How Much Progress Can You Make In One Day?

They say that, on average, progress is only visible after working consistently for about 6-Months.

I’ve come to believe it takes less than that.

So, let’s put things into perspective…

With every twenty-four hours you’re handed, what do you think you could accomplish? Do you believe you can create something new in one day? Would 24-Hours be enough time to do something you’ve always wanted to try?

What if you had one week. One week, and for seven days all you had to do was find an idea worth pursuing and break it down. What are some ideas you would want to bring to life? Can you think of an idea that could bring you millions?

Now, what if I gave you… let’s say a month.

30 whole Days to Bring Something from your Mind into your Reality. Do you think you could do it? What would you choose? How many hours of your day would you have to dedicate to bringing this new concept to Life? Would you find a way to make it happen in thirty days, or less?


So what about six months, from now. What do you want to have achieved by then? Can you list a few big steps you want to have accomplished? Would anything about you have changed in time? How far do you think you would come?

Now, double that. We’re one whole year ahead, in the future. Where is your life now? Can you see it clearly? Are you living in ways you could have only imagined? Did you succeed in any of the things you wanted to accomplish?

This is life.

How long are we going to wait to finally chase the life of our dreams? How many hours in a day will we dedicate ourselves to creating the life that we want to live? Are you gonna let a whole year pass you by before you start living again?

They say that progress, on average, is only noticeable after 6-Months of solid dedication.

I say, we cultivate the roots of progress every single day. 
How much do you want you reap in your life one year from now?
Can you start thinking of planting new ideas and creations in your mind today? 
Tomorrow you can be ten steps closer to the place you want to be. 
A week from now, you can experience life-changing breakthroughs. 
One month from today, life can be so much sweeter than it already is. 
And, six months! Can you imagine the possibilities that 6-Months have to carry?! 

One year from now, you can be anywhere. Do you have something in mind? Where would you want to be?

What are you going to do in the next twenty-four hours to get you there?


(well…) Go for it.


Sarah ELLEComment