"How To Be Happy" RIGHT NOW! Flipping and Switching our Vibe.

Is it just me, or is the first thing you do on a bad day ins open your browser, and Google Search “How to be happy?”

Oh, c’mon. I know I’m not the only one. Based on the analytics, this is actually one of the most commonly searched phrases ON THE WEB.



So, if we can admit to ourselves that it’s okay to look for happiness, I think we’ll be one step closer to finally finding that piece of advice that sticks.

Truth is, I think it’s all about finding those small tokens of wisdom that “stick,” and accumulate enough of those pieces of information so we can build a network of positivity-go-to’s, and eventually start practicing what we’ve learned and finally make that lasting change we’re looking for.

If you’re amongst the crowd who stumbled upon this blog post after Google-Searching-In-Your-Brain “How can I be Happy RIGHT NOW,” (and possibly include the additional search phrase: “Despite how I’m currently feeling,” then I believe I have that magic article (ouh, and video) that’s going to piece together you’re official breakthrough.


You’re welcome ;)

Over the last few months, I’ve embarked on the wildest pursuit of my life. That which, in spite of being ready or not, was going to shift every emotion I ever had, show me the darkest of places in my energy, and give me THE KEY (yes, THE Key) to finally overriding those nasty emotions I had so I could finally be HAPPY right now. (Yes, no matter how I was feeling.


So, I’m gonna get this off my chest because first, I need to declare that this article/video (as you’ll see below) is NOT intended to: 

Immediately “Override,” “Avoid,” or “Ignore” your current feelings about any said circumstances in your life.

NOT Useful for using ANY form of excuses, reason, or blame for the way you’re feeling (whether about yourself or other external factors in your life.)

NOT Meant to Create Instant Miracles, results, or any sort of “get rich (or happy) quick”

And, certainly NOT intended for those who want to control outer circumstances in order to believe that their life will be happy after accomplishing anything.



Actually, this article and video are, instead, about:

Finding the REAL Ways of Feeling great (or, simply feeling better) at any given moment – yes, like, right now – NO MATTER what is going on in your life right now.

Finding Inner Peace, True Positivity, and Unshakeable gratitude NO MATTER who or what is suffering around you.

Finding the focus, energy, and attitude that will make you feeeeel 100x better even if you ALREADY feel good, or ok.

This is about finding ANY Way to feel good or happy even when you might think you don’t want to.

Finding ways to feel good, stay focused and not get discouraged when it seems like the life (or circumstances) you truly desire seems to be nowhere in sight.

And, finally, This Article and the Video following it, are INDEEEEEEED, useful for finding Calmness, Excitement, Gratitude, Focus, and HOPEEEEE, even when everything in your life feels like it’s going against you (or if you already feel like it’s all over.)

Before going into the full video and the six steps I declare to be the ONLY way to TRULY SWITCH your energy and emotions no matter how you feel – Here is my life lesson for you.


What you think = How You Feel

What you Feel = How you Vibrate

How you’re Vibe-ing = What you Create or Attract in your life.


DONE, and if you keep anything at all from this encounter, I hope it is that.

Your thoughts will inspire feelings or emotions within you (yes, and your emotions can induce certain thoughts.) Those emotions create the flux of energy in your body. Your energy will determine what you attract into your life, and based on that energy, you will create certain habits, thoughts, patterns, or actions – in which THOSE will Create your Life.


Keep that in mind. 

So, let’s get to the real point. Watch the video first, or read the following Steps first. Either way, for optimal results and information, I highly suggest you study both.



Become aware of your fluctuating emotions and feelings. This is the absolute first step to distinguishing happy from sad. Most people already have some sort of awareness of their emotions, but only on the surface. With this knowledge, you’ll begin to recognize your emotions (of any sort) as they come in and go out.

You’ll soon start to distinguish positive from negative emotions, and when they arise in your body. (Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you can notice the immediate switch between your emotions, and that’s when you’ll go towards step two.)



You’ll see in the video, a much simpler explanation for this step. But, on paper, it’s this. Rating your emotions is like saying 0 (or, in this case -5) is being at the absolute pit of your life. -5 is the most negative state you can possibly reach, and +5, well, is the happiest. After becoming aware of your fluctuating emotions, your new job is to determine if your -0.000001 on the negative scale or +0.000001 on a positive scale.

The more you work at this, the easier it will be to recognize when you’re either positive or negative, and the easier it will become NOT To be run by your emotions. And, just a reminder, even if you’re at a 0.0-to-the-power-of-infinity-1 in the positive, YOU ARE POSITIVE. But, if you’re at 0.0-to-the-power-of-infinity-1 in the Negative, you are negative.

Get good at rating where you are on your emotional scale, and you’ll be ready for Step Three.



I know this is not what you wanted to hear. But, hey. Like I said, your thoughts and your emotions are dependent on each other.

My best piece of advice for this (on paper) is to Imagine your BEST Possible Case Scenario. Whether it’s a quick want (not a wish, a wish comes from a place of lack), a Desire, an Ideal Circumstance, or a DEEEP Dream you want to bring to the surface. No matter if it sounds impossible, or not, your job is to think of the most beautiful and exciting circumstance you can possibly muster…. AND, THEN…



Ahhh, the sheer excitement raging in my body, and the soft smile I have on my face, from just feeeeeeeeling like my dreams are in front of me (even, when I know I’ve got some way to go.) Fill your body and your mind, and most importantly your energy, FILL IT With the Energy you would feel if your wants, dreams, and desires (NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL) were RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU…. Yes, and RIGHT NOW! 

The biggest part of this whole being happy thing is FEEEEEELING happy.

You can have a smile on your face but feel rotten on the inside, or you can imagine anything that brings a smile to your face (even in the face of hell,) and YOU GOTTA FEEEEEEL WHAT IT FEEEEELS LIKE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW.


With all the cells in your body (oh, yes, and watch this part of the video,) YOU GOTTA FEEL, RAISE YOUR VIBE, AND FEEEEEEL like whatever you desire to bring into your life is, as a matter of fact, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.


Even if it isn’t.

Which brings me to Step Five.




It’s obvious. 90% of the reason we feel like shit most days is that we compare where we are now, to where we want to be.

STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. AND!!!! Anytime you begin to REMOTELY focus on anything that upsets you, even if it is your current circumstances, stop, ignore (yes, literally), and redirect your focus AND YOUR ENERGY TO EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT.


The biggest part of this whole thing is taking our attention OFFF Feeding the shitty circumstances in our lives, FEEEEEELING better (or great) IN THE MOMENT, and then immersing ourselves in the feelings and desires that we actually want to bring into our lives. 

And, I get it. You might think “well if it’s not here right now, and I’m still in my shit + feeling like shit, I can’t ignore what’s right in front of me.”

Ouhhh, yeah. Well, hate to break it to you babe, but feeding your shit, with shitty feelings, is just gonna make you feel like more shit. Oh, and it STILL won’t change anything.

And, for the sake of argument, say you do start working to fix your circumstances, will you really make any decent results if you’re working from a place of fear, lack, and worry? Hell, no. So, even at the very least, you can put yourself in the state of Mind AND Energy, to feel better, act from a place of inspiration and creation, and do better work than if you were to fix-fix-fix from a place of feeling like dump.


What do you say? Makes sense, right?


And, then obviously, the last step is to…


Or, in other words, practice. I promise you, no matter what you can come up with right now, it will work, and you WILL feel better.

If you try this, even once, starting with where you feel right now (whether you’re at -5, or +5) try to recognize how you’re feeling (good or bad), rate what you think this feeling feels like, IMAGINE Something that can instantly bring a smile to your face (literally, even if it’s just for ONE Second) and then muster up enough energy to FEEEEEL what you would feel like if your imaginary dream was reality right now.


That is LITERALLY how you can feel good in an instant.

But, guys. I get it. There’s a lot of excuses and reasons you can come up with right now, to justify your feeling like shit. I don’t care about them.

That’s exactly where you’re getting stuck. And, hey. I’m not beating down on you. Cause, as a matter of fact, I was in your exact place A FEW WEEKS AGO. No lie.

But, let me tell you. If you try (and fail if you will,) and try, and keep trying these simple six steps (they don’t even have to be as literal as I’m explaining,) you will start walking in the direction of your best FOCUS, and with that FOCUS, Along with keeping your attention OFF Shitty circumstances (and trust me, you’ll be faced with some hard emotions, don’t worry though, they’re deeply engraved habits you’ve been working with for YEARS, it’s gonna take time to undo them.) You will start to feel better. And, the better you feel, the more you focus on what makes you feel good (EVEN IN THE FACE OF SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,) you will feel better, act better, and start creating better for your life.


Even the undoing of the shitty habits in your life, IF THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE LEAST YOU GET OUT OF THIS, you will have made TREMENDOUS Progress.


 I highly suggest you watch the video, despite already reading this far. It’s a lot more interactive, and you’ll get all the information I couldn’t simplify in a sentence, and you’ll really learn about how you can do this.

If you have comments, excuses (even), questions, or need a list of real benefits, COMMENT, SEND ME A MESSAGE, OR ANYTHING.

I hope you’ll keep even a single token of information from this, and have the patience and determination to watch the video I made for this.

I love you guys so much and want to share ALLLLL the positivity I can, ALLL the knowledge I have, SO THAT YOU CAN DEVELOP YOURSELF, AND FEEEEEEEL HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT.


Stay in touch, babies. More to come.


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