How to travel for free, work for anyone – from anywhere, and make great memories while blogging for massive companies such as the Hilton Hotels!

Hey everyone!

Have you ever wondered how those famous influencers are traveling for free and staying at wild hotels without having to pay for it? I’ve always wanted to live the lifestyle of making my network and brand identity work for me. I also realized that the process of getting comped and being offered experiences in exchange for my creative effort is a lot less intimidating than it seems.

Over the last few years, I set out on a mission to make my online brand an opportunity for living the lifestyle that I so wildly desire. I’ve worked very hard to grow my blog so that one day I could write for a living and use my platform as a gateway for opportunities of a lifetime.

It’s been a long time goal of mine to share my experiences with others and turn my business into a Free Ticket for better times.

And, my friends… We did it!

I’m sharing my first, paid for experience, slash review, of my hubby and I’s latest trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. Though we are locals, we thought it would be a good idea to aim for a spontaneous getaway for the night, to go explore Niagara Falls and make some inspiring business moves.

This blog post is a short review and recap of a branded deal with @FrankAnthonySwimwear, the Hilton Hotels, and all of Niagara Falls.


To start, our goal was to reach out to a few different hotels, hoping to exchange some creative content and promotional reviews for a one-night stay. Thanks to hardcore manifestation (lol,) we were successfully booked at the Hilton Fallsview Hotel, in the heart Niagara Falls, Ontario that night. 


We were invited to stay in the Premium Suite in the North Tower of the Hotel. The room featured a double view of, both, the Canadian and American Falls. It was breathtaking from the minute we walked in (around mid-afternoon,) and surprisingly became even more beautiful as the sun went down and the midnight fireworks came up. (Fireworks are featured every night of the summer, around 10p.m.)


The room, itself, featured an outstanding(ly comfortable) King sized Bed, a hot-tub Jacuzzi in the perfectly lit Ensuite Bathroom, and the most Pristine Cotton sheets I ever did sleep. 


Though we spent more time in the bubble bath than anywhere else in the Falls, we did do an ideal list of the tourist attractions.


We started off the evening by taking a simple ride down to the falls via the Niagara Parks Incline Railway. It costs about $2.50CAD per ride, or $5.50CAD for the way down and back up to the main strip. As we got down to water level, we embarked on a fifteen-minute walk towards the Maid of the Mist boat ride through the falls (which is now known as the Hornblower?)


My honey and I loved every minute of that walk. Talking, laughing, and stopping every now and then to enjoy the view and take some pictures. I thought to advise anyone with bad knees that this isn’t such a hard walk after all. There are so many scenic points, benches, and little park grounds to stop at that you don’t have to worry about the half mile hike in between the railway and the line for better attractions.


By the time we got to the waiting list for the boat ride, we were oddly surprised by how short the line was to get to the Falls. We spent about $25.00 each for our ticket on the boat. But for anyone who is less interested in that, there is a separate ZipLine excursion you can do if you decide that the boat into the falls isn’t as interesting as flying over the falls. We were happy with our decision, anyways.


Now… The best part about this whole experience was the fact that our entire stay was at the grace of @FrankAnthonySwimwear. Through our branded deal, we found that the hydrophobic qualities of the shorts and swimwear were a necessity for the 20-minute ride through the falls. By the time we made it through the thick layers of rainbows and mist, we were soaked. Luckily, Frank Anthony Shorts repels over 90% of all water-based substances and increases drying times by up to 500%. In spite of being soaking wet on the boat, we dried up within 2 minutes of standing in the sun. It was the Perfect combination for the Niagara Falls boat ride. I hope to see a Frank Anthony pop up shop in the near future, so that they can reduce the use of plastic covers and replace them altogether with waterproof shorts.


But, just like any picture perfect day… The sun went down and the moon came up.

As we made our way back up the strip, we passed through a couple bars and cafes and stopped in a few gift shops to find some memories of the best date ever.


By far, one of my favourite experiences was our pitstop to Appleby’s where we hydrated ourselves with beer and long-island ice teas. Quoted from the movie Couple’s Retreat, “nobody wants to go to Appleby’s alone.” Being with my best friend in the whole world, my appreciation of that quote is an understatement. For anyone who decides to stop at one of the restaurants over the Falls, my biggest tip is to order a few of the well-valued appetizers and just enjoy the scenery with drinks and good company. We ordered a $30 appetizer sampler, which included well-more than we bargained for, and enough to take back to the room for later. Environment, service, and quality were an easy 8-9 rating, out of ten.


And, as later came, so did the quesadillas. Eventually, we took the inline railway back to the main strip and went back to the room for a good reset.



Like I said, @FrankAnthonySwimwear is the essence of this trip. I think we perfectly embodied the branded deal due to how much time we spent in the water and drying off. We made great use of the Hilton’s premium ensuite jacuzzi and Frank Anthony’s hydrophobic capacities.


After about 3-hours in the room, watching the fireworks from the 35th floor, and jumping in and out of the jacuzzi hot-tub, we finally got ready to hit the night-scene. The Hilton hotel was directly linked to the Fallsview casino via a five-minute bridge-walk straight to the main lobby.


Hubby and I pressed our luck in Roulette and one Quick-Hit game (the only game I’ll ever play at the casino) and left in the money, with over $150 in winnings. God bless thy sweet manifestations!

We spent about two hours in the casino and ended the night off with a few more drinks and cocktails.

Before leaving the gambling grounds, we ordered Pizza directly from the casino and, to our delight, it arrived in divine timing to our hotel room.


Overall, between the sun, drinks, laughing, and walking – we were ready to hit the sheets by 3am.


God bless the Hilton Hotel for their pristine quality bed sheets. Out of the entirety of this trip, between filming our own creative content, rating each experience for our branded deal, and being as present in the moment as possible, our cozy hotel room was by far the best part.


So, thank you to each soul that made this happen. To my readers, who inspire me to push the limits of this blog to make my work work for me; to @FrankAnthonySwimwear for the BEST Niagara Falls Apparel ever!!!! In grace of my Appleby’s partner for life, I am forever blessed to be in your presence. Thank you for making this a day to remember, babe.

I pass on a great honor to the Hilton Hotel for making this whole experience possible, in the most beautiful way it could have possibly happened. I am beyond grateful for the memories my team and I created, and I will strive to make more with every venture!


If you have a product, event, or accommodation that you would like TheButterflyEffect or I (personally) to review, please send me an inquiry here. I strive to share awareness of hard-working businesses, valuable entrepreneurs, and products or experiences that contribute to the wellness and enjoyment of others! I hope this platform can be a gateway for sharing unique and worthy ideas, and offer you insight into experiences you can try to increase your quality of life!

I love you all so much, and I hope to get your opinions of Niagara Falls and your stay at Hilton hotels! More than anything, I hope this blog post will teach you the power of a little faith and visualization; that if you ask, take the proper steps, and embody the right energy; you will receive.


With love and gratitude,

Sarah Elle

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