How to Self-Empower

How does it happen? We feel up and empowered, then down and in the dumps in a matter of minutes. How many times have you felt on top of the world and standing strong in your power, then moments later you feel like you don't have any say in the world or power for what you want?

I'm severely honest when I tell you that I experience daily ups and downs of such magnitude, and that's why I'm writing this post to you today. But, I wanted to share this post as a casual note that this could simply be the balance and polarities of life. It has to happen.

For instance, if you didn't experience the lowest of the lows, how would you build up the strength and courage to fight for what you want? And, if you weren't able to glimpse the absolute excitement of knowing that the world is made in your favor, how would you find the hope to get through the rough patches?

You see, it's a balance.

Rather than obsessing on either polarity or clinging to either extreme, I've gathered (from experience) a new observation for you.

Surely, I'll start with the reminder to bask in the glory of feeling empowered. Remain humble and grateful for the moments in which Life makes itself known to you, and enjoy the personal power while you feel it.

It's one of the most enjoyable feelings you will encounter. Everything feels perfectly aligned, you're excited and empowered, and not to mention the feeling of being blessed beyond belief reigns right inside of you.

It's important to enjoy these times and use this energy to keep propelling you forward. Focus on the empowerment and what you desire to keep empowering. This is a great time to feed your love and attention towards what you want to cultivate (mostly in your mind and life.) Feed it with humility (don't fly too close to the sun) and enjoy it with gratitude (because the tides will always shift.)

And, when the high-powered energy subsides, you'll have left a positive mark on all you encountered in your daily times of glory.

This will prepare you for the reminders you must keep at the forefront of your awareness when the poles of energy are reversed.

As I said, this deep positivity would be taken for granted if it was always our natural state. We're human, we crave chaos and order, but only through knowing both can we enjoy them and endure them as they come.

So, yes, when the tides shift, here is a token of wisdom to keep in mind.

You can self-empower.

These moments of hopelessness, low energy, powerlessness, and stagnancy are only here to show you what you want. Given how much you enjoy being in your glory, you need to know both sides of the equation to get to know your power and what fuels it.

Your low energy will generally remind you of the things that have not yet been (fully) healed. They'll show you what you need to work on (within your life and, or your life) and they will push you to fight for what you desire.

These low times looks like fears, depressive thoughts, inner judgments, and that mean critic we have in our minds. You'll feel pushed to the ground or up against the walk, maybe getting beat up by your fears until you decide to fight back for what you know and stand for.

But, you see, that is self-empowerment.

Most of the time, it takes me about 30-minutes, or less (used to be all day) to get fed up with being pushed down by my inner bully to get up and strike back. My striking back is finally Fighting for everything I want in my life and remembering that, while I can't see it at the moment, my glory is always there. There was a time in my life that those fears reigned for weeks at a time. I would experience that deep, low-energy hopelessness, and fear that everything I ever wanted was going to be ripped away from me. That, itself, is the inner critic. Sometimes, I felt that negative form itself into judgments towards people I cared for, respected, and even loved. Other times, it was me, myself, nit-picking at every flaw that I ever had.

So, when you push off the wall and use ALL your effing power to strike back and fight for the life you want, or the person you love, the success you already have, and the hope you carry for the best life you can live; that is when you self-empower.

The more you practice, the higher you go. Then, once your brain and the rest of your physiological chemistry catch on (aka. what fires together, wires together) you'll notice that you're back in that space of empowerment, knowledge, and glory, and you can enjoy it ten times more than ever because you fought so hard to get there.

And, that, my friends, is what I believe life is. Ups and downs, circles and drops, and a whole lot of personal empowerment.

Now, before I leave you with this piece of insight, I will add that you should take note of what it is you truly want.

There is nothing more difficult than fighting for a cause you aren't sure about. When the doubts seep in, as they usually do (that is part of the fight,) you're going to need to refer to something to get back on your feet.

When you're in that space of positivity, or even at your darkest hour, you need to think of what it is that your heart truly desires and you need to bring yourself home to it. Without that moral compass, you don't know what to fight for. You'll lose yourself to doubts because you won't know what your truth is, and when your fears feed on everything you ever loved, you'll have to know where your light is.

What is your light?

Dear ones, that is something to think about. If you read this post in perfect timing as you were in the midst of a heated battle, I hope this was a spark to help you find what you were looking for. Is it love? Is it your purpose, your goal?

And, I can almost guarantee that if you're in the moment of positivity and knowing, you may not need me for encouragement, but enjoy it as you will and remember to stay humble and grateful for what Life is reminding you of. These moments teach you that all you desire is already yours. Humility will keep you grounded, knowing you must enjoy it while you have it. And, gratitude will guarantee that you will experience it again.

Put that empowerment in your pocket for later, and when the moment comes where you need to muster all your power and courage, you'll use these times of glory for your ultimate point of reference.

I hope this makes sense.

Showing you where lies all your power and hope,

Always within,

Sarah Elle