. At any time, and any place, you can work with me directly to answer questions, find new ideas, and seize creative outlets to make your dreams come true.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



Embody this mentality as you enroll and start your new venture today.


Now, the point of today’s article wasn’t to sell you on this dream. It is to help you realize that all your dreams are within arm’s reach, it just takes data and a plan to make it happen.


For over seven years, I’ve worked and studied side-by-side to the wealthiest and most successful business men and women of the globe. From the data I’ve accumulated, the process is simple, but it is indeed extensive. There are many details that go into the process of building any worthwhile endeavour, but they are not secret – only separate.


It was my goal to find and gather all of those insights so that I could offer other individuals the right tools to build their dreams, without going through the hassle and expensive education that comes with getting there. All of the information I’ve gathered has been carefully selected and deliberated (in proper order) to offer you these guides and resources at prices that are worth the cost, so you can turn your ideas into wealth without years going into the process.


My beautiful friends, your dreams are awaiting, and I have the tools to help you achieve them in no time.


I hope this article spread some creative inspiration, and will motivate you to get started on that idea you have sitting in the back of your mind.


I’m always available to share ideas, information, and wisdom. If you’re looking for some guidance, or want to begin the process of building your new project, please keep me posted and connect with me directly.


I wish you well, and hope to see you on the other side!

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