An Exercise to Make ANYTHING Happen.

Hello beautiful readers,


I am very happy to start the week with you and share this short, yet very effective (and very positive) exercise.


Per the title of this post, which may be slightly misleading, I am going to share with you a very easy exercise you can practice when it comes down to doing anything! Whether it’s changing your mood on the whim, getting inspired or creative before any task or project, or even if you just want to change your feelings about a situation; start anything (especially your days, your goals, and your wishes) with this simple “exercise.”


I started a new book of the month this week, The Book of Doing and Being by Barnet Bain, and from the very few pages I’ve already read, I’ve gained tremendous insight into how we can work with our feelings to access deeper parts of the subconscious mind when we decide to embark on a new goal, desire, or project.

I picked my favourite exercise from page 16 to share with you, today; a technique that inspires you to feeeel different sorts of energies when it comes to something you want to create or develop. I found this technique very useful for getting in the groove of anything I want to do so I took it upon myself to add my own creative approach… which I am now sharing with you, and which will hopefully offer you a valuable token of insight.

 So, the exercise of this week begins by slowly closing your eyes and imagining something that you truly want.


Whether that be some sort of project you’d like to complete or a relationship you’d like to tend to. It can be a goal, a wish, or even something you do every day that you would like to revamp.


Choose one thing at a time, and let your mind imagine what it would be like to complete (or, achieve) that thing that you are imagining.


Now. I am going to introduce seven different aspects of your Self that you are going to embody in this exercise, to really imagine and feeeeel what it would feel like to accomplish this said “goal.”


Your confident Self feels:

Your inspired Self feels:

Your accomplished Self feels:

Your abundant Self feels:

Your grateful Self feels:

Your higher Self feels:

Your child Self feels:


You can embody these energies whenever and with whatever goals or wishes you desire. The point is simply to feeeeel what it would feel like to imagine (well, actually….”know”) those desires are true right now.


If your said goal is to launch a creative project, how does your accomplished Self feel? If you were currently sitting in the seat of having finished, launched, and succeeded in this desired endeavour, imagine how you would actually feel in the moment. Can you tune into the depth of these feelings?


How long are you letting yourself sit in the seat of your accomplished Self? The longer you stay in this vibration, the more the energies will reveal themselves.


So, let’s imagine, now, that your specific desire is to attain a level in your relationships where you are happy and life is good. How does your grateful Self feel? Did your Higher Self know all along that you had it in you to reach this state of friendship or relationship? How does your child Self feel, knowing that you’re in a happy, fulfilling, and loving relationship?


In one last example, let’s say that your dream is to speak at a national event. Or, let’s even say that your goal is to get promoted, sell enough of your creations, teach, or get featured by a huge company that you’re fond of… How does your confident Self feel?

(I honestly can’t describe the feelings via some written blog post because what you are aiming for is not to be explained but simply felt.) How does your inspired Self feel, knowing it will present one of it’s greatest ideas in front of your favourite platform or company?


How does your abundant Self feel? Your abundant Self knows that there are enough opportunities and resources to attain anything you desire in life. So, how does this part of you feel knowing that you got promoted (or that you were featured on a big platform?)


As Barnet Bain states at the end of this page and exercises,

“As you write down your answers, trust the images, colors, sensations, feelings, ideas, and inspirations that come to you. Engaging senses and invoking your imagination in this way can result in surprising pay offs.”


The greatest truth about this exercise is that once you feel what it would feel like to embody each aspect of your imagination towards accomplishing these goals and desires, the easier it will become to embody these feelings any time you desire something new and achievable.


When you put your energies into feeeeeling high vibrational emotions, your physiology and your mind will soon follow. By imagining how you would feel accomplishing each of your dreams, and embodying the state of gratitude, abundance, confidence, inspiration, and even child-like excitement, you are immediately signaling your brain to find more ways of feeeeeling those emotions.


So, instead of feeling overwhelmed at the starting line of your goals, dreams, or endeavours, imagine how you feel “now that it’s accomplished.”

Your subconscious mind won’t know the difference. Your energy will make it real, and at the very least you will have primed your mind and energies for finding new ways to make each of those dreams possible, by tuning into the frequency of making each one of them happen.


Now that this blog post is written (and per the energies I felt before even writing this article,) my inspired Self feels accomplished, my grateful Self feels so blessed for having loyal readers, my confident Self knows that I shared something valuable, my abundant Self is relieved that there are so many people out there who will benefit of this exercise, my child Self is so excited to know how many others will feel happier more often, my Higher Self always knew that this would happen, and my accomplished Self feels great for having completed today’s goal and endeavour.


What are your dreams, and which aspect of yourself feels the best right now?


Hope this will revolutionize your life as much as it did mine.


Love you all, and thank you!

Sarah Elle



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