How can you overcome Intrusive Thoughts?

Hello my beauties. 

I’m sitting on a sunchair, writing this post, in reminiscence and inspiration of overcoming one of the biggest issues of my life. 

At the beginning of 2018, I struggled with a long-standing case of intrusive thinking, so much that I could barely think straight due to how much shame and overwhelm I was feeling from my mind. 

In gratitude of the challenges I faced and the solutions I had to find to cultivate my inner peace, I’m sharing a message with you today to help anyone in need to overcome compulsive/intrusive thinking. 

In the midst of chronic overthinking, I sought every helpful resource I could find to outgrow this form of suffering. I bought books, read articles, did exercises and journal practices, all of this to - at this very moment - come back and share this post with you a year and eight months later. 

So, what is intrusive thinking? 

Ever had an uncomfortable or gruesome thought play over and over in your mind, and seemingly you can’t get it to stop?

Well, I found out that a) those thoughts are only classified “intrusive” because you don’t want them there, and b) repressing them only makes it worse. 

My blog post today is to reassure you that you are not a bad person for having thoughts intrude your inner space and that you can, indeed, overcome them quite simply. 

I took me about 4 months to completely ban those negative thoughts from my mind, and approximately eight months to clear my subconscious of its recurring intrusive patterns altogether. 

In the meantime, I learned that intrusive thoughts only feel so despairing and intrusive because you don’t actually want to think them. In fact, the only reason they’re so uncomfortable is because your mind is playing thoughts that you don’t want to hear in your head. The moment you realize this, you can take it easy on yourself because you’ll realize that your thoughts are only making you suffer because they go against what you actually want. 

Nevertheless, they do hurt when you think them. Especially, when they alienate you from believing and focusing on what you desire instead. 

Here’s how I really overcame them. 

The first point was to consistently remind myself that if the thoughts are intrusive, they are simply unwanted visitors. 

As opposed to falling in the rut of negative thinking, what you can do is understand that these thoughts can bring you a clear distinction between what you DO want while they show you exactly what you don’t want. With that, relax. Breathe, first. Re-center your focus later. When you calm your nervous system through focused and conscious breath, you’ll bring your attention back towards your breathing instead of narrowing on the shit that’s playing in your mind. 

Eventually, I want you to practice letting go of attaching yourself to the thoughts that are in your mind because the truth is thoughts are their own entities. But, You are what is experiencing thoughts, not what is the thoughts. But remember, your focus gives life and force to your thoughts, so direct your energy towards what you prefer instead.

No matter how much they try to bring you down, keep letting them pass by while calming yourself and bringing your awareness to your breath. Don’t repress the negative thinking because it just enforces the nervous cycle. Instead, take your attention off the intrusions altogether by detaching yourself from the negativity (because remember: intrusive thoughts mean unwanted thoughts, and unwanted thoughts means you actually want something beyond what you might be thinking at the moment.)

When you understand this, you’re ready to practice. You’ll stop worrying so much about what is going on in your head and you’ll be tuned into your breathing and listening to what you actually want instead. 

Intrusive thoughts make life feel beyond your control. But, it isn’t. Life is what you tell yourself it is. 

So next time you have unwanted visitors, start breathing and reminding yourself of what you would rather think instead. Don’t feed the negativity by believing and focusing on your intrusions, simply breathe deeply and remember what you want to think about. 

This is how I overcame one of the biggest hurdles keeping me from inner peace. Now, I focus on what I desire and discard what doesn’t align itself with what I hope for. 

My mind is at peace knowing that those intrusive thoughts only mean that my mind is thinking about something I don’t want, and I can cultivate better wisdom and understanding by detaching myself from those thoughts and simply breathing into my desires instead. 

Love you all my lovelies,

Greetings from under the sun!

Sarah ELLEComment